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photo Korikova Elena

Korikova Elena

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Biography Korikova Elena
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 Korikova Elena

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  • olga for Korikova Elena
  • zdravstvuite Elena, mne nedavno sdelali komplement 4to ja bezumno pohoja na vas, i znaete ja etim o4enj gorjus! vasha poklonniza Olga
  • Lotos for Korikova Elena
  • Hi! you-the most beautiful girl in the world. I dream of meeting with you.
  • Marina for Korikova Elena
  • Hi Elena, you are bright and beautiful young zhenschina.V lately you do not act in films? "A pity, it is nice to see in Rossiyskom films of the beautiful Elena aktris.Udachi you in your work. Marina
  • Said for Korikova Elena
  • There are two options: 1 or respected. 2, or "asked". Alezh усе Roan you вельми, вельми simpatychnaya a woman. That's how it sounded on a white tongue
  • Sergei Tsvetkov for Korikova Elena
  • Hello, Elena! Admire your beauty in the unity of spirit, soul and body. A lot of very surprised by the candid photos, look nice, but, in my opinion, this is not your style. Sincerely worried because of your failure in the room with the bear in the circus on the colored Boulevard, do not believe that it is simply fear, for sure there are other reasons. If I may help you deal with the problem, but only privately and without any publicity as to your and my part.
  • Gregory for Korikova Elena
  • Very original and beautiful actress, an open honest. It seems to me that she was a little ill at ease in the secular parties, but it had to been there, otherwise it will not take. Unlike many others she had no lover or husband, the director or producer, and have any notion of decency and principles, that is not listed. For this, and I love it.
  • BOB for Korikova Elena
  • Love for tenderness, modesty, krotkost.
  • Galina from Atlanta for Korikova Elena
  • I can only say that I am proud of my personal acquaintance with Lena, with a charming woman and actress and her mother Tatiana. I look forward to a future meeting or phone conversation, if I know the phone number. I hope for a miracle. Atlanta.
  • KriStinS for Korikova Elena
  • Lena always admired you, watch over all your work. You are my MOST MOST, favorite actress!, I want to be like YOU! Who does not love you, just envy, beauty, talent, and all around!
  • alex for Korikova Elena
  • Hello, Lena! How wonderful that I have an opportunity like this, simply to speak, to express all their feelings as much as possible! In me you call the highest, the deep feelings. Looking at you I get the most tender feelings. You are the prettiest, most tender girl in the world. Of course, you - the star, but I totally unknown, dreaming of a man who probably did not ever reach for you. But all the same even in absentia, I will confess his love to you.
  • Silver for Korikova Elena
  • Lost my appetite ... I lost sleep ... divinely beautiful ..
  • el for Korikova Elena
  • Lena, you are very beautiful, and the face and figure! But why?? Dye in a blonde? Why?? And in such. You like gray hair that you do not fit. Looks banal. Just ridiculous. Something is not enough for you or what? Why? If you are so beautiful and. By this method (in painting blonde) resort is usually the girls from the villages that something is lacking. And you're just beautiful! Why??
  • R for Korikova Elena
  • You are the most beautiful girl in the world without a doubt. You are a real angel of whom all must poklanyatsya. Your legs, your legs must divine kiss every person on this earth, whether it is a woman, whether it is man. I would like to be your slave and do all your orders. If I saw you I would have immediately rushed to your legs and began to kiss them, because no one no more such beautiful legs. Plus when you take into account the fact that you have beautiful eyes, and if you look into your eyes and at that time to kiss your feet - is a divine gift that I will dream of my life. Elena Korikova, I love you, respect you, I wish you all the best in life and also want to ask you pripodnesti their beautiful leg to my face.
  • CH for Korikova Elena
  • Helen Korikova just super ! Обажаю it is to the same classroom actress!
  • Nata for Korikova Elena
  • Hello Helen! "You know you are my idol, I would very much like just a little to be on you like I would most like to chat with you but of course this is unlikely because you are a star and will never find friends in our circle, I understand it very well Good luck!,
  • A fan of Kolomna for Korikova Elena
  • I congratulate you heartily, . Helen! I wish you all the very best and as much as possible, . let the troubles and hardships stay aside, . instantaneous and all desires fulfilled. Congratulations to all the fans of this happy event in the life of beauty (I hope, . that happy). PS,
    . Rhetorical question: Do you seriously think that the goddess all this reads. In this case, I would have dashed off congratulations on the wall map.
  • Tata for Korikova Elena
  • 'Russia's most beautiful blonde movie' turns the novel 'Edicom Tbilisskiym' with Nugzar Torchinava which until recently controlled the majority of Moscow thieves - "barsetochnikov, steal valuables from drivers. They met at a yacht club Puffin during shooting candid photoshoot for magazine Maxim after which 'true Georgians' daily graced car 'Russian Barbie' white roses.
  • Alexs for Korikova Elena
  • The most talented girl in the Russian cinema. Lena is beautiful. I have never seen such a proportional face - the golden section. It's a pity that she was not born in the west, today it would megastar.
  • Fan for Korikova Elena
