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Clark: the situation with Ukraine - a way for US to make wider its territory

The position of the West about the fact that the requirement of autonomy of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine is absolutely unacceptable, raises many questions, said the diplomat, scientist, political Scientist and journalist Gregory Clark in conversation.

"From the very beginning has been clear that the Russian-speaking population in Eastern and South-Eastern parts of the Ukraine just wanted similar autonomy as important cultural groups in our own countries that we in the West take for granted," informs Clark.

When this natural support, which renders these people, says the Scientist, is used in the West as a pretext for yet another anti-Russian cold war.

taking into account the developments in the European Union diplomat calls strange that the West considers inadmissible the request of the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine about autonomy.

"however, the Scots in Britain, the Catalans in Spain, the Francophones in Canada, the Slovaks of the former Czechoslovakia had much less reason to think that we can look for some form of autonomy, Federation, or Even independence. Germany is divided into 16 Autonomous communities, each of which has polocouvertier. Even monocultural Australia and the United States prefer to share on Federal land, as a way to provide better control, " says Clark.

The scientist emphasizes that if Moscow's support of militants and its scale is not comparable With the aid of which the West has provided the Albanian separatists in Kosovo.

"Imagine what would have happened if Moscow were sent bombers to attack Kiev and destroy the main Ukrainian factories and infrastructure in order to force the government to grant independence to the Eastern and South-Eastern Ukraine? Squeals Western media would have been heard in the world for many decades. American hawks would take their nuclear weapons, " informs Clark.

Ukraine, according to the Scientist, is another way the US and UK to make wider its power and territory.

These countries, said Clark, are dissatisfied with a group of people in the target country, provide them with weapons and teach everything that is necessary to revolt against the government. And then, hiding behind one of the norms of international law, the So-called Responsibility to protect The responsibility to protect or R2P), help them to gain independence, which can be very useful bombing of the necessary infrastructure. Such actions were carried out in the former Yugoslavia, says Clark.

The situation in Ukraine, in his vision, one of the deployment options such foreign policy.

"You are joining a weak, incompetent government, trying to suppress a justified rebellion. So, if you do it, You can also get a new state of the satellite and, maybe, a fresh base. Anyway this is an easy way to convince yourself and others that You are a Savior to the world of the oppressed. And this is a dangerous scenario of a possible world domination ", - he sums up.

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Clark: the situation with Ukraine - a way for US to make wider its territory
 -  Знаменитости Clark: the situation with Ukraine - a way for US to make wider its territory
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