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photo Ksenia Borodina

Ksenia Borodina

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Biography Ksenia Borodina
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 Ksenia Borodina

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  • Laki for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyushenka thou classroom girl, do not miss the chance with Oscar Karimov! He loves you, and you like him! Fan Дом2 Christina PSzhelayu luck and love!
  • Olga for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenija tu prosto super, tu takaja klevaja na ekrane, av gizni tu navernoe esche lu4she.Gelau tebe yda4i i yspexov v li4noi gizni.Olga poklonica "Dom-2"
  • Müller for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia - kiss you in the ear! Girl you not be angry classroom Toko mnogo.Karimov your trusty was konchennyy.Naydesh normal brow! Good luck!
  • XAMAC7771 for Ksenia Borodina
  • beauty, but close to the horse you do not place it on your bad influence
  • Anya for Ksenia Borodina
  • Purely for fun went to the site Sobchak and here. About Sobchak write this shit, I almost vomited. But once in 30 more than here. And here only 6 коментов, but more or less laudatory. What conclusion do so obscene than honorable.
  • elen for Ksenia Borodina
  • ksusha zdravstvyi ... ti silno ochen izmenilas kak stala vesti peredachy dom 2 i ne vlydshyu av hydshyu storony byd samoi saboi eto tebe sovet ti je vidnaya devyshka,,,,
  • Eugene for Ksenia Borodina
  • Xenia! You fast SUPER better than you who do not, you're better than anyone.
  • snick for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ludmila for Ksenia Borodina
  • Hello Xenia, . Do not think this is arrogance, . is the cry of the soul! Help find a job, . to earn an apartment, . I have higher education, . 3rd child, . 4 years and the twins at 7 months, . live in a one-room apartment, . are on the queue, . but all this from the realm of fantasy,
    . Living well is simply impossible. Where it does not go - everywhere offer "young family" - but with our s / n, we can not pull it, although before the decree together with my husband and I earn about 40000 USD. So for whom is this program?? I'm not asking for handouts, I understand that in our time to get free housing is not possible, but I beg you - help find a job with decent wages. t337-42-43
  • Vanessa for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksiusha samaia klassnaia devochka! Takaia krasivaia, umnaia, spravadlivaia s takimi virazitelinimi chertami lita! Ia prosto voshisheaiusi eiu, teluiu i znai ti samaia luchshaia shto bi tam ne govorili ... Oni vse zaviduiut tebe!
  • korifanski for Ksenia Borodina
  • in principle, the whole "Dom-2" banal cattle that reflects the current situation on TV where not much get into a spit in fag or a Jew.
  • Yulichka for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyushechka! You're very sweet, kind and open man! And I really want to be at least a little bit like you! I would very much like you to answer me ...
  • \ NeGative Queen / for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyushenka, you're just super! You're very sweet, open and fair! If you can, write ...
  • Natalya for Ksenia Borodina
  • I can say is my opinion: simple, club girl, who simply knows how to really perfect to relax. thus knows his worth. (and also, hopefully, know that horse моська not very handy with you, it is unnecessary, and not decoration Calvary.. Is that the tree fits)))) and you умничка, hold on!) CEM)
  • Natalya for Ksenia Borodina
  • I'm about Sobchische, of course)
  • Ljerka for Ksenia Borodina
  • Borodulya I adore )))))))))))
  • Ljerka for Ksenia Borodina
  • Borodulya I adore )))))))))))
  • korifanski666 for Ksenia Borodina
  • Stupid ass crowd at the draft! DOM-2! Immediately Sobchak bastard! And Borodin's whore! "La-la-la-la-la-la!
  • MOUSE PIPITA for Ksenia Borodina
  • From both of them and their show puke pulls. And the fact that CB decided to participate in such dubious projects as the "Gadyushnik2" does not mean there is a great mind at this person.
