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The boyar was the illegitimate son

Famous Russian actor, singer and TV presenter Mikhail Boyarsky at the present time, December 26, to celebrate the 65th anniversary. However in this day famous musician will not only pleasant surprises and gifts, but also very ambiguous news. For example, there was information that Mikhail Gorbachev is the illegitimate son.

On the eve of the birth of Mikhail Boyarsky his colleague cinematic shop Kira Kralis Petrov revealed about the birthday surprise - negadanno the truth. As it turned out, the actor has an illegitimate baby. Bear Lovelace, Yes he does not hide. He was and remains a lot of women who adored him, was hung on the neck," said she. Kralis Petrov said that once, long before marriage with Larisa lupian, the artist started an affair with her friend. He was short, however after that the fairer sex has remained the kid from the nobles, whom she bore to notify the newspaper of the Russian Showbiz. But boyar does not communicate with either the illegitimate son, nor your former lover.

At the same time, on her own birthday Mikhail Sergeyevich did not intend to hold festivals, performances and benefit, but is open to friends and employees who want to congratulate him on this day. At the moment the artist was extremely reasonable in relation to filming a movie. "Just something to play and have all the time in the eyes of the viewer - for me, not an end in itself. My principle is better to do nothing than to do something that can spoil the visitor due to the lack of taste problems. Think of your own past roles, I have not harmed neither adults nor children. And what currently feed the audience, often leads to severe reasoning. I such a product do not eat," he said, Mikhail Boyarsky TASS.

Work and family birthday called main with his values, he is proud that three times grandfather: he grows up 2 granddaughters and a grandson. About old actor said: "old Age should be noble. It should be unobtrusive. You can't be funny in old age. Each God is the judge, but as in sports, you must leave at the time of the specialty, from the excess on the screen. Many quite intelligent people said that after 60 Directors, actors fall into insanity. We need to take care of ourselves. I sit here and think: not in marasmus do I now?" "said Boyarsky in not so long ago occurred interviews transmission Yulia Menshova "Alone with everybody". But leading comforted him, saying he does not like.

Popular actor confessed that feels very literally skin: "Before leaving not much time left, in consequence appreciate it even more serious and cautious than before. Do I have very long to live, I don't know. But the feeling of the approaching end, the end of the movie soon... Need to understand that absolutely everything. See, for a drink with anyone, some are not, very few people you can call, went closest, the most expensive, I already communicate with those who are there, than with those who are here. This is a serious age-related problem. To this we must prepare to learn. Understand their uselessness that you had already faded that you can not only interfere. Joyful at the end of life there is nothing," said Mikhail Sergeyevich.

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