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Terekhin told about parting with Borodina

Ex-beloved well-known TV presenter Ksenia Borodina Michael Terekhin told about the reasons for their separation. He declared that the young woman he was horribly jealous and did not develop.

Relations Xenia Borodina and Michael Terekhina resembled a roller coaster own UPS and downs: the couple swore to the nines and talked about the separation, together with the children spent the rest, much of the frequent quarrels not only heard deaf. Every time diverges, Michael and Xenia said that it's forever, and later the newly started relationship. Their romance lasted for 3.5 years, and when the lovers once again told about the separation, few people are seriously took this news. However this time is different: Ksenia Borodina in social networks already showed the population with a new lover.

While the woman remains silent comparatively parting with Terekhin, Michael gives an interview to the right and to the left. Apparently, former member of the "House-2" felt that it was his finest hour. The fact that Michael's eyes were named Alphonse, he commented: "Alphonse call me because I am 3 and a half years were devoted to her, all travel was accompanied by her. Later, as the financial question was formed, it began to declare: "All I earn is solely mine. This is my funds to housing". Why should I then 3 and a half years it sat, was not engaged in their own career? And she who is she? She got less than me, when I came to the "House-2". And then she burst forth. I thought that we shared, but it turns out that everything she makes, her, Marusina. And I'm all by myself. And the content then that's all? You think I need to go? Me better when Baba house is sitting, not walking around the tour. I output 1 sat. But when I agreed that she went, I thought that I should also be some benefit from this. And if I gain no, and that she has earned her and Marusya, what I said is live then with his Mary".

Terekhin convinced that was not only famous in consequence of Borodina. "Her biggest fear in life is that I'll be famous, famous and rich, and throw it. She was initially told this friend. She and all her entourage for 3 and a half years doing everything that I became an independent person. A normal woman in front was pushing me, she's got the opportunity. And then I sit, lined pilot. The biggest mistake I did was sacrificed because of it themselves, of their own development. To the extent that send me the script any, offered me the role in the TV series, it was necessary to go to the Seychelles. She began to cry: "Take your things, I don't need a young man in show business". When I called to return to the "House-2", I wondered, can I in the future to do the leading. She began to scream that she will leave the project. And every time I blackmailed. I she lived," he said, Michael Terekhina Super.

Version ex-lover Borodina, Ksenia is an extremely difficult person. "She climbed into my life, to make conflict me with all of my friends. She is insanely jealous. Put lights on my phones, read all SMS, tracked my every step. I asked her propiarit my page through your own Instagram, note me. So no, you, she was afraid of my heifers will be a lot of subscribers. Travel data it stupid. Now I'm curious, an adult man, to relax with her and her daughter? For me it's hell was. I'd rather go with your own friends, the rest will be at a level less, but I have so many impressions will get!" said Terekhin.

About the new beloved presenter Terekhin responded very disapprovingly. He said: "I pictures of our joint friends sent. Well, there clearly shows that the herd some. He lie to her that will take her to Paris, she's ears hung. I also can promise anything, it means nothing".

Source: Terekhin told about parting with Borodina

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