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Vodonaeva furious because of an affair with former

The famous TV presenter, star of "House-2" and shows "the Duel" Alena Vodonaeva furious, seeing online countless news that she returned to his own ex-boyfriend, the dude Glory Pinterova.

According to some media reports, the former lover comforted beauty after a painful break-up with Yuri Anda.

However fans Alena for a long time to rejoice for her happy personal life had no actress in a very rigid form has not confirmed the information about its new-old novel. 1 from magazines among the first to spread the news of renewed relations between Vodonaeva and Pinterova, TV star called "jaundice, false and cheap". Among other things, the actress accused the reporters of the publications that they "suffer from unavailability of materials for printing and report the news that has nothing to do with reality.

"Didn't even want to explain this topic, but apparently will have to answer. Stupid, primitive, boring and dull-witted people, writing materials, I hope you have an unbeatable will gulnea own truthful 500 rubles earned this "sensational" article. It seems to me the chief editor of this publication is flying somewhere over the cuckoo's nest, once vasche not watching what is served in the printing house. How can alarm the reputation of a magazine?" - raging in your own Instagram Alena (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved. - Approx. as amended).

Then Vodonaeva goes specifically to the culprit. "Now! Glory To He! Yes, at one time in the forty-first year, we had a novel. Yes, after we broke up we didn't talk. I want to note that I never talk and not friends with your ex and I will NEVER go BACK! In terms of friendship, in this situation, the principle has changed. With Pantherophis we are at the moment really are friends, " said the presenter. So accidentally happened. At the end of August, Slavka framed his shoulder and very suddenly helped (Than managed, and helped Very supported, was there, too simple for me... For which I am very grateful and appreciate that and respect! We have been friends for 3 months. Then our business."

Version Alena, she already forgot that this romantic relationship. "About personal life Pinterova - heresy! About my personal life is a lie! No, I did not leave in early October! With the last days of September until the end of October, I did not part with the sword and that it's "personal life" I forgot! Our son living space, and live for my son and rough sleepers we Pinterova, we've never seen (save the Lord from this happiness). And Yes, by the way, all these explanations type from "friends and acquaintances " is laughter on a stick. Is this someone else is? In our environment, especially among friends, giving explanations - no!" assured Vodonaeva, regularly going to the Mat.

As already mentioned Days.Roux, earlier in the Network appeared the publication in which it was told that the model meets up with an old lover, party-goer Glory Pantherophis. Reporters learned that the guy not so long ago parted with the TV channel "Russia 24" Maria Belova and released in his heart the place was taken by Alain. 1 of the closest friends of Vodonaeva allegedly told reporters that at the moment the Glory often arrives to TV presenter and remains with her for the night.

Source: Vodonaeva furious because of an affair with former

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Alena Vodonaeva
Alena Vodonaeva

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