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Matveyev: PR should be separated from the reality

The political scientist, Professor at HSE Oleg Matveyev believes that certain tend to misinterpret words deprived of the life of Boris Nemtsov, said in an interview to the magazine "Companion" shortly before his death.
Using the interview to the magazine " Companion ", this Boris Nemtsov, shortly before his death, certain opponents of the authorities hastened to say that he was afraid that Putin would kill him. In reality, in an interview talked About the fact that Nemtsov is afraid of his mother, believing that If he did not stop to criticize Putin, he'll kill him. What the Germans laughed, And at the end of the interview, answering the question: "But a little fear, Yes?", said: "Well listen, I'm kidding. If I was scared, it is unlikely that headed the least opposition party, is unlikely to be engaged in what you do ". For reviews of the scientist Oleg Matveyeva, analyzing It And like him an interview, it is necessary to separate the two things. First - PR, " for which a lot of things he could say." And secondly, could the Germans something to fear from the head of the country in principle. Matveyev explained that unlike the many people who just stand at rallies And never had relations to power, Nemtsov was in its highest echelons." for this reason, it is perfectly imagine how this power works, what it does And does not do. About the same Soviet Union now someone says the KGB all watched And So on, But the citizens who worked in the government, you know that the same KGB, for example, were forbidden to watch the party, with the chairmen of Executive committees And So on And So on," said he. Also the current FSB, According to Matveyeva, who worked in the presidential administration, demoniziruet." in reality, All these pugalki And balki - sohomore full. Yes, And the Germans knew Putin And knew that the man's whole life was in the civil service, he is of the caste of lawyers, statesmen, a man for whom the law is in principle always defined his life, - said the expert.- All knew It And the Germans, realizing that he is too small fry to him anyone focused, And Putin as well As among them, And moreover that the Director acted with regard to it by illegal means. For this reason, the Germans often behaved in this sense completely otmorozhenni, swearing, calling Putin And So on," As for statements in the media, According to Matveyeva, It was a PR, And Nemtsov they could say anything that would kill him, that he is afraid, And So on," This is the usual stories that apply to maintain favor in your environment. They create a halo of the Decembrist movement, they say, They are warring against, And around the Royal policy, such mystery, such entourage, " added the Analyst. We emphasize that for about 18 hours in the capital of Russia ended the campaign of the opposition. Initially, she was obliged to pass in Marino, But then she moved to the center And was dated to the deprivation of life February 27, Boris Nemtsov. The procession went from Kitay-Gorod travel on the Moskva river embankment, the procession ended at the Big Moskvoretsky bridge, where on the night of Saturday was forcibly deprived of life policies. According to the information Mob Counter, gathered for the meeting a little more than 23 thousand people. According to police, the rally was attended by about 16, 5 th ... Co-Chairman of the party " RPR-Parnas ", the people's choice Yaroslavl regional Duma Boris Nemtsov was forcibly deprived of his life in the night of Saturday in the centre of Moscow, four shots back. At the time of the iniquity he went on Moskvoretsky bridge accompanied by Ukrainian model Anna Duriscoe, recently arrived from Kiev. The girl in the end of the attack has not been damaged. Duricka is located in the capital of Russia And taken under protection, it operates as a result. Investigators are working on multiple versions of the murder. According to information from the press, already installed machine, which moved the Bandits. On Sunday, the Investigative Committee was asked to get in touch witnesses the murder of Nemtsov And promised a reward of 3 million rubles for valuable data about the crime. On the evening of the first day of the weekend was released a videotape of the killing Nemtsov made weatherproof camera that was filming the Moskvoretsky bridge.


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Matveyev: PR should be separated from the reality
 -  Знаменитости Matveyev: PR should be separated from the reality
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