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photo Urgant Ivan

Ivan Urgant with wife

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Ivan Urgant with wife

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Urgant Nina

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  • future date for Urgant Ivan
  • I love you
  • liolia for Urgant Ivan
  • Urgant one of those whom I am glad to see at any moment. It is a huge charge of energy, cheerfulness, joy and humor. I think that few such people who would disagree with me.
  • linda for Urgant Ivan
  • I love it!
  • Magic for Urgant Ivan
  • nteresno and Ivan himself is reading all these messages? I like real magic, conquered his sense of humor and charm. :-)
  • Magic for Urgant Ivan
  • Ivan, you believe in magic? :-)
  • WebGirl for Urgant Ivan
  • Yes, he simpotyazhka
  • Innulya for Urgant Ivan
  • The embodiment of masculinity, strength and Oboyan all Vanya!
  • Innulya for Urgant Ivan
  • The embodiment of masculinity, strength and Oboyan all Vanya!
  • preatycherry for Urgant Ivan
  • recently I dreamed about you))) here and decided to write)) sleep was amazing))) and a very unexpected ...
  • N1ka88 for Urgant Ivan
  • Ivan, hello, I want you to praise!:) There are very few top! But I do not know that you're a person (really wanted to know) but the screen you're done! "Thank you for vnemanie:)
  • Katya for Urgant Ivan
  • Vanya You - the best! Most oboyatelny and attractive! I (yes everything!) Love you! No!
  • Bird for Urgant Ivan
  • I am now, many will be condemned but I'll tell you what I think. Yes, I will not argue Ivan cute but no more. The girls says' I love you ".. love is not possible for the exterior ... Maybe I am wrong but but Ivan - a regular guy .. just so good-looking and all ... Here ...
  • Anil for Urgant Ivan
  • I LOVE YOU ! Vanya
  • Gassik for Urgant Ivan
  • decided to take this opportunity to comment on ..) man, . which I am very likable ..) Ivan Urgant, . think, . even if it were not for fame and popularity, . and if .. well, for example, . he was my former classmate and ... there .. a friend of my brother, . still would have liked me crazy) ... THANKS,
    . GOOD LUCK!
  • Nahalenysh for Urgant Ivan
  • Ivan, just casually looked "Relish" Nikolai Drozdov, I am simply impressed! I storonik "life" without meat "Relish" then watched a second time, but it's not the point ... I got great pleasure! ! Thank you very much.
  • Jeanne for Urgant Ivan
  • Zai I Love You
  • Believing2008@yandex.ru for Urgant Ivan
  • I know, I know how it is, leave alone in the compartment, at night, read a book, watch a movie that somehow escape from those thoughts that haunt, and do not sleep ... "Mama, Mama, I'm unhappy people "spinning in my head, that's just tell yourself it myself. Yes seems to be doing great, and already accustomed to, and sometimes you can not. Can not, and then want to run away, go away, left alone, despite the loneliness. But perhaps a better one? "No ... no one, nobody, what a terrible word, well, then, until the fate of ... the brain is thinking hard, and in love the brain carefree as it would be nice to sink into indolence. And now drowning in sorrow, and fall asleep, get up early in the morning.
  • Tatiana for Urgant Ivan
  • Hello, Ivan! "I like very much to watch programs with your participation! Posmot rela film The Wizard, remained dobolnoy, I really liked it! You are wonderful, talented actor ... I wish you success! Sincerely Tatyana.
  • IRINA for Urgant Ivan
  • TSKTZ TV-best
  • Ukrain.MAN for Urgant Ivan
  • THE BEST MAN vasche just я│я┐п©п╣я─п╬п╡я▀п╧ dude, I immediately fall in love in all the transfers that he is or he is present ц╒ц╙ц╝ц╡ц╝ц╟ц╝ц╘
  • Sasha for Urgant Ivan
  • I just adore you)) You're so cool)
  • Lilia for Urgant Ivan
  • You're doing fine! Clever. No brighter man on television. I write all my heart. Health to you and long life. Raduy us. I love you so much.
  • Iz @-kristi for Urgant Ivan
  • You are very cool, write me ...
  • Sashka for Urgant Ivan
  • It is a dream just to see you! You are a person who can laugh even the queen Nesmeyanov !)) bright, talented, sincere, funny, beautiful, intelligent ........
  • Buka for Urgant Ivan
  • Vanya is impossible not to love! He is a humorist!
  • svetlana for Urgant Ivan
  • Very good language podveshan! Funny and kind of clever! Yes, the Jews, they are smart! Tall and attractive man! Although lately, it seems that he zazvezdilsya!
  • natalia for Urgant Ivan
  • looks like my ex, like 2 drops of water, only Ivan brunette
  • Natalia for Urgant Ivan
  • Thank you, that does not disappoint ...
  • ha ha for Urgant Ivan
  • Ivan! I love you! U very handsome guy!
  • Валентинка for Urgant Ivan
  • Как-то непонятно почему закрывают прожектор перис хилтон, стоящая программа, закрыли бы лучьше "Наша Russia", вот этот проект уже насмотрелись все...
  • Niloofar for Urgant Ivan
  • I love you ... !
  • anna for Urgant Ivan
  • next time you need to display something in English, don't go to Google translator. This text is ridiculous! Only somebody, who knows Russian, can understand it.
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