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photo Galkin Maksim

Galkin Maksim

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 Galkin Maksim

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MAKSIMOVA Marina (MakSim)
Drobotenko Sergey

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  • Katerinka for Galkin Maksim
  • I think that Makism Galkin very talented and likeable young man, and wish him the creative success!
  • natik for Galkin Maksim
  • Hi all, there is someone in the forum
  • Sanya dear !!=) for Galkin Maksim
  • I'll п╬п╠п╟п╤п╟я▌! Classroom "krassnaya cap" you! MOSCOW YOU !
  • Esmira for Galkin Maksim
  • Dear Maxim! Attracted by announcements of your show "An Evening with Maxim Galkin, a good half of the forum regulars www.johnnydepp.ru was looking forward to your full-scale appearance of blue screens in the guise of Captain Jack Sparrow. We are vigorously discussing the upcoming premiere, built a variety of guesses ... Oh someone else - not we - do it! After all, we are not once and not even ten watched and re-examine both the pirate saga from Bruckheimer. We were convinced - in both movies (and especially in the second part of epics provided the audience this summer) there are many reasons to be cheerful and witty jokes. Jokes in all directions - and about the subjects, . chooses for his Hollywood blockbuster, . and about the desperate attempts of screenwriters to cope with the characters on the orders of producers and in favor of the public, . and about the hottest 'piratomanii for sale chocolates and chips ..,
    . And really how many blunders and outright cinematic nonsense! To count them, . not have enough fingers on your feet audience's largest cinema, . even if it is packed to overflowing! And yet - many of us have seen in you a talented parodist, . gifted actor and just a clever person, . not deprived of the normal sense of humor,
    . Have you seen - until the evening that Friday ... When instead of a parody on the image of the character of the film, saw the identification of the hero with the actor, who played his. In our view, it was not funny. And in general - is unethical. And while fans may be considered biased people, say honestly, we were sorry not only for Johnny Depp and his wife, whose name you were pleased to associate with the brand of cognac. It was a shame and for Mikhalkov with Menshikov, who, in our opinion, too, do not deserve such parodies. And for the Hermitage, which, it turns out stored "bling", which, if we understand correctly, steal Hollywood stars. And even more offensive was for you, dear Max! You, man, no doubt, an intelligent, educated and considerate. What reasons made you do such a parody? "Of course, we understand there is such a thing as a" rating "TV. And that he was in high transmission, the authors sometimes come in the wake of the views of the very "broad" audience. But is it worth descend to such a flat jokes? We think that Russia's platform enough comedians who already descended to the very "bottom" area-humor. We hope that you were one of them briefly. Or do you seriously think that Russia is our audience is no longer able to perceive subtle and exquisite sharpness? Want to see your intelligent and meaningful transfer of parody that lead to positive emotions. We think that the objects and subjects for such parody is enough. And you can find them, and do it better than many. Yet it is not necessary for raising the ratings are decent people jesters. Laugh, right, is not a sin - when really funny. I sincerely wish you, Maxim, success!
  • Ashot for Galkin Maksim
  • MAX GREAT ! you are cool! I cha wish you success in life and zhinis! Do you hear when your concert in Moscow will be a cha ??????? schya DUY concert in St. Petersburg to Moscow in the Kremlin and laugh! "I like when you Alla Pugachev depict and Vitaly Wulf and m e. ....! you Lushai??,
  • Natasha for Galkin Maksim
  • Maxim Sama beautiful, smart, talented, and dobryi .......... Sama nice ! Maxim п╩я┐я┌я┬п╣ all !
  • Katya for Galkin Maksim
  • Maxim I am from Kazakhstan, I really like your creativity to Tamuzs you are very cute, my sister, you are very nravishsya. You are very cool vedesch transfer of two stars, I adore you for your resourcefulness. I want you to be always so cheerful and funny. At the same time ask - Say hello Allochke us her big fan, as well as greetings from Garik "Comedy Club"
  • Olga for Galkin Maksim
  • Maxim, . I love you very much and do not want unrequited lyubvi.Ya suffered much and many times videla.Mnogo battered heart and betrayed friends and used as vesch.Ya want to know the clarity, . your views on me or just curious flirtation and coquetry at gears, . where I was, . thine 2006godu in noyabre.Mne without you bad-heart moans and afraid to marry her husband without love,
    . That is not for you. And everything else that needs to be done with another man-I do not want to think about them, so afraid that Alla Pugacheva spoil. She just fascinated you-but not love as I. But my trouble is that I love is true and I can not even think about drugih.Kak byt.Vremya a run ... I'm 26 years old, I'm from Moskvy.Moy mobile 89629470367.
  • Irina.Sumy for Galkin Maksim
  • yesterday looked anniversary concert, and now once again look .......... Maxime - п╒п░п⌡п░п²п╒п≤п╘п∙
  • Anastasia for Galkin Maksim
  • yesterday was a dream that came to my house and asked how your family as it is important to me and went, taking me by the hand .... chestng not pay much attention to you, but once on ... In general, just do not dream of my dreams ... what is proizoedet.. Be careful, take care of yourself
  • Anonymous for Galkin Maksim
  • you asshole
  • Anonymous for Galkin Maksim
  • Good Maxim
  • amine for Galkin Maksim
  • Maxim I hate you for what you are Russian because of the fact that your father was a military you have no talent other than to say the most stupid things and generally you're a cock
  • amine for Galkin Maksim
  • You Kasel
  • Petro for Galkin Maksim
  • Of course Max is young and likes girls nesmyshlennym, and humor of course he retarded and who are pretty tired. As soon as I hear egoimya, the feeling of there disgusting. Of course the money cut in this way can a decent, but not for the same money so izgalyatsya.
  • Au for Galkin Maksim
  • It is well settled, my son. And in the army for him to serve others should? Or pretended to be sick?
  • Color for Galkin Maksim
  • And I like Max ... He is not quite standard profession. But there's nothing wrong with that. He brings joy to people and it is perfectly. Well, at the expense of Pugachev cannot say anything ..
  • Alexandra for Galkin Maksim
  • Dear Max, my heart full of love for you. I can not live without you. At night I can not sleep, and think only about you ... I wake up at night just to listen to your creativity. I am thinking of moving to Moscow to be closer to you, but the study does not allow me to do. I do not want to marry you, but just want you to have always been close. Watch at your beautiful eyes and held the hand ... I'll wait for a response from you ... Always yours. Alexandra my phone (+79137262023)
  • Natalia, S-Pb for Galkin Maksim
  • Maxim is a good actor and a man, . I am almost sure, . too! And there's nothing wrong with it is tom.chto professiya.On very talantlivyy.Chestno, . none of the comedians did not notice and with such talantom.A Alla Borisovna do not touch! She has achieved much, . and if they are happy with Maxim, . it is their right, to be together and I fully support them.,
  • Lisa for Galkin Maksim
  • COMAC))) Forget about childhood voey live life! I've forgotten it, and recently getting married!
  • Natalia Hammond for Galkin Maksim
  • Very strange. I have just added a comment, but it didn't show up in the comments below.
  • Natalia Hammond for Galkin Maksim
  • Privet, Maxim! I am a very big fan of your talent. I live in the USA, but follow your success on youtube. Technology can be an advantage sometimes. I think you are the funniest and most entertaining out of all comedians of today, not only in Russia, but worldwide. I have watched American comedians and they do not compare - not as bright and lack in entertainment department. Keep up the great work! I wish you an even bigger success and greater accomplishments, as well as never ceasing inspiration, which can be hard to find. Sincerely, Natalia Hammond
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