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photo Julia Nachalova

Julia Nachalova

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Biography Julia Nachalova
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 Julia Nachalova

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  • Mozgoved for Julia Nachalova
  • Julia, you are very nice! I Love you!
  • korifanski666 for Julia Nachalova
  • Here it is constantly shown on TV, but hardly one who remembers at least one of its pesen.Dumayu that this is especially a "show in Russian, which does not spit when a mysterious art, forgive Gospodi.Blatnaya probably or Jewish.
  • korifanski666 for Julia Nachalova
  • A pestni ochem?
  • IBIBIB for Julia Nachalova
  • bigboy for Julia Nachalova
  • Natalia for Julia Nachalova
  • I want to say about your art: please do not torment our ears. You п╨п╟п╫п╣я┬п╫п╟, blonde with a voice capabilities, but how long can you whine? Change the image, or what? or do something different. It feels like a television broadcast you are invited out of pity or a coin .... Most do not sick!? Good luck to you :-)
  • Arthur for Julia Nachalova
  • Your ears Natalia let torturing others. If you poklonitsa zomboyaschika learn to change channels. I can tell you how to press a button on the remote. And about the fact that you do not like, keep. You then at least on television once invited? Of course not and will not be invited. Such as you sit at home and stupidly trying to scream about what others worse. No need to say this. If you think that the air quietly get idiots or people who slept with someone, . why are you still sitting there and not in the air? You think I'm even a tenth part of this does not turn out the way to go, . because you did not have anything to motivate people,
    . So no need to discuss what some people if you do this do not understand. Sit and do not it safe. When dorostesh to this level, although I very much doubt, then you will express their opinion. Julia Nachalova beauty, with a wonderful voice, beautiful songs, happy and cheerful mood!
  • Owl for Julia Nachalova
  • What a rare nonsense! Well, who said that ...., she a singer or even a pretty woman? Neither look nor listen to impossible. My cat sings more melodically and looks much more attractive than this ....
  • Oleg for Julia Nachalova
  • But I still think she is beautiful and sings beautifully.
  • Xenia for Julia Nachalova
  • Remarkable good song! Beauty angel =) Great vocals, does not notice our youth. Clips The unfortunately not seen. Now I want to find her albums.
  • Vlad for Julia Nachalova
  • Wonderful singer! Just shine! There on our modern stage counted on the fingers, . two times and obchelsya! That can only Valley, . Otieva and Ira Bogushevskaya! And Julia Nachalova remember from the earliest years of the early 90's and immediately sunk into the soul, the heart and his shrill voice and extraordinary professionalism, . skill! And she improvizirouet! Especially like when she used to sing as a child in a jazz interpretation! Bravo Julia! I love you very much and remember and listen to your songs as the earliest and present! You are a super star, . and at this stage of our deficit!,
  • Andrew for Julia Nachalova
  • Everything is fine! Singer You're just a class, just for true love! Want to see you on screen more often!
  • Scribbler for Julia Nachalova
  • Done! This pressure from childhood and the desire for maximum take-off in a creative career - this is desirable for those who understand. Cute and hard-nosed in the right always lucky, and it can only be happy. Worthy example to follow the future, not yet lighted the sky showbiz star image! So ...
  • Vitaly for Julia Nachalova
  • "Company" Papa fellow! I wonder at what my father has, or multi? Nachalova is the beginning! It's a pity nobody understands! Guys are all the money! Not just the way even with so much talent!
  • Olga for Julia Nachalova
  • п╝п╩п╣п╫я▄п╨п╟ just super, she is very beautiful and she sings great
  • Svetlana for Julia Nachalova
  • Julia! Stay the same sun, how you are! This is only a girl-zavistnitsy may criticize you as a woman. And in about creativity - in fact not everyone likes the same. Your special talent, and coupled with beautiful manners, appearance, good spirit, you are simply a rare instance. Good luck to you and your family in everything!
  • Julia for Julia Nachalova
  • just a shame to read the attacks irritable and envious CID! Julia, you have a great voice! And eyes are very good! And the smile is very bright! And everything else is perfect! So, they went to the forest ...
  • Sprite for Julia Nachalova
  • Then when she posed in Maxim magazine that was cool and sweet Polly boobs a class B to tighten and finish at the crotch heh heh)))
  • Nina for Julia Nachalova
  • not nrravitsya
  • Midnighthour for Julia Nachalova
  • Julia I love your song - Sempre Sempre - good sound (even i dont understand any russian) Dont let the negative words of some people put you down, you are doing a great job.. Keep it up .. Midnight- lead singer of the midnight show band ... take care
  • antonio chavez for Julia Nachalova
  • hola julia soy de el salvador es un pais de america sabes me gustas mucho veo mucho el video donde estas con albano cantando siempre siempre estas muy limda deverdad eres un angel dificil de alcansar pero aun asi soy tu almirador
  • antonio for Julia Nachalova
  • tienes ojos bellos una vos angelical y eres perfecta en el ecenario definitivamente solo verte en tus videos me erisas mi piel me as robado mi corazon
  • nancy for Julia Nachalova
  • ... realmente danzas con la voz.......... hermosa y fantastica voz ...................... no te conocia ... anoche por primera vez oi un hermoso tema en duo con AL DANO .......... SEMPRE............. felicidades.... un fuerte abrazo... desde colombia -sub america nancy hoyos cl
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