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  • jaguar for CASANOVA Sati
  • how to contact Sati??
  • jaguar for CASANOVA Sati
  • how to contact Sati??
  • jaguar for CASANOVA Sati
  • how to contact Sati??
  • korifanski666 for CASANOVA Sati
  • Banal girl which in our kozlyachem show business as they say "Cancer does not rearrange to Moscow!"
  • starkovant for CASANOVA Sati
  • Hello is you still know how to sing, well, I thought it was so clean mime. For the sake of interest have looked your last clip, seems to be OK I respect your work but not the view. I do not deny you the stars but do not put themselves above the person everyone has the pride to be honest not navizhu comments with the stars. Well huge hello to your group yet!
  • Dima for CASANOVA Sati
  • anybody no telefonchika Sati! I want to get to know her! I fell in love.
  • jen for CASANOVA Sati
  • Sati took his photo with absolutely no clothes
  • Andrew for CASANOVA Sati
  • Th you here all worried that it?? Taken away from Sati ... it still does not read your crap!
  • Henrique for CASANOVA Sati
  • Andrew hammer you are right who does not let nraaitsya not looking goats blyat mondavoshki
  • SSS for CASANOVA Sati
  • Sati just super, so the girls of extraordinary beauty, I have not met
  • Michael_monk for CASANOVA Sati
  • The most adorable, sexy, charming in our show-meringue.
  • Susie for CASANOVA Sati
  • I think, . that Sati Casanova - this Animal, . ie, . - Girl, . brought up in respectable Caucasian family, . but because of natural stupidity, . started all serious, . putting in the first place is not tradition, . and animal instincts, his stormy temperament East, . desire for whatever was to keep up with fashion, . once again show boobs, . generally, . As for me, . it, . - Worse than the last whore with the Moscow station, . another surprise, . - Why the relatives come running when she arrives? I do not think, . that they respect it or wish it to become their daughter, . God forbid, . they come running to see the stupid upstart, . who thinks that someone believes in something, . that her "music,
    . and cinema - achieving "are the fruits of her talents and hard work!?
  • Batyrzhan for CASANOVA Sati
  • dana for CASANOVA Sati
  • syuzi, . et tebe! lichno! znaesh rech tvoya pohozha na rech devchonki kotoraya dohnit ot zavisti ! ya sati obsalyutno nikem ne yavlyayuus, . no ! ona mne nravitsa i ya ei gorjus! ya sama s nalchika kak i mnopgie kto pishet >ova
    v ee odres! no, . skaji mne pozhaluista, . ty govorish, . mojno podumat ee polojenie ona dobilas talantom i trudolyubiem, . da? a ty mne skazhi devochka a chto v nashei zhizni seichas bivaet tolko blagodorya nashemu hoteniyu! ty v dolbanii vonuchii kolej ne postupish bez ...............,
    . chego libo! idiotka!
  • ****** for CASANOVA Sati
  • SAmaya krasivaia pevica po moemu mneniu
  • Kostik for CASANOVA Sati
  • stuffed idiot who came from the village
  • Alexander for CASANOVA Sati
  • very pretty girl, I nravitsya.u each opinion.
  • jen for CASANOVA Sati
  • cati you dear krasivitsa vmire you simply super
  • sizilia for CASANOVA Sati
  • Anonymous for CASANOVA Sati
  • how to communicate with Sati
  • Catherine for CASANOVA Sati
  • I am a teacher with many years stazhem.Tolko yesterday viewed a property of the republic and your comment about the white roses SW. Shatunova. My God I am not one of your songs do not know and my team mngochislenny tozhe.I hope will never know. You like to Jura to China on foot. You wont upstart, not from a large uma.Poskromnee.Vy nobody.
  • Uliana for CASANOVA Sati
  • I was also hurt by saying Sati about "White Rose". What to know what sings Casanova, had to look on the Internet. As a man who sings such silly, vulgar songs, could give a comment on a song Shatunova?! It looks like it is going to bring up children on their songs.
  • Highlander for CASANOVA Sati
  • last stage, which she left to appear in porno films.
  • Jevgenija Jevsejeva for CASANOVA Sati
  • Fully agree with Ulyanov. Very sings stupid, vulgar songs and komentiruet and condemned. Yes, and so severely, just takes horror and laughter
  • Sanya for CASANOVA Sati
  • I snemalsya with sati on adnoy transfer and I very sati ponravelas as a man
  • Dr. Yanal Kazan for CASANOVA Sati
  • Excellent and very talented young lady that makes all of us very proud. She represents well the caucasian people, who suufer and endure a tremendous amount of hardship at the present time with all the chaos in the Northe Caucasus. It is quite refreshing to hear such a telent is blooming during these difficult times. Just look up and the roof is the limit. Look at the stars and the sky is the limit! Sati, keep looking at the stars! God bless! Dr. Yanal Kazan USA
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