  • Nimfa for Ksenia Borodina
  • Hello Ksbsha you just super zhelyayu you great light of love, and be always so bright and wise woman
  • Neo for Ksenia Borodina
  • In the basement doma2 live bomzhi2:))
  • Nestorunior for Ksenia Borodina
  • SSCC pomnish me this I Nestor where I was at the presentation of the book send me your phone number nnnnnnnuuuuuuu taaa
  • PROBABLY no one for Ksenia Borodina
  • pravdorub for Ksenia Borodina
  • enough to corrupt molodezh.Dom 1 and 2eto sozdateley.Vot gone through their lives and they want to recall their adventures and watch this with storony.A members are cattle that this went.
  • Savenok for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia! I love you! How to be free soon come to you. I would be your personal body hronitel.
  • Dima Tian for Ksenia Borodina
  • Th you think she reads your коменты?
  • Victoria for Ksenia Borodina
  • Xenia classroom girl, but this Sobchavr beside her on the frontal spoils the whole appearance, raises some shit forever, Bordulka and without it would be handled, we can then project would not become a dolboebstvo!
  • Kate for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia from last you wedding, you look cool vmeste.Plate for your wedding, just super !
  • zabiiaka for Ksenia Borodina
  • Interestingly there is some kind nestykovochka. After her husband's name is Ksenia Borodina, Yuri, so being here Nikita?
  • zabiiaka for Ksenia Borodina
  • For Ludmila without an apartment: I think that Borodulka you in this assistant is not in the sense of job search. And about the apartment, so I had previously thought before the second time in detem stamp (got it two). We like husband and I first apartment itself vymudrivali, it vymudrivali ... in our state have themselves to worry about yourself.
  • Marcella for Ksenia Borodina
  • look from the start, the nerves at the end. first you had to compare well, just no, but now school life, well done!
  • office for Ksenia Borodina
  • I love you
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • And the flowers so sebe.Kto Padar it ...? If you are well, and miser.
  • Galya for Ksenia Borodina
  • not bad not bad this мужыка uhmarila.
  • Galya for Ksenia Borodina
  • Not bad what shochki
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia! I mean, and Ksyusha Sobchak, and Ksenya Borodin, do not pay no attention to anybody, do as you want, and be themselves! others just jealous!
  • Yulchenok for Ksenia Borodina
  • Xenia, you are just super! You are the best ! I adore you!
  • Jan for Ksenia Borodina
  • fucking дом2 when he finished
  • IVAN for Ksenia Borodina
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • Nadyushka for Ksenia Borodina
  • simply super
  • Julia for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyusha you are super. I love you very much respect. You have a great Respect. Please tell me you're in is registered classmates???
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • ty класна
  • Diana for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyusha Hi, I danchina Diana from Chernigovka. I want to meet you, give me a website I love you so much, I'm your methanesulphonate
  • Anzhelchik for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyushenka you умничка ))))))))))))))
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • zvjozdnaja boleznj eto ploho!
  • Tanya for Ksenia Borodina
  • people and you know that Borodina take from Galkina
  • Guest for Ksenia Borodina
  • so if pregnant - maybe it will expel from the House-2 and then shut down - because they take the new lead is still 5 years old members .... all gone - Haha must unscrew the new, still DOM-2 will remember the old parties! !
  • Olya Buzova for Ksenia Borodina
  • Lol! Now I take your place!
  • Faith for Ksenia Borodina
  • you class
  • Darius for Ksenia Borodina
  • SSCC you a very good man
  • Ksenia Med. for Ksenia Borodina
  • Xenia - you're cool, you're more to me than nravishsya Ksenia Sobchak, you guide the transfer of healthy and you get it. YOU SNOGSHIBATELNAYA.
  • Ksenia. MED for Ksenia Borodina
  • Hello Xenia. I like you very nravishsya than Ksenia Sobchak, the transfer vedesh excellent, well, you just snogshibateltnaya yet.
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • Interestingly, WHO IS WAITING FOR A kSYuShA.mALChIKA or girl ???????????????????!
