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Anisina told about the novel with Pazera

Wife absurdly famous musician Nikita Dzhigurda Marina Anisina confessed that she had a romantic relationship with your partner figure skating Gwendolen Pazera. However it happened before she met future husband.

When Nikita Dzhigurda unexpected announced the divorce with his own until not so long ago occurred time beloved lady figure skater Marina Anisina those, many are guessing that was the cause of discord in the family. Discussed the scandalous behavior of the actor, which was not able any longer to bear the athlete, but the reason he called himself Dzhigurda, accusing partner Marina Frenchman of Glendale Patera in fraud and claiming that their relationship is sort of like a love triangle in the spirit of Pushkin, Natalie and Dantes. With all of this right on treason Nikita said.

And yet, the correspondents were able to pull from a singer that Marina Anisina those and Glendale Pazera were romantic relationship. "When I always fuss with Gwendolen, I took him to bluff: "I know you slept with Anisina those". He at first denied, but later admitted: "Yes, sleep!" I liked to kill! At this moment entered the room Marina and wept. She explained to me that the sex they had in 2001, when we were not yet familiar. This happened before the Olympics. Supposedly, Gwendal was afraid to go out on the ice and Anisina it so inspired. But it was 1 time. They haven't slept together. Although he apparently wanted. She likes! And he is jealous of her to me. About me Marina itself has often stated: "Beloved, he can't accept the fact that I have chosen you and not him!" he also said the Nikita Dzhigurda "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

In the case of divorce flamboyant musician announced that he was not going to plead with Marina for the property. "Everything from the Marina, and all that is jointly acquired by us in the marriage, will belong to the wife and the children. I don't need anything. I - Seagull that lives in the name of the flight. Wife and now says that she loves me. She is at a crossroads. Like I, on the other hand, Gwendal and producers. And I am opposed to our guys lived in France. They should live in their own homeland, in Russia, not in this corrupt Europe. At the moment I didn't get to the Marina. The producers didn't allow her to call me and meet me, referring to the provisions of the contract, which can damage the show," said Dzhigurda.

Previously, the artist announced that he does not want to divorce. "Served Marina for divorce is her right. After exploded this brawl, we certainly have hlebanul. Came in the Marina itself, I do not know. But I'm glad. She told me the medication I have sent a message that he loves me. I was dying, and she felt it. And I was reborn! What is divorce? From Olympic champion, famous women? I could live without it can not, without a favorite! I without choking! No divorce speech can't be!" - said the artist.

Nikita Dzhigurda expressed the hope that Marina Anisina decide to divorce. "I want to believe, I calm myself that she is 3 months will come down and will come here. But I don't want to wait, because serving in the Tribunal Corporation Holiday on ice to get to 23 February, when we will be the seventh anniversary of the wedding", he concluded.

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