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photo Konstantin Khabensky

Konstantin Khabensky

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Biography Konstantin Khabensky
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 Konstantin Khabensky

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  • Ekaterinka for Konstantin Khabensky
  • A good actor, but it hurt me a little is known. Tell, show ... Please!
  • Trinity for Konstantin Khabensky
  • It is a normal guy, but where THESE soup?
  • Jery for Konstantin Khabensky
  • A great actor ... best!
  • Jery for Konstantin Khabensky
  • I would like to learn about the interests of this remarkable actor?
  • savage for Konstantin Khabensky
  • This ochnn talented actor and I am sure, a good man. even after the "killed" I kept my druzhkkam said that he will go far
  • Lovi_menya for Konstantin Khabensky
  • And I Kostya on your mobile. So cool! -:)
  • Alena for Konstantin Khabensky
  • I want to tell everybody! This man is simply the most beautiful in the world ... I simply and quietly lyublyu.uzhe long I want to get into the theater at any show with him and does not work! Many will say bad staraeshsya, . I answer simply out of luck! Kostya, . I love you! Balashiha!,
  • Vita for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Really like how Khabensky plays, a good actor and probably good for the lack chelovek.Uvazhayu spletin and intrigue. Grateful for what you can see at least on-screen real man
  • LUDMILKA for Konstantin Khabensky
  • A remarkable actor! "I really liked his playing on stage, . looked as if spellbound! I advise to go to one of the performances with his participation, do not regret it, that's for sure! Will sea impressions, . like me now! I wish Constantine successful acting career,, . more интерестных roles! Raduyte us more with his talent!,
  • sovulya for Konstantin Khabensky
  • he just офигенный akter.on beautiful, talented and not pafosnyy.a as he played in lethal force, Chechne.prosto super.Kostya best
  • sovulya for Konstantin Khabensky
  • he just офигенный akter.on beautiful, talented and not pafosnyy.a as he played in lethal force, Chechne.prosto super.Kostya best
  • Anastasia for Konstantin Khabensky
  • I would like to know, and when Habenskij arrives in Latvia?
  • trana for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Patience, courage, sil.Veryu that all get over.
  • Svetik for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Our family wishes speedy recovery to the wife Keira Knightley, patience, endurance and sil.voshischaemsya acting skills, charm, human kachestvami.prekrasny family man, a bright man and a talented actor.
  • Marina for Konstantin Khabensky
  • After I saw the film "Women's srbstvennost" I just fell in love! I adore this actor.
  • Mistress for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Actually I had абажаю an excellent actor ....., . I remember especially one kinetic, . name of which I can not remember, . then he was still playing with Guseva .... yes .... sorry, . Kostya, . that you are an actor and, . unfortunately married ... ah ... play heroes-lovers, combined with his charm, you are,
  • Larissa for Konstantin Khabensky
  • I thank God that you have such a beautiful, talented and just for you
  • Tambov for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Sugar! sexy! Handsome!
  • Anonymous for Konstantin Khabensky
  • he simply SUPER actor !)))))
  • Katya for Konstantin Khabensky
  • You're a good man, Kostya! I love you so much! I'm sorry that I am not an actress and I can not see you ...
  • Anastasia for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Constantine, Accept my sincere condolences to our family. Your grief echoed in our hearts with pain. We also have a little Vanya - he was only two months older than your - and everything that happened in your family recently, we have experienced as their own sorrows and joys. Constantine, we hope that our prayers will somehow support you and be close to the soul of your wife. Love - is the largest and most rare gift in life, but you have managed to surround your favorite such warmth, care, tenderness, and presented her with such love that she was very, very happy. Your love kept her, as she could, and now her love will always keep you.
  • Ira for Konstantin Khabensky
  • This is the best man on the planet! I do not understand why such people in my life falls such grief as to lose flare Rights!
  • Elena for Konstantin Khabensky
  • very sorry that you do not meet
  • Elena for Konstantin Khabensky
  • I'm not exceptional in their desire, but still want you to meet in St. Petersburg
  • Tatiana for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Constantine, I sympathize with your grief and worry with you. So sorry that it turns in life, but nothing, time heals! Now the most important for you is to live for a little Vanechki.Dast "God" you will have more happiness!