  • Natali for Ksenia Borodina
  • JULIA for Ksenia Borodina
  • SSCC Most impressive live the guiding YOU GOOD LUCK TO YOU IN THE FAMILY EXCELLENT give birth and better shielded abdomen and sometimes envious MANY ONE OF THEM Sobchak YOU THE MOST important thing is not aggrieved everything will be alright I myself MAMA I KNOW WHAT IT IS
  • Misha for Ksenia Borodina
  • Hi Ksyusha confused I can not soobrozit what to write, excited. I would like to see you in my ISQ 472712612 can then gather their thoughts in a heap
  • the killer for Ksenia Borodina
  • Scribe, I too was born on March 8, I was even on it than it is like. If anything, I can substitute. And your house latrine! If I was leading, all soaked tries to raise the cultural level of the population.
  • Alina for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyusha you the most intelligent, I want to lead you on a project I'm from Ukraine
  • KLIMENKO ALINUSKA for Ksenia Borodina
  • KSENIA Most impressive live LEADING YOU ! LOVE YOUR PROJECT! I Alin UKRAINE A LOT TO YOU FOR PROJECT! WHEN KTOTO SIGN OFF FOR ME I am an important person begins to cry !
  • OAS for Ksenia Borodina
  • shgrp
  • Asel for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia you very fond krasivaya.Ya tebya.Ostavaysya always as beautiful, intelligent.
  • Natasha for Ksenia Borodina
  • You're super best of all, I just adore thee, and House 2 cooler is not only no better than what Doma2 and Luch you You charm
  • Tatiana for Ksenia Borodina
  • hello ksyushechka! I проэкт watch the beginning just as you started me very much on the project you are beautiful! I wish you luck and love!
  • elenka for Ksenia Borodina
  • Hi Xenia! I want to wish you all good morning .... health of your family! And so that has always been a wonderful little man as now))) With best wishes .... kiss ... a fan)))
  • Anastasia for Ksenia Borodina
  • Xenia, you are leading is really cool! I wish you happiness, WOMEN, love, and always flourish in a career ! ))))
  • Denis Sofjin for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia, you're really cool, clever girl. Throw you to this, forgive me for honesty, DORDA-2 ! You must be realized in something else. Think about it. Good luck in all your nachinananiya! Sincerely Denis Sofjin, 25 years old.
  • Margot for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyusha you're pretty clever but what are you married a big-nosed schmuck. he has a lot of money? Is it possible to change the love for the village ..... and what you have a baby God forbid a father
  • Irina for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyusha want to congratulate you so that you will have a child
  • Serega for Ksenia Borodina
  • PHOTOS cool !
  • Alena for Ksenia Borodina
  • Hello Ksyusha.Mozhet INE you read my soobschenie.Mne would like you to visit poznakomitsya.Priglasit in derevnyu.Unas have horse, bees, its med. will be very glad, however, come! Thank you!
  • Svetlana for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia love house 2, but everything flows down the slope. Looking back the severity of those that were initially. Now households are living in a hostel. Flats in Moscow are expensive to rent to you. Food free housing tozhe.VVedi more stringent laws, to look annoyed at the caterpillar, which crawl out of bed in one druguyu.FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU !
  • Svetlana for Ksenia Borodina
  • I continue. Ksyushenka, you need to remove the old times jammed, conceited. Very high opinion of himself. I watch the draft from the first day, a series of missed, if disconnected svet.Zachem returned Kharitonov, she puts herself above you, and Sobchak, unpleasant razgovarivaet.Zachem returned to Genoa, shaloput, no serious. Older phones will only allow vipovtsam, and now all in a row. Fake pairs easily give vipy. Fu, and Wenceslas, and Kadono parody of men. In short going hos. Nikita is all the gloss of satiety, a blank, it has learned to listen nepriyatno.Kogda you changed the composition of these is uninteresting. Rustam's time to publish soon a pension and he love stroit.Za all five years I have been simtatichny brothers Karimov, they left, I cried. Other old times, too, was sorry, but tears nebylo. Buzova lad, infected with her love. I always knew that she loved sincerely, and no Romka. Sokol Juvenile hos. Tryulyalya too незнает who already substituted, Ksenya soul cry for me, I beg make a coup, then it will be interesting, but only because you now feeding and housing for those who have nowhere to live and survive the crisis, all of you.
