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Lazarev left her husband after 19 years of marriage

Once a famous singer Svetlana Lazareva confessed in an interview that he had parted with her own husband after 19 years of marriage. According to her statement, she acted like a man - leaving everything.

Svetlana Lazareva gained popularity after they released such bestsellers as "the Bench" and "Vest". Acquaintance with her future husband, businessman Valery Kuzmin, happened at the festival, where he sang Lazarev. The company Svetlana in those cases amounted singer Larisa Dolina, which recommended her to direct their gaze to a promising man. Leaving pop career, fashionable actress fully immersed in family life. Marriage Svetlana Lazareva with Valery Kuzmin lasted 19 years. Previously, the star chose not to explain the rumors about the breakup of the family, but now I decided to tell the fans about significant changes in their lives.

"We actually broke up. But I think throwing mud on this planet, with whom she lived for 19 years, is ridiculous and unreasonable. Maybe someone will twist a finger to his temple, but I am proud that went away nicely. Went as promised to leave the representative of the stronger sex. He left without taking anything. Found it necessary to do so. I many have offered to begin to divide jointly acquired property, as there is something to share. But I'm not going to sue, as always going beautifully," cites Svetlana Lazarus "п¦п+п¦п¦я¦п¦п¦п+пTп¦.Ru".

As reported by the performer, at the moment its support of countless friends. The decision to retire from the planet to which she has dedicated 19 years of his own life and because of which donated by popularity, Lazarev decided not immediately. Preparing for radical action was for a long time. It is curious that, as admitted actress, she personally had provided all this time family life. "All the big purchases - cars, fur coats, jewelry was purchased on your own cash. Even the clips were shot itself: the man in this didn't help. Can't call yourself a minion of fortune. I just lived with the man, who loved the crazy, sick with love. Naturally, carried out a large number of stupid mistakes just because of unhealthy love. If I had included the mind, everything would be different," explained the singer.

From the marriage with Kuzmin Svetlana grows to 18-year-old daughter Natalia. For young women the separation of the parents has become a kind of injury. Natalya and Svetlana soon going to move into a newly purchased townhouse on the New barn. Note that for Lazareva it's already 2 divorce. Earlier, the actress was married to actor and composer Simon, "road". Specifically, in tandem with the first spouse have Lazareva born the most famous songs. According to the artist, their marriage ended due to the reluctance of men to have children.

Source: Lazarev left her husband after 19 years of marriage

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