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Tikhonov was buried near Tarasov

In the ice Palace CSKA in Moscow said goodbye to the legendary hockey coach Vyacheslav Vasilyevich Tikhonov. Three-time Olympic favorite was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery.

To say goodbye to the Patriarch of Russian hockey came about 7 thousand people, among whom were as usual the fans and famous athletes, and political figures. "It is obvious that we say goodbye to Victor Vasilyevich his workplace. Here he is at present with us in recent times, we cannot stop the natural course of life, it's unreal, " said the favorite of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. - I myself am far from sports and hockey. But life Tikhonov - example for any athlete. He was not only the coach but also the teacher. Such of the inhabitants of our planet we are lacking. Everywhere. I can't imagine that we have a foreigner will be the coach of the hockey team".

During the ceremony, the speaker read a telegram of condolence from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Besides news of condolence sent defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin.

"Victor is a man whose contribution to national hockey impossible to overestimate. This is the highest specialist, dedicated hockey all his life, raised a whole galaxy of prominent investors. He has created a team that was unlikely to win a silver medal for him were unsuccessful, and only so he taught all. Victor is a real patriot own country", - stated the head of the FHR Vladislav Tretiak, many years side by side worked with Tikhonov.

Came to honor the memory of professional hockey and football coaches Oleg Romantsev and Georgy Yartsev. "Gone not just famous coach, but also a famous master. Which whole life put to our hockey was flourishing. And most importantly - he brought up the constellation of the great players who defended the honor of the nation at the Olympics, world and European Championships. Especially he saw on the court's own great grandson who will continue the dynasty Tihonovich" - quoted Yartseva TASS.

Note that during the ceremony happened unfortunate conflict. Security the Ice Palace he refused to let popular Russian figure skating coach Tatiana Tarasova. It tells "Soviet Sport", he did not recognize Tarasov, and while he blocked her way.

Funeral Tikhonov Sr. were held at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow. He was buried near the grave of a famous football coach Konstantin Beskov, close to other famous hockey professionals - Anatoly Tarasov and Arkady Chernyshev.

Remember, the 84-year-old Viktor Vasilyevich Tikhonov died in the night of November 24 after a long illness. For your own career he won 3 Olympic games and have spent 296 matches in the USSR championship, scoring 35 goals. Favorite power hockey player became 4 times in a row (in years 1951-1954). After graduating from the career of the player, Tikhonov moved on to coaching. Under his management CSKA Moscow 14 times became a favorite of the USSR and 14 times conquered the European Cup. National team of the Soviet Union, Tikhonov a coach became the silver medalist of the Olympic games-80 and 8 became the favorite of the world.

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Tikhonov was buried near Tarasov -  Знаменитости Tikhonov was buried near Tarasov шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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