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  • Fleece for SHELEST Olga
  • I love her! She's the best!
  • M @ hsien for SHELEST Olga
  • A Th me Rustle raduet.Samoe cool that I have the same last name as hers!
  • Zdravstvujte. Skazhite pozhalujsta, kto chitaet eto i kak napisAt 'samoj Ol'ge Shelest. Spasibo. S uvazheniem Aleksej.
  • Sonya Shelestova for SHELEST Olga
  • I did not understand the odd, I received a letter on the soap Th ...... I still п╨п╬п╪п╣п╫я┌ leave?
  • Sonya Shelestova for SHELEST Olga
  • I did not understand the odd, I received a letter on the soap Th ...... I still п╨п╬п╪п╣п╫я┌ leave?
  • Sonya Shelestova for SHELEST Olga
  • A. ...... I am Olga Rustle? PERFECT! She just super!
  • ser-safro for SHELEST Olga
  • Real miracle with green eyes !
  • Gans for SHELEST Olga
  • Very similar to my ex-girlfriend, is nicer. A pity that unfamiliar ......
  • SanSan for SHELEST Olga
  • Delight easy! Beautiful, funny, clever.
  • nook for SHELEST Olga
  • Rustle-a real find who is just lucky, or just
  • nook for SHELEST Olga
  • Rustle-a real find who is just lucky, or just
  • _Simb @ _ for SHELEST Olga
  • sympathy!
  • Otto von Pflyugger for SHELEST Olga
  • You're at the circus yesterday was the best vasche.
  • SHEF for SHELEST Olga
  • Oooh Hello! I also rustle, my name is Alex. Can we and relatives :-). All who are fomilii Shelest, unites)))
  • Nalsur for SHELEST Olga
  • Nice to see that Teska named succeeded :))))))) Rustle - merged! My name Shelest Ruslan
  • Marquis for SHELEST Olga
  • Hello Olga. you are not the right GM nab. boats is the best city, and it does not dull, though I have long moskvich.a the way I studied with your sister, Oksana
  • lubas777 for SHELEST Olga
  • and she is my compatriot, also studied at my school, baa-baa-baa-baa
  • lubas777 for SHELEST Olga
  • and at our school soon 25 - year anniversary, we are very pleased and proud that you learned in our school! And you still have some vivid memories of what, when studied in school?
  • Stas for SHELEST Olga
  • Oh Olya.Obosrala you home town for the sake of karery.Prodalas capital chervonchiki.a we remember you drugoy.chto zhvremya changes lyudey.Privet from the 38th school.
  • Stas for SHELEST Olga
  • Marquis I, too, with Ksenia uchilsya.Ty who, I know you?
  • Gennady for SHELEST Olga
  • Because you would make a good actress!
  • Maxim for SHELEST Olga
  • Congratulations Olga Happy Birthday 23-01-09
  • Max for SHELEST Olga
  • What Rustle ... there's something like reading will be?? If yes: Rustle appliance trash as before! NESPAAAT!
  • Green for SHELEST Olga
  • Dickhead! what has this baa-baa-baa ????????????? п╢п╦п╠п╦п╩я▀ shit, I'm all in the ass and'll sit in the jerk and do SHELEST!
  • Danil for SHELEST Olga
  • Rustle classroom! Not only that, externally, so even the voice and in the course of nature as my Yulka!
  • Danil for SHELEST Olga
  • Yes, and more - Green, You're a dickhead! Luser fucking!
  • Guest for SHELEST Olga
  • pancake, I want to see her bare breasts at least! it is super!
  • Irina for SHELEST Olga
  • After watching the transfer of "patrimony" I have changed their attitude to the leading OS Rustle. Before we assess the performers and to evaluate the 60's songs, you should be better acquainted with the domestic history of musical culture. Your rating has fallen very sharply certainly in the eyes of millions of audience, and can not rewrite history! bottom
  • Love Frantsevna for SHELEST Olga
  • Poor poor girl, she not only bear on the ear came, and she's in pursuit of PR has sold soul to the devil and can not feel the divine sounds. (Judging by how she assesses the world's classics)
  • Love Frantsevna for SHELEST Olga
  • Sweet, see a movie about Spivakov, you will be useful.
  • Guest for SHELEST Olga
  • To view the transfer of "patrimony" I had a different attitude to Oge Rustle ... She became very much the image of a young pokaleniya ...:/ Every age has its charms ... NOOO unless one considers Mozart's genius ... this person is ... just Shit in the hole
  • Resident garbage for SHELEST Olga
  • Only narrow-minded person could say that Mozart is not a genius .. I was reminded of the film, The Barber of Siberia ... Mozart - GREAT COMPOSER! And do yourself a career stupidity?.. The same option, but it is very easy and simple way which is very easy to go ... It is much harder to follow the path to another. They say his mind is great rustle of ...., original thinking? ... I recently remembered the whole story in Kirkorov, when he sent a journalist ... The same facial features, with the same values of A the image of the young generation, which is rustle? My friends, this is not the image generation ... It is not even nihilism (Bazarov) ... This is so tineydzherka-pop ... The girl was 30, and the mind, I'm sorry wildly, like a 14 girl who already drink beer and Shakespeare clearly did not read ... Alas, the other values ... Now promoting this, I'm sorry, what turns the country ... It is Ol'gino, but she never realizes his mistake, it will even apologize, if necessary, with the subtext, "you still all freaks, I am a smart and beautiful ... And you all cattle, because you are not in show business ... I'm upstairs and I was shown on TV, and you're all fools ... I see ...!" Olya, the world was not born with you ... He was already up to you, so be humble ...
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