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photo Marilyn Monro

Marilyn Monro

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 Marilyn Monro

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  • CMS for Marilyn Monro
  • The most beautiful actress 20 th century.
  • LERA for Marilyn Monro
  • Marilyn Monroe ... The ideal of beauty. Perfection. Chic woman. Real woman. Legend. She's so alone and it is subject eternity.
  • Arina for Marilyn Monro
  • will always be ostavatsa most beautiful woman! "I like it a lot it just SUPER!
  • Viy for Marilyn Monro
  • Great, beautiful, unhappy: (
  • Star for Marilyn Monro
  • Marilyn is the best?
  • Alex for Marilyn Monro
  • Some will say: "a drug addict, what a fool and crazy", but it was poistene great woman. And everyone remembers her as an amazing woman with a badly fate. This is a great gift to be the scoring at all!
  • alina for Marilyn Monro
  • In my view, Marilyn Monroe was, is and will be the most beautiful woman kinematogrofa and let them pass, the first ten years it has no equal!
  • roma for Marilyn Monro
  • And why suddenly Monro, when life was Monroe?
  • korifanski666 for Marilyn Monro
  • but in hell is it for?
  • Tatiana for Marilyn Monro
  • No more beautiful women! She is a unique and unrepeatable
  • Annie for Marilyn Monro
  • Well Nitsche both calf, come down to the countryside (kidding), it is SUPER!
  • korifanski666 for Marilyn Monro
  • Yes, you have just keep the GFCF tolstozhopuyu damn it! "She had to roll over in his grave at пTп¦п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦я¦я- kozhdom mention!
  • shaman for Marilyn Monro
  • Marilyn was the best actress, and will remain so vsegda.ona only one who embodies the entire cinema
  • Kisska for Marilyn Monro
  • And she is so happy in the photos ...... but she was also unhappy as beautiful ....
  • Uncle Pat for Marilyn Monro
  • doooooooooooo8-)
  • illaya for Marilyn Monro
  • Marilyn Monroe-DIVA at all times. It was and remains the embodiment of femininity and mystique ...
  • lYUB for Marilyn Monro
  • Pumpkin for Marilyn Monro
  • Marilyn - this is the most beautiful picture ever appears on the screen. It is really the most beautiful woman of all pre-existing. Such a mixture of sexuality, childlike charm and sweet more, no one there. A lack of talent can be easily explained - it betrayed the fact that all of her expectations.
  • whirligig for Marilyn Monro
  • recently read a book using diaries Monroe, cried away, what did she vsetaki unhappy.
  • zmeya for Marilyn Monro
  • Marilyn, what would you were not really, you're a long stay in the heart of this world ...
  • Anonymous for Marilyn Monro
  • Eva for Marilyn Monro
  • It is ridiculous to read the lamentations of the "unfortunate" woman. And she was unhappy - the Goddess, the most beautiful and desirable woman of all time? "I would be her problem! Her life and her rise and happiness! "She herself refused to casseroles and diapers. But she always had a choice. And do not pretend that it is very disturbing. Become a regular woman does not make any problems, the matter of two minutes, but not every woman can become Marilyn Monroe.
  • Anonymous for Marilyn Monro
  • Anonymous for Marilyn Monro
  • Merioin the best actress of all time and she will live forever in our hearts !
  • Anonymous for Marilyn Monro
  • Natasha for Marilyn Monro
  • Lord, how can you call it tolstozhopoy !??? Horror! This is perfect rudeness and bad manners limit! Marilyn - this is the best that was in world cinema. She - beauty, perfection, grace, and intelligence (among others) + + + + incredible talent!
  • Irina for Marilyn Monro
  • Look at it and not get bored, because that she is always smiling and kind person.
  • NADIA for Marilyn Monro
  • Sasha Flash Urmanov for Marilyn Monro
  • п¦пTп+п©п+я-пTя+п+п¦я¦ nipple, which could be inserted, if not the consequences of the Kennedy clan. ... A joke really high quality brand made in a pile of complexes. And I do not know, was it worth it to expose her crotch to his career all in a row. Only its normal role played by think a duet with Clark Gable in The Misfits. And then, Clark pulled out old film. IMHO.
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