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The MPs made the proposal to declare 2015 the Year of Victory

The people's choice of the state Duma, leader of the Russian party of pensioners for justice Igor Zotov due to the fact that in 2015, Russia will celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war, made the initiative to officially announce the next Year of Victory.
Zotov has prepared a letter with a corresponding request to the head of the country's centuries Putin. According to deputies, the Year will take place not only under the sign of care for veterans And workers on the home front, heroically endured All the horrors of war, but will become a modern Russian victories. We won in 1812, was defeated in 1945, will win in 2015, says the people's choice, writes Izvestia." Holy keeping alive the memory of all past victories of our multinational people, We offer already from 1 January 2015 to begin the countdown to the new achievements of Russia, peaceful victories in sports, science, and Economics. All Victories will be recorded on a public Internet resources. We wish to have time to prove to the veterans of that Great Victory has kept our national shrines. And We are the children, grandchildren And great-grandchildren winners - ready to defend their homeland, to defend the desires of our state, And to demonstrate the power of Russia's peaceful victories. Guided by the words of the Epistle to Fedarene 4 December 2015, " We are ready to take any challenge And to win, " refers Zotov in your own letter. The MP said that the proposal of the Russian party of pensioners for justice have discussed with many Russian And foreign NGOs. According to him, the idea to declare 2015 as the Year of Victory - supported the Club of heroes of the Soviet Union, heroes of the Russian Federation of Moscow And Moscow region. According to Igor Zotov, at the present time, taking into account the high level of Patriotic spirit, which increased after the return of the Crimea in the Russian Federation, and also due to the cohesive And correct actions of the President And all government institutions, it is important to declare 2015 the Year of Victory." in 2015 will be the anniversary of 70 years of the great Victory. Victory in the war, where We defeated the Nazis. Certain States, unfortunately, forgot about It. European politicians like to " rewrite history " in its own way, as beneficial to them. Russia is important to tell your younger generation the truth about the war on examples of people who have shed their blood in the fierce fighting, " he says. make a proposal to in the Year of Victory in educational institutions was carried out as many Patriotic lessons " lessons of courage ". We need to be. Ukraine missed Patriotic education of its youth, And We see in It was gone. In this country We will not tolerate ". Zotov said that the idea to declare 2015 the Year of Victory was also supported by the head of the Council of veterans of the Republic of Moldova, the people's choice of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Alla moronic And head of the Board of the Central Council of veterans of war, labour And military power Georgia Revaz Nazarishvili.


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The MPs made the proposal to declare 2015 the Year of Victory
 -  Знаменитости The MPs made the proposal to declare 2015 the Year of Victory
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