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Wife accused yesterday of beating

Ex-wife of fashion artist, composer Mykola Agutin Alla yesterday announced that he is to blame for their separation. Supposedly, he was constantly jealous of even raised a hand on her.

the 5th wife of Nicholas Agutin - 24-year-old Alla - spoke about the divorce with a known partner. "Yes, I changed Nikolai Petrovich. Largely to blame for what happened he: jealousy provoked the break. Nikolai Petrovich why something is not said, as he beat me and I twice wrote a statement to the police. The case is unclear why not filed, and I think largely due to the influence of Leonid Agutin. Nikolai Petrovich came to me, as if mildly, ugly. We were just married, but married. And after I nursed him all these 10 years, he offered me a contract and undertakes to pay 4 months of rental accommodation. But even these 50 thousand rubles I was told Leonid" - quoted Alla Agostino "Express newspaper". If it is true, is unknown, as Nicholas himself Agutin have not commented on the accusations.

Earlier in his interview with 79-year-old artist told me that Alla everything is due to him. "I really loved. Learned it on the interpreter is paid for all the years of training. Alla went to my Lexus. A large number of what she gave. She didn't even know what trading centers and cleaning with washing. I still myself serve. Know that Allah had wanted all my life it provided. I even panties and bras bought it," said the composer. According to the musician, the son of Leon and his wife Angelica immediately took a dislike to his young wife, but did not interfere with their relationship.

Version Agutin Sr., the first time he Alla seriously quarreled 6 years ago. Even came to the parting. But after a small period of time they joined. "When he returned Alla, some time again everything was excellent: "Calusic, Kausik..." And then begin to notice something. Say: "You again go far". She unlocked: "you Have no evidence". The final break came when we flew in from Australia. She, of course, an excuse: "I know Nothing". But in this age of information technology to hide something difficult: I found the camera in the car and treason noticed his eyes. Alla did not repent: "you will Think that it is ridiculous to say so!" Maybe she will explain the following representative of the stronger sex, and she will not dare to walk to the left," said Nikolai Agutin.

At the moment he is not suffering from loneliness. In his life there was a new girl - an English teacher Nina. Eva Simon said, "Keep your tail up and do not lose heart. There is a lady, she lives in my house. Well, what is this? I love the fairer sex and with great pleasure spending time with them. This is great, but when a representative of the stronger sex at my age, lives a full life".

Source: Wife accused yesterday of beating

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Wife accused yesterday of beating -  Знаменитости Wife accused yesterday of beating шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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