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Elena Zakharova for the first time about the deceased daughter

Famous actress Elena Zakharova for the first time in his interview told about how she managed to survive the death of eight-month-old daughter. The actress confessed that he was not crazy only because he believed in the Lord.

A couple of years ago in the life of the actress tragedy struck: her little daughter died. Recall that in early February 2011, the artist first became a mother. Daddy little girl was her common-law spouse entrepreneur Sergey Mamatov, who was considerably older than his wife. Literally until the last months of pregnancy, the actress appeared in films and appeared on the social events, featuring stylish outfits and rounded belly. A baby girl called Anna Maria.

But in early October, the girl became seriously ill. Anna-Maria was raised temperature, concerned parents has caused pay the carriage of emergency medical care, but medical professionals have failed to diagnose. Next was called the 2nd ambulance, but precious time was lost. The girl was hospitalized in the infectious diseases clinic, where she 5 days spent in intensive care, but the baby could not be saved. Zakharova, experiencing grief, went headlong into work. She ignored all secular event, which was previously a regular.

Despite the enormous grief, she managed to get over the grief. "Exactly three years, as Masha did not. I was on duty and again talked with the priest. He says - you cannot ask "why?!", you have to think, what was given this test. I, the father of Masha, and maybe our entire family. I know that only faith gave me the strength to survive all to take. If not believed, was crazy. And what could be worse?" quoted barely restraining tears she Starhit.

Elena managed not to despair, she continues to enjoy life, get pleasure from your work, which also helped not to give up and move on. And no matter what Elena Zakharova believe in love, what else will certainly get your family and children. She said: "I need to love, to admire... All in my head. How do you set yourself, so be it. Say, "Oh, I'm not 20, I don't need anybody," like that will happen. And I don't think so. I think that happiness is possible at any age".

Earlier in his interview Zakharova admitted that "the fairer sex without a family is sad and wrong: "I don't like the state of loneliness. I like it when the house is full of people, children, dogs. This creates comfort. What is a theatre? This is not the whole life, it's still an illusion. When I was married, kept house, cooked, cleaned. I believe that the fairer sex, even though she and the actress should take care of the wife and to prepare itself, even when there is a helper on the farm. Personally I like men who are smart, charismatic, independent, not only of the artists. The artist is so stuck on himself, and I want a partner more than men. Business people, bright, ambitious person, I am even more interesting because they have other knowledge they were learning in other institutions."

Source: Elena Zakharova for the first time about the deceased daughter

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