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Terekhin experiencing a tragedy in the family

The former lover of the famous TV presenter Ksenia Borodina Michael Terekhin experiencing a tragedy in the family - the death of his mother. Despite the separation, Borodin supports a heartbroken ex-boyfriend.

On their official page on the social network Instagram Michael Terekhin shared with countless subscribers grief killed his mother Tatyana Mikhailovna. He published a photo of a precious man, tied a black ribbon, with the words: "it's Hard... too hard to lose those you've loved all my life!"

Mother of Michael Terekhina died the day before, on December 4. The cause of death was long and severe illness. 31-year-old TV presenter Ksenia Borodina continued to communicate and to visit sick mother Terekhina even after parting with her son, for the care of the fairer sex was a huge loss for her. Deadly disease Tatyana Mikhailovna was diagnosed in 2013, to save her and failed.

To survive the loss of Misha helps former favorite: in a difficult moment Ksenia Borodina is located next to it. Note that the mother Terekhina took an active part in his romantic relationships. About this not so long ago occurred interviews himself said Michael: "that we with She together, the mother reported some of her friends, carefully observing events in the "House-2". I somehow was not used to discuss similar topics. Mother called: "Mike, is it true?" I did not hide: "Yes, it happened, and we have all been excellent." She said, "Well, that's the main thing," said Terekhin.

After some time the couple came to Terekhin on the anniversary of Alex, brother Michael. She hugged future mother-in-law, kissed him on the cheek. "In the end of the evening my mother whispered, "I like It! Always smiling, optimistic!" For the mother is not so important that She is a star, she primarily wants we not abused," said he.

But without strife could not. "When we fight, She first calls to my mother: "Are we with Misha again quarreled! Don't understand what to do because I love him too much!" Mother gasps: "Yes, so he is tough and rigid. But you, Xenia, understand it, he's 10 years in law enforcement worked, he learned that he was subject to, all will not be released from the image of the police..." And mother she recommends: "Be with him more! A little bit of you". She I was raised: the representative of the stronger sex in the main house, and a lady behind him," he stated Terekhin.

Then mom tried to smooth over the incident, referring to the son: "Be ponine, sometimes it is better to remain silent, so as not to aggravate the situation". In addition, she was reminded that She needs to pamper, care for her, even when they long together. In 2013 Tatyana Mikhailovna seriously ill. "She called her in the hospital every day, asked about health, mood. Continuously claimed that the mother had not survived, we will provide for her the best of everything - healing, medicine...," said Terekhin.

Source: Terekhin experiencing a tragedy in the family

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