  • Anna for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Hello, Konstantin. Losing a loved one - a great grief and shock, time heals. Fans of your talent is not just sympathize, but sincerely for your experience and support. I wish you faith in their strength.
  • Elena for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Constantine, you're brilliant actor, a compassion for your grief, hold on for the sake of his son, take care of yourself.
  • Maria for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Watched one play with your participation Caligula would like to see more e, but sorry that you live in Moscow. (((
  • Natia for Konstantin Khabensky
  • ia iz solnechnova Tbilisi, . ia abajaiu rossiu, . u vas klasnie aktiori Habenski eto nacionalnoe dostoianie, . beregite ego takix ludei malo, . genialni aktior i krasivi paren rasti sina i jivi a Liubov, . ona pridiot, . i vi snova budete shastlivi, . glavnoe chto vi est,
  • Ina for Konstantin Khabensky
  • I am far from you, but know that I am always by your side
  • Maria for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Dear Keira Knightley, we are deeply you sochuvstvuem.Vy wonderful person and akter.V secret from her husband, I fell in love with you. Will have the honor to meet you. Unfortunate stranger.
  • Ludmila for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Spasibo!
  • Ludmila for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Ne rastratjte to dobro i svet kotorie v vas estj, na melotshi! Malo komu udaetsja pronesti svoju svetshu ne pogaschej.Vi smoshjete - a snatshit - na vas otvetstvennostj. Vi snaete shto takoe istinnoe schastje i padostj! A eto k soshaleniju vsegda mgnovenno ... Spokojnih i teplih vam budnej; a sin vam snova podarit radostj! Tak budet!
  • Kamelia for Konstantin Khabensky
  • I just trudge to Habenskij. It is much better than all these American movies akterov.Rossiyskoe kept here for people like Habenskij.
  • Irina for Konstantin Khabensky
  • 'is my favorite actor since childhood! even when I was 8, I have a really fell in love with his hero-Plakhov ! and then, for me it's idol ! I love him very much and respect! ! like this:) Habenskij-best !
  • Anonymous for Konstantin Khabensky
  • pamagite ludi! ia sumas xoju za nego. can't stop watching him; on mne zakaldoval. ux Kaldun ti Kostya!
  • Ruslan for Konstantin Khabensky
  • And lost a close loved one - is an irreplaceable loss. But you have a little man with a piece of favorite. It will always remind you of it. Live for the sake of it, but my love will find you still need. Ahead just a bright future!
  • Anya for Konstantin Khabensky
  • I do not know by hearsay that is losing a loved (two years as a widow), I sincerely wish you happiness with Vanya, you deserve it! You are the best! with love!
  • Vera for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Please accept my soboleznovaniya.My all grieve with you and hope that you will soon return to the screen and you will please us with your talent! Your talent deserves more awards and prizes, . which only est.Ya admire you! "With best wishes your poklonitsa!,
  • Irina for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Kostya, you best of all, where Hollywood to you! You are strong, all will overcome, in spite of envious! Look how many fans you have talent. And how many women across Russia and not only in love with you! Hold on, Admiral!
  • Anya for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Perhaps you do not read anything here, but I'll write! The first time I saw you in the film "Women's Property" and just fell in love. Watch for all of your premiers. I'm sorry that'll never be able to communicate with you, yes you, and so probably all had enough. Forgive us and many thanks to you we have such a single and unique! Berigite yourself!
  • Irina for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Love, respect. Brilliant actor and a real man!
  • KATYA for Konstantin Khabensky
  • CONSTANTINE, I sincerely sympathize with you and respect as cheloveka.VY THIS MUZhChINA.Prosto dream with you poznakomitsya.Mozhet will do for an actor.
  • liliya for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Konstantin, dlya mea vu luchshiy akter etogo goda.ya vosjischyucy vami v filme Admiral.jotelos chtob vu otvetili mne, oche budu rada vachemu otvetu .
  • Oksana for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Constantine, words for you very much, all of them do not express and do not write. I'm with you. You had very talented man, and your work and what you are doing. Keep. Life must be lived, we must hold on, everything will be fine. The "Admiral you simply brilliant. Watching a movie with pleasure. You are not playing Kolchak, you are trying to understand him as a person. I read a lot about him, fascinated by history, you are the embodiment of Kolchak in our time. Bravo!
  • olga for Konstantin Khabensky
  • Dear Konstantin I am from Romania,I love your mouvies especialy "The irony of fate" PS I am born in the same day lake you 11 january
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