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photo Roman Bilyk (the Beast)

Roman Bilyk (the Beast)

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Biography Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
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 Roman Bilyk (the Beast)

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  • cat Makhorkin for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma Loch and schmuck music suck our radio shizanulos your pop kicks in the format rock!
  • Alica for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I can not live without your eyes! I will always love you. Romachka you my life. 89507244099
  • Alina for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Most impressive live bands in the world
  • Gal for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma cool, his band plays rock. And who will put here the fans - will tear. R O C K
  • cutie for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma Bilyk and you samamu zasebya nestydno something that you performed in the concerts in the great snipe drunk.
  • Anuta for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • When I see you on the other, tears rolling down my face ... I can not do anything with them ... I am no one can help ...
  • DANCE for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Lisa for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma, you're cool. I tell you this for the thousandth time. Do not trust anyone, they just envy you. And thanks for the book, you fine fellow. A Light-fool.
  • Chery for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I like you very simpotichen ........ It is not even in appearance (though the charm of course .....) You're done! Nice, . when try to get all sam.Mne really like your pesni.Ochen would like, . that you come to us with a concert in Tashkent ... Even she would be glad to see you, . but ...,
  • cutie for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roman V. Bilyk hello and you are not offended that you all animal nazyvayut.a why are you in gay clubs or walking is another canard poparatsii. and you methanesulphonate you accidentally did not want to kill the concert, and in another that why you nastsene became ill.
  • baby for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I like your music and all ! Absolutely everything, nothing more, not going mad. Why??? Write to you "Roma, I love you", why? you write it all! Cool songs you have, and the name too great, better than the "Asymmetry"
  • Light for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Romka you're cool, I adore you.
  • Candle for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Rum, you're cool singer, and a very good man. I like your songs because they are from the heart, not just a cold collection of words and music, your songs
  • Asimmetriya for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma, you are to me the best person in the world! I love you! Continue to give people their own songs, feelings and ideas!
  • I-Alinka for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Romka! Say, . you depresnyak-Zabey, . as the Jewish King Solomon said: "and it will pass." It is better to come in Nizhny, . Here you will be happy always ... And say to you compliments, uninteresting and unoriginal (you know all about myself familiar, . all culled phrases like "Roma, you are super!) By the way, . Your last album, a human being "deep"! important thing is not raslablyatsya and keep it ... Can you?,
  • Gerd for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I believe that Daisy and his entire team just supper.Ih songs help people and live in our hearts ...... LOVE ....
  • 777Procent777 for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Party in my opinion is even nothing. happy to go to their concerts and take out their energy to 100%! pity that in Russia the group has become less speak.
  • Ksunja for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Hi, . Roman! I am a student, . I study at the Faculty of geodesic! Seems to become your fan! But all say, . that the boom on you already passed, in due time! Ridiculous, you are cool! I wish you new successes, . conquer new peaks of creativity! Yes, . and where are you gone with "Nashe Radio"?,
  • irusik for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma you very horoshiy.My Stobie very similar in character! I've got a mole on her lip is, how do you pryayayayamo! Do not trust people, many false.
  • Guest for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • html
    video - clip by Roman Bilyk (the Beast) collage. all watch!
  • Anareks Forever for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Romachka! I have 3 years of your fan, I do not pridstavlyayu its zhyzn without your songs! ?-T+ especially the song "brunettes and blondes, I wish you so zbylis all your dreams come true! And more Roma, my love for you forever!
  • Roma (JoKeR) for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Animals, you best!
  • Natasha for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • ROMA, I WRITE SONGS AND POEMS With eight years and A LOT THAT-B, although anyone else heard his cry of my heart! ME THE MOST THEY DO NOT NUZHNY.MOZHET ?=??-- TEBE.80669992937
  • March for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I do not know myself without you is like the sky without solntsa.ya can not live without you, I love you very much - my sun !
  • Katya-Minsk for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma! First, . I want to congratulate you on birthday, . 30 th anniversary! "I wish the most important health, . happiness, . career and all the best! Second, . many thanks for a concert in Minsk on January 27 2008g.Vse was wonderful, . just SUPER! Thank you, I hope you still come, . necessarily come to the concert! PSTy not think, . I'm not crazy fan, . I just love and respect your gruppu.Mne really like your song, . Your muzyka.Esche would like to know, . least roughly, . When you arrive in Minsk snova.Esli will be free time Answer: Please, . I'll be very glad, . then probably sbuditsya my second dream! Forgive, . can you believe that I am insolent, . but if there is a minute, . call: 375295544032.Esche again many thanks!,
  • CESI Marinshka for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • The novel is a man who takes his music himself and what he does to me and not only me very much! in general Roman Vetalevich lad and all the guys from the group Animals too lutchie ! TAK HOLD ! I embrace you Mariska from Kaliningrad,
  • TaTi for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • about I just love songs ROMs! And EVERYTHING! Reading a book Roma, ?=??-?! I WAY life is a bit like life in books! There is! ROMA ALWAYS BE HIMSELF! LISTEN THE BEAST AND LOVE HIS SONGS! He is the best !)))