  • Larissa Rivhatovna for Ksenia Borodina
  • Xenia, girl watching the house for 4 years, I am 45 years old. wanted to write something that flew out of my head, I know, not read. but I'm on the other, I Ksyusha 25 years in the pediatric service will always answer questions write ...
  • Nicholas for Ksenia Borodina
  • GlubokoNEUVAZhAEMAYa Xenia! when your children will be in 10-16 years, . You give them every evening on the DVD include your "Durdom2.3.4 ...., . or how long he will last you've got there, . that your children have the same moral monsters, . What you are doing with Sobchak today our sons and daughters,
    . I suppose you will send their offspring to America or Europe, not to see this disgrace, who created today with Sobchak. You burn in hell! Changed his mind. PS and then change your stupid slogan ...., just build homes, factories, roads, and love can not be built .... Love the gift of God-it comes by itself ....
  • Jeanne for Ksenia Borodina
  • Success in all your endeavors!
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • SASHA for Ksenia Borodina
  • KSYUNYA congratulate you with pregnancy
  • KiSS for Ksenia Borodina
  • ОБАЛДЕННАЯ GIRL ! It has everything - beauty, mind and character :))))))))) I admire YOU:)) Congratulations to marriage and pregnancy.
  • KiSS for Ksenia Borodina
  • Almost zabyl.U me too soon to be born syn.Uchus dad:))
  • Ludmila for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia, you're the best! Good luck and great love ....
  • ,,,,, for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyusha, you are the most !)))) Good luck in motherhood !)))) You'll be a great mom !)))
  • do not fuck for Ksenia Borodina
  • Well, you damn morons are all stupid, dick lozhit your commentary like that of Borodin, and some morons write "Ksyusha", "whore", you're such a classroom! " , Пиздец dunce. Go to work ебланы roundnose, the factory, bitch!
  • Nina for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia, hello! you are very beautiful, you're super. I congratulate you'll soon become a mother, that's fine. very sorry that Sach we will not see at home. hurry and come back. we love you.
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • Borodin YOU SUPER
  • Flair for Ksenia Borodina
  • Hello, Licking! In my opinion it is stupid, stupid to a lot of horses! At first, all was silent, and recently learned to speak.
  • Victoria for Ksenia Borodina
  • Camilla for Ksenia Borodina
  • Hello Ksyusha thou classroom! I like you very nravishsya.Zhelayu you good luck in life, in your work and health to you and your family! Rather nourish the project, you were not missing!
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • protecting had
  • Oksana for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia you velekolepna! Keep it up!
  • Tanya Borodin for Ksenia Borodina
  • Hello! Unas with you like a little taste, . the brightest, you Ljubisa gold-I too, . but in general I want to find her story kind of Borodino, . but not I, . nadeyus.u but you and me is the greatest the same chip-close all their mouths and listen to us carefully!,
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • Olga Popovich for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia! I love you, girl! Good for you! I watch House-2 with beautiful! I had a great aunt. I drop my daughter 46.Ne Sobchak-a snake, but it is closer to me.
  • Anonymous for Ksenia Borodina
  • not daughter fell Palycha ...
  • Marina for Ksenia Borodina
  • She vasche sheep, I just hate it ! Borodina you suck !
  • Gaby28 for Ksenia Borodina
  • in addition to positive comments so much shit, I'm in shock! People, that good-life is so short and only one, enjoy it!
  • Julia for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksyusha you super
  • maga for Ksenia Borodina
  • ti seksualnaya i cuvstvenaya devuwka ............. a ya bogatiy is bolwim ptensialom .))))))) te s bolwim kapitalom ...... nu ti ponimaew kuda ya klonu k bolwomu buduwemu
  • Peter for Ksenia Borodina
  • Draft Dom_2 best!
  • Peter for Ksenia Borodina
  • close this fucking project
  • Emma for Ksenia Borodina
  • Ksenia you look like Maria Berseneva Margosha hey are you her sister??? Or trying to be look like her???
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