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photo Mylyavskii Lolita

Mylyavskii Lolita

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 Mylyavskii Lolita

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  • nikita7 for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • stepaschka10 for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Hi Lola. I do not know if you ever read anything my letter. but I sincerely wish you success in your career. I believe in you. Katerina.
  • korifanski for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Image hamovitoy wench in "Bezkompleksov" apparently liking our tetkam.Da Miliavskaya Russia and in the life of me so, because the absence of complexes does not imply the existence of banal vulgarity
  • Marina for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Lolitochka were on your concert in Gelendzhik in late July 2008goda.Ty clever, we admire you. I sincerely wish you good luck in everything. And all zlopyhatey-send to ....
  • Alain Domracheva for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Lolita, Hello, You are a remarkable woman, a singer and I think, a good man, and that is the rarity. I do not even think that you are to me once otvetite.Ya first week in,, NETE, and I really always wanted to know about you bolshe.Moi friends say that I'm yours, daughter, to do with it, without koompleksov I-rada.Do bye, Alain.
  • cudgel Elena for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Hello Lolita. I am 29 years old, I live in Kazakhstan, the small town of Temirtau I certainly understand that you are very busy and that your own problems, but if it is in your power to please help me ... I did and when no one has requested any assistance, . And in principle, except me, . like God does not ask for more from kogo.Chestno, . very ashamed to recognize, . I need help, . but I really want ..... I would not even know how to contact you, and in general is it possible? If a miracle happens and you pay attention to my letter ...,
  • Anonymous for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Tatiana for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Thank you for what you have. I sincerely wish you to be with a man, who would you have loved and understood, I want to make you feel as nice when you care about. Be happy, give us your energy, desire to live and survive all adversities.
  • Jan for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Hello, if you will be shot on film, please report the samples, leaving the address dr.trun @ mail.ru. I'm just very similar, yes and types mine. (Unless, of course my post someone will read )........ :-)
  • Jan for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • PS ............ there is.
  • elmira for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Lolochka! Many thanks to you for the concert! Your eyes! She looked yesterday on the NTV (sovreshenno accidentally hit on the channel), and (instead of sleep) to stupor watching your speech (concert in the Kremlin in the record). Sometimes such a stupor! .... I saw you, so what? What stupor? Well does not work, well sam ....... all, . Well tired to fight, . Well ...., . live and still need, . and most importantly - a very desirable! Pity, . that there is no opportunity to get in touch directly, . You have to publicly express his great understanding and prinimanie you and then, . what are you doing! Well, . and aunt all there (though I am to them with respect, . achieve the heights, not all can), . Well, the person at the concert got this .....,
    . With pleasure talking to live, and possibly trouble seeing
  • OLGA for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • LOLITA! YOU ARE SUPER! Looking at you want to live. Good luck in everything!
  • Alena for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Why does no longer show the program "Without complexes", or just with us in the Komi?
  • Ludmila for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • I was at your concert in Anapa, . to say? year has passed, . And I still remember THY BOL.Na concert and I cried and laughed., . Touched and VOSTORGALAS.Nehochu not offend anyone, . but before you are feeling spree, . I could provoke only AB thou great singer and aktrisa.Spasibo you est.ZhIVI happily MIRE.i LET THIS LIGHT POWER OF THE UNIVERSE protect you from envy and malice.,
  • margarita for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Lola! what a blessing that you have our thanks for a concert in Serpukhov!
  • Demon for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Madam, truly admire you, and success to you!
  • Naza for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Hello dear Lola! I honestly do not believe that you ever read my letter, . but as the saying is our hope for a very long time (until it was ubyut))) I will not say that I'm a fan of your songs and constantly listening to only you, . not (always you I do not listen but I have a song from which I get the pleasure!) I am a fan of your character, . logic, . ability to put oneself, . Prada, the only thing that I do not like that you often fall on their knees in front of few other people, . I honestly even angry when I see you in front of someone on my knees as I think, . that man should bow only to God and parents more than anyone, much less a woman, . but it is not scary, . important you know how to deal with men ..,
    . ))) If you read this letter that I would like to know about it, but if not, then it means ... but does not mean anything))) in your life from this, nothing will change as well as in mine, but who knows .... Well, what can I write to you lastly, I wish you all the things that he wishes for himself, and himself all that I wish you. be bored write, I answer, though I think you do not have to boredom))) GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING!
  • babay for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • rku-ku! ha Lolita
  • Svetlana sf for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Good for you, so keep at least you is not easy
  • FSB for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Arseny for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Hello Lola, I love you very, very sorry not love your work, . namely you, . know such impressions that we are kindred spirits, . I, too, without complexes, . would like to see your show but Ukraine did not show me yet only 18 but the desire to be yourself already sore as 60 years, . if you want pokatatsya with me in Kharkiv subway, . Natyrov paper with McDonald's, etc., etc.,
    . call! +380939636333
  • alan for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • frank idiot and fool of Muhosranska ... when the shit stops to fill in Moscow - we have a lack !
  • VENUS for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Elena for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • This comment is for this site. I appreciate the information about Lolita and interesting facts presented in her bio. However, sometimes it is hard to understand the meaning due to bad translation. The text should be re-vised and translated professionally. Thank you, Elena
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