  • Better yet, not a woman and a girl. But in general it GODDESS!
  • 123 for Korikova Elena
  • an angel ...
  • 111 for Korikova Elena
  • Normal monkey, whom nemeryannom in Russia!
  • 111 for Korikova Elena
  • I am generally of the opinion that all the women, stupid monkey!
  • 111 for Korikova Elena
  • I do believe that all the women, stupid painted monkeys, which are intended only for the extension of the human race.
  • Micah for Korikova Elena
  • I WANT YOU, Cleves heifer
  • Arinchik for Korikova Elena
  • Hello Elena. You are very prevlekatelny.
  • Anastasia for Korikova Elena
  • Beauty, keep it up!
  • Olya for Korikova Elena
  • Korikova I do not like it, but I do not deny the beauty of it is not otnyat.ona I only lady peasant like the rest of her participation did not even pomnyu.poet terrible, but so beautiful
  • Alexander for Korikova Elena
  • You are the most beautiful girl on the planet. I'm just in love with you
  • Maxim for Korikova Elena
  • There is a suggestion that a woman created the devil in order to keep his mind all the men of this world. Litsezrya on you realize that this is true, . For your beauty can be misleading everyone and he will be ready to go to any mortal sin for you, . dizzy with success and a smile to any man does not know quite what you're a man in his soul. And it is very good in the world there are such beautiful creatures as you because without you our lives would be fresh and interesting.,
  • ARINA for Korikova Elena
  • It is impersonal, not memorable appearance, small mouse features. Some advertised psychosis. That's what advertising and its possibilities - made from "nothing"-something obsuzhdamoe.
  • Kira for Korikova Elena
  • I do not quite understand, . that it beautiful?. was once a pleasant and fresh mordashka. litsa.seychas selikonovaya features small breasts and lips and hair color gidroperitny Soviet saleswoman ..... advantageous for her civil marriage or cohabitation - thanks to which receives some role,
  • Irina for Korikova Elena
  • Very nice ineobyknovenno beautiful! So dkrzhat!
  • iris. for Korikova Elena
  • Incredibly beautiful and gentle creature!
  • In love with Lena for Korikova Elena
  • I cha обажаю want you!
  • aaaa for Korikova Elena
  • da fu she Dasha Astafieva KUL !
  • light for Korikova Elena
  • you super classroom
  • Anastasia Moscow for Korikova Elena
  • Elena, you're beautiful actress, I would like you often see in soap operas, movies, you are very white hair. Let us in the same spirit!
  • Vitya for Korikova Elena
  • I really hate when you beat "Poor Nastya" but now you just BOMB opinion dramatically changed. You're super !
  • Michael for Korikova Elena
  • Elena, you're the best.
  • thief for Korikova Elena
  • vfman it
  • Anonymous for Korikova Elena
  • you are the prettiest! easy charm
  • Zhorzhik for Korikova Elena
  • beautiful woman, no doubt, but the impression of sluggish fish .. too regular and boring .. sorry if offended fans
  • Acne for Korikova Elena
  • Insanely beautiful woman
  • Alla for Korikova Elena
  • Artem for Korikova Elena
  • Elena! Can I invite you to advertising photography? (WEDDING THEME) What is your fee for the day taking pictures? More: artyom-bulatov@mail.ru (89066759000 EIGHT-NINE ZERO SIX SIX SEVEN FIVE NINE THOUSAND) with respect. Artem Bulatov
  • Killer for Korikova Elena
  • "... DO NOT CREATE yourself an idol ..." Normal Heifer! What it special! Full country such) I do not understand ...
  • Gaziz for Korikova Elena
  • It just sex bomb,,,
  • Roman for Korikova Elena
  • I sincerely admire your beauty for a long time and when I see your smile on the screen immediately becomes warm and easy to heart I wish you a great creative success and personal happiness. I want to say a huge thank your parents for what they gave you the world
  • Putin VV for Korikova Elena
  • I am your fan.
  • Maria for Korikova Elena
  • again revised the peasant girl, what a wonderful movie! and Elena just superb ...
  • Elena for Korikova Elena
  • Elena! The first time I saw you in the movie "I promised, I'll go." Your role has made me so impressed! After that, you were one of my favorite actresses!
  • Lena for Korikova Elena
  • Elena, you are very wonderful actress and I respect you very much. I watched all the films and very shocked by your theatrical skills. You are my idol. I wish you continued success and, as in the actor's life and personal. The role of the main character of Tina in the Seraglio "Champion" and the role in the film "Mistress into Maid" excellent! You are the best!
  • Masha! for Korikova Elena
  • Zdrasvuyte Elena! When you play in movies or serials, . Although it is worried and rejoice with you! You are very white (to be a blonde) Although, . I sure, . you do not go and do not read our comments! I sincerely love and respect! Your eternal fan!,
  • xaxaxa for Korikova Elena
  • Morons, you just think that Korikova reads your бредятину and saliva, then left. LOL. Daunyata :-)
  • Faith for Korikova Elena
  • one word - Miracle
  • Alex B for Korikova Elena
  • Elena! I fell in love with you, when saw the film "Mistress into Maid". Then, "Ha-bi-aces," then "Poor Nastya" ... the divine beauty and divine talent ... And this harmony of soul, body and spirit ... I think you're not playing, and living life in each of its heroine ... Thank you for what you have! You made this world more beautiful! .. Your ardent admirer
  • Innusichka for Korikova Elena
  • Hello, Elena! After watching the movie "Champion" I was generated your game! Lena, I'm proud of your talent and I would like to quickly see your work on screen)))) Good luck to you !
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