  • TaTi for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • about I just love songs ROMs! And EVERYTHING! Reading a book Roma, ?=??-?! I WAY life is a bit like life in books! There is! ROMA ALWAYS BE HIMSELF! LISTEN THE BEAST AND LOVE HIS SONGS! He is the best !)))
  • armyanochka for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • will you marry me ! Do not think because you're not a singer, I just adore bezshabashnyh people, unless of course you're so what you seem! I await your answer, we will be good together! call: 89285487872
  • Natalka for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma zdravstvuy.Moya most cherished dream is to meet with you, to communicate, to know you a little blizhe.Ya understand that it is virtually impossible, but if suddenly you read my letter, I beg otvetit.Budu zhdat.Tseluyu.
  • Natalka for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma, you can and think that it makes no sense to answer, but I know that we are in many ways similar to you, and you did not regret it, if otvetish.Ispolni my dreams ............. ........ I would be very happy :-)
  • Tina for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Romka, I love you! Animals FOREVER !
  • kitten for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I really like, and Roma, and his pesni.On klisnyy.I let this always remains.
  • Low for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Rum, absolutely do not know you ... but ... I can always listen to songs with pleasure ..)))
  • anna for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma, as you can talk to you?
  • anna for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roman, do not pay attention to those who wrote all garbage .. they are just too would have wanted dabitsya such glory as you, but can not .. you have great music, and you yourself are a very good man ..
  • Cher-TE-NA for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • DEAR Romka ZVERRRYUGA !:))) Call me! NOT VREDNICHAY! All the same you it takes a couple minutes and I'll be happy fool, 8937 -31-11-027 OLGA (the city of Ufa, WILL WE - CAN VISIT look! :)))
  • Beast for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I have a lot about myself and the good and bad here ... and I heard the account of the fact that I was drunk at concerts - so here it was only 1 time, and then by prichine.Zvonit I never intend to, but the number I can give my ssistentki - 89630862863. She can talk and relate with me)) But if you ask well. Roma
  • StiFLeR for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Animals - The Best band of the planet, coolest songs. Roma will come when the new album? I heard three new songs: Dolphins, yet so far and the most beautiful girls of the country, but the hunt listen vse.zhdu nedozhdus. Answer please
  • Alenka for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Romochka nice of you, I too crazy, used to be. but right now more or less cooled already.
  • pisya for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • novel you're a real beast. rrrrrrrrrrr
  • M @ sania for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I like the group of animals. I very much wish that they would come to us in Saratov, and even better if the theater drama. but there is anyone else from Saratov
  • Catherine for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma are you cool! most bolshfya my dream to see you live! dimples on your cheeks is driving me crazy! priezhay to visit us in Kolomna
  • Vera for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Yes, I'm a fan Roman, but why go crazy?? Brad! I do not believe that he can leave here your phone number., A typical divorce. And in a sign of support: Roma most cool, whatever it nibyl, ,,,.......
  • Anastasia for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Hello, Roman.Mne very like your group, I'm listening to most of your appearance! Write me something, I will be very grateful and happy! By the way, I'm your odnafamilnitsa!
  • Natalia for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I unfortunately missed the concert in Minsk on January 27. I was just waiting for this day that when he arrived - I took .... and gave birth to Catherine Romanovna. But they gave me a bit to listen to the telephone receiver! So now you just need to come back (better in Brest), so I finally got to your concert. Only warned beforehand, and then suddenly I can not wait and get pregnant again !..))))))
  • Valeria for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Romochka-YOU ARE THE BEST IN MIRE.YA NOT imagine his life without your music )))))))))))
  • Svetlana for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Hello Romochka. I love you so. You always live in my heart. Your song is the best there is in this world. Remained the same sweet little man. I love you!
  • Natasha Malachi for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Hello, Romochka ))))))))))) You lyrics just ochumet, always ready to listen and vezde.Tvoy voice elevates mood and besides all vsegda.Sovet "Listen" Beast "
  • larisa for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • From your music Balde, don `t know, just lifted the mood and want to frantic pererd mirror as though I were 16-17 years old, but still I am a little more. But sometimes it seems that imitating the stage where a 80 godov.No filming Pts literate clips, almost genius, ie. any nesovershennstva in the music they draw
  • Wild Child for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma has changed .. however, all changed once .. but he is as always so what is .. and it's cool ..!
  • Natalia for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Romachka write me on icq 377962858
  • LCF for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • not teach people how to live and not judge him, it's just a good singer with rock band, and do not envy him TK. Unfortunately all coming to an end, those who believe that he sings pop profoundly mistaken let robzombie, rasmus greenday and other rock bands, too, so call them at all would be a shame TK. not razberayutsya in music, but less certainly in some of the songs are there and can present the text a little like pop music, but this does not mean that he hop, etc.. All the same, and by the way someone asked a question about whether he liked being called an animal, believe it is a normal person does not offend, naive children ... what your comments even if he has his own life and their games just hoping in vain ...
  • Alain Rrrrr ... for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Asymmetry and I was more like it ... then Roma was simpler and songs were simple ... but now .... well, too well I like )))))))))
  • ALYUSKA for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Lucky Blond for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • romochka most beautiful singer of all ggrupp on stage ! A song of beasts with a deep sense !
