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Lawyer: the Spaniards who fought in the Donbass, have the opportunity to condemn terrorism

The Spaniards seized by law enforcement agencies of the state on suspicion of involvement in the fighting in the Donbass, have the opportunity to be formulated accusations of terrorism, said Last news lawyer Ignacio de Luis.

on the last working day of the week in Spain were caught 8 people on suspicion of involvement in the hostilities in the East of Ukraine. They are accused of involvement in the murder, possession of weapons and explosives, as well as participation in the shares, which is directed against the interests of the Kingdom of Spain abroad."

the interior Ministry Last news did not want to disclose the names seized, and the periods when they were in Ukraine. Where said at least one captured in the house was found firearms.

reviews Ignacio de Luis, " the detainees have the opportunity to be recognized by the participants, the organizers of the acts which constitute the offence, violate the peaceful nature and the independence of the Spanish country."

He stated that the eight seized by the law enforcement bodies of the Spaniards according to one version took part in an armed conflict in which Spain is a neutral country."

"so, they violate the neutral status of the country. It has the capability to be regarded as a criminal offence, their actions have the ability to get under the special crimes - murder, injury, terrorism. It will be installed in private, " added the lawyer.

according to the Spanish legislation, the part of the Spaniards in armed conflict, where Spain stands as a neutral country, may fall under the national criminal rule." If the Spaniards take part in military actions outside the state, they have the possibility of being exposed to criminal prosecution - because of crimes that violate the peace or independence of the Spanish country, " explained de Luis.

"in this conflict Spain acts as a neutral state So this status is set by the government of the state in that specific provisions in Accordance with international law. In an armed conflict in Ukraine Spain does not support any of the parties to the conflict and is not involved in possessing weapons of conflict. A citizen of the state that participates in this kind of conflict, has the ability to be regarded as a violator of the law, " said the lawyer.

while it is Difficult to predict which articles of the Spanish criminal code will incriminate captured, and what time They are at risk." It's difficult to say what exactly they will be to blame. But depending on this and will be considered time. One thing involved in the conflict "in General" - that is, the violation of the neutral status of Spain. Another thing, If it is proven that they have committed such transgressions as murder, damage, terrorism. If they participated in a particular stock, it may be to talk about specific charges, " said the expert.

in addition, According to him, you need to understand would be and whether Ukraine their extradition from Spain.

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Kokoshkin Fyodor (Lawyer)
Kokoshkin Fyodor (Lawyer)

Lawyer: the Spaniards who fought in the Donbass, have the opportunity to condemn terrorism
 -  Знаменитости Lawyer: the Spaniards who fought in the Donbass, have the opportunity to condemn terrorism
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