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Actor Kalkin paralyzed after a stroke

The famous American artist Keith Kalkin, the father of the stars of the movie "home Alone" Macaulay Kalkin, was struck down by a heart attack. After the actor literally paralyzed. But at present, 70-year-old actor wants to re-learn to walk, write, and speak. At the same time, the descendants of the artist don't even worry about the health of his father.

70-year-old kit Culkin leads a miserable existence. Six of his children are absolutely not interested in weak and sick father. Prospects it is disappointing, because, perhaps, he will never see their children. As they say he barely alive - barely came to his senses after a severe heart attack. Now the former artist kit Culkin is not able neither to speak nor to write. He sees his own children exclusively on TV in old movies. Needless to say, "home Alone" with the participation of his son Macaulay is considered a favorite movie. He revises it every Christmas.

Adopted daughter of Keith Waist Baker Fuchs said, as he desperately tries to reconnect with their own children. Long before a heart attack kit often spoke of them, remembered them small and, of course, was proud of them as any father. At the same time, the 70-year-old artist was and remained in poor health. Even in early years he had a heart attack at a time when he was preparing dinner in their home in Oregon (reporters also learned about the disaster only at the moment).

To his utter joy, next was his adopted daughter Talia and her mother, with whom kit Culkin has lived for almost 20 years. As we reported the Daily Mail, his old friend also complained of health and memory loss, she suffers from dementia. Waist sadly confessed that neither 1 of children of the whale did not bother to visit him during the illness, although currently much needed help of my family. After a stroke Calcio senior has to re-learn to walk, to talk and to write. The waist has to care for the elderly alone, and yet her personal 3 children and still have a husband and 3 dogs. And China also 2 dogs. She still hopes that the children of an elderly artist ever come to see him.

As the paper notes, the reason for the dissolution of the marriage of father and mother Macaulay Kalkin was section of his multimillion-dollar fees. Parents on the rights of the guardians of the minor child put his money earned on the set ($50 million), in the trust Fund. Later started literally battle for the capital between greedy father and mother, which led to their divorce. Children ceased to maintain a relationship with his father. At that time, as a former missus whale Patricia stayed with children in new York, he went to the South-West coast and contacted Jeanette, with whom he had known back in the 70-ies of the last century. Since that time his former family did they were not interested and did not help even medical drugs. Adopted daughter of Keith acknowledges that he has received from former wife penny. Culkin and his civil wife Jeanette, mother of Waist - retirement-age people are on welfare and live like ordinary people.

Source: Actor Kalkin paralyzed after a stroke

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