  • just tanya for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • But music like nothing, and he himself Romka too !
  • Alina for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Slavyana for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma! you most luchshiy.ya adore you
  • Vlad for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • With just super! Do not miss a single concert! Guys you are the best!
  • Malinka for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma - you are SUPER! "Beasts" - is the most impressive live band in the world! I remember I was about 7, I sang your songs =) Come join us in r.Hakasiya, g.Sayanogorsk, smt Cheremushki! I very much want to get to your concert! FOREVER ! : -*
  • Olesya for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma you are very handsome and strong man, I listen to your music with 7 klassa.ya not for you I'll go crazy just hotlos to meet and talk with a man as you )))))))
  • Iron for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma, your work - complete garbage (if they vyserki can be called creativity)! Tracks for girls pisyushek happy with it and without your delusion, some "hands up" what are. In Taganrog was shit without money, and now shit with money. With pleasure listening to the group "Asymmetry", nothing like the name? Shevchuk - classic, a legend, a genius! Do you like a cigarette. Producer dokurit you and throw. You "beast" until it is interesting. Not tell you what to do Shevchuk. Tell him this in person. I wonder if you can collect broken teeth Sloman hands? Good luck, land!
  • Anton Iron for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma, tell me your opinion in the face Shevchuk. He's a legend, and you're miserable vyserok producer. Producer you dokurit as cigarettes, and throw in a box. Tracks for girls pisyushek without you enough, as well as govnoroka, which you have the misfortune to perform. Good luck, land!
  • Anton Iron for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I apologize for repeating, tyrnet buggy ...
  • Katia for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma! You're super! I know all your songs nauzust! Do not believe all sorts of idiots! Your music classroom! Have more to such talents as you! I respect and love your songs! You are cool guy! And I love you! :)
  • Anonymous for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I love !
  • Sparrow for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Daisy you are the best, very like thee. I wish you happiness, love and great health ! Hello Misha, Glory, Lehi, Sasha, Maksimka !
  • Zhenya for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • And I think that the Roma - good: and as a guy, and as a person. Creativity also like, and more probably - feed, emotionality, openness, than the content - it is too frivolous. In my opinion, it was time to switch to something more significant: not always to sing about love child. Of course, it has its charm, which is not found in a relationship, and that sometimes you want (at least to listen to :-)), but "sometimes - it is only sometimes"
  • Anonymous for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Katya for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma cool singer and the group had classroom! Music steep and cool tools!
  • Luba !!!! for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • This is the best team! I +T ROMOCHKU you I do not understand !((((
  • Evgenia for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I would like to say a huge thank-Roma parents because they gave life to man, . we love, . appreciate, . respect and spoke words of gratitude for his songs and just for, . it is) thanks), Roma, . and you personally want to wish you success in the work, . inspiration and dreams ... and the more dreams, . the greater the happiness in life)) thanks ....,
  • Anonymous for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Sashulek for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Your fan for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Hello, Roma! I will not like all admit you love. I just love your creativity. I charged with positive energy of your songs. And my perception of life changed dramatically. I'm starting to believe in love, in a sense. I wish creative successes. Continue to charge my positives!
  • Mashunya for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma, I love your songs from the second year of the Academy (I am now 24 years old, I have 2 years of work). I would be glad to meet you. Masha.
  • Gunel for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • THANK the coolest group of such songs. I sleep in an embrace with the drive Beasts. Why not give concerts in Baku? There are a lot of your fans especially poklonnnits. First time pishu.nadeyus not last.
  • leon for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Hello Romochke from Baku. writing from bezdele.Romu long listen, great pesni.Sam paren.Tak keep cool. forward in Baku. Kisses.
  • Oksana for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • ROMA I really like your songs, by the way my name is Oksana I am 12 YEARS. I AM YOUR GREAT IDOL, I never NEPROPUSKALA NIODNOY + YOUR SONGS AND TRANSFER.
  • Lesya for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I really like your songs, . Roma, . It seems that an empty man could not write so sensually and spiritually, . seems, . the songs from my souls, . so no one has ever guessed my thoughts, . thank you for it ! I look forward to new songs !,
  • Galka for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Funny how all the fans here:) Cute, young and emotional, so keep the girls! I also like the Roma, even though I did pretty older (7 years) and seems spoiled classical music:) Naah ... not fanatka.Chelovek-old aunt who just likes to read intelligent responses to the interview, listen to interesting texts in the songs, and of course golos.I, Sorry, 300raz, very like the Roman's ears - that's such a strange sympathy:) The most ridiculous!
  • Anastasia for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • Roma, you are the best ! Thank you for the concerts, will soon be a concert in Almaty (Kazakhstan)?? I have Vova asked, he said that soon but not this year ((((I want to get confirmation from you ... Thank you!
  • Olga for Roman Bilyk (the Beast)
  • I read your book, very pleased. Well done, that he decided to write the truth about themselves and refute all kinds of rumors. I wish you creative success and continued growth for you personally and your team. You write and ispolnyaeete great music, lots would be fresh and we are very pleased. Waiting for release of the new book:)
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