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Biography PRIKHODKO Anastasia
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 PRIKHODKO Anastasia

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  • Alexei for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • you love most?
  • First Counter for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Anastasia! Your "Mamo" so embedded in my brain that I remembered and passed into the heavens above him, like a rainbow, ancient Slavic word of the tie: "KIEV - MEDICINE OF RUSSIAN". Remember Pushkin: "And the case - God-inventor"? Random (whether by accident?) Remained untranslated into Russian n p and n e in your songs posposobstuet reunion of our two fraternal peoples more, . than all other movements and speech, all of us, . including our and your politicians and showmen - venerable and not very, . Sick and I will be rooting for you all my heart.,
  • Retired Uzhakina for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Roars Burenka very sad, I'm hungry Mum kapusty.Na Eurovision hit last place get-U U R A-Russia ride
  • Katya (Nastya) for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Nasyusha with you, I trudge up to 2 days, I fell out of love all their idols and even Sogdiana, now you're everything to me! Say it is difficult to be beautiful? I'd like to meet with you why I'm not like you
  • Katya (Nastya) for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • I lafff YOU! Sun, love, love, love, love, love ,! Nastia you the most, the best you do not have no one to! (I love you as its most beautiful, best, beautiful idol) I am 14 I am from Sochi, and what would you wish for once we had!
  • Katya (Nastya) for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • LOVE!
  • Katya (Nastya) for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Nastia best!
  • Katya (Nastya) for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Урааа at cha too birthday in April !
  • Severina for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Andrey for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • What a asshole sent to the Eurovision, I wonder how this mare Ukrainian chosen ...
  • Worldwide for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • You're super, Nastia ! And those Nazis rosiyan not listen. They have their Bilan did not know where they shove as they walked to this victory. Let the rejoicing, it was the latter, let others benefit, if they do not understand what a talent .! 11
  • Julia for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • The girl made good! it would be better supported than gnobit!
  • Olga for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Nastya, you - very clever and talented! Now, the young artists I most like you. I hope you'll continue to speak for Russia. I wish you luck in his career.
  • Oksana for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • the song "mama" for the soul takes! such an amazing voice, very much ! so keep !
  • Bogdan for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • For you Anastasia. Nastya I'll duzhe love. Ty mene svo? M ch? PTO subdued. I am in you zakohavsya. I TOB? SALT? dchuyusya in kohannya?. Ty just super!
  • Bogdan for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Nastya at? Qk to Lviv. I'll love you.
  • Annie for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • You are SUPER! Mamo song is really cool, soulful. Continue in the same spirit ! We are waiting for new products!
  • Catena B for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Nastya, please tell me you're in the class-mate is? but there are two Anastasia Prikhodko and all the different =)
  • Lisa for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Nastya I trudge on you and I dream with you vstretitsa
  • Julia for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Nastia you just SUUUUUUUUUUUPER.Ty the most beautiful on this svete.Ya listen only your songs, others just chush.
  • Anastasia for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • nastyushechka, honey, you're the best in the world, I love you. I am very glad that we're Teske. You're just super, there are no words to express my admiration to you. You're the best in this world. I also sing and I really like your song. For one of your song I even first place in his novosergeevke took first place. I have a dream to get acquainted with you closer and see you in reality before their eyes. Good luck in career. You're a big умничка ! Come to Novosergieku, we love you and wait !
  • Anastasia for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Sun. I love you so much. You're the best in this world. No such words to express all my admiration for you. You have a funky voice, you have talent. Incidentally, I also sing and even for your song host the first place was taken. I am glad that we're teski.U my dream to sing with you, but in general I want to become better acquainted with you closer, to see you in reality. Nobody will listen, you big умничка. I love you very much and respect. Good luck in career. Come to Novosergievka, we love you and zhdem.Ty SUUUUUUUUUUUPER !
  • Julianna for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Nastusha молодчинка !=))) know, . when shown the first day in the house, . I knew, . that this girl will win! Strong, . stubborn, . pursue its goal! capricious course, . врединка! But it is coming! agree ... if it was not so .. it would be perceived girlfriend! You умничка! Udachki you! and continue in the same vein .... and more Nastusha never listen to these tuparylye gossip! !,
  • Christine for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • I am very fond of Anastasiya Prikhodko I have her songs. She класная.
  • Ada for PRIKHODKO Anastasia
  • Nastia, you is really cool singer, and you yourself are very beautiful, we'd like a little bit. At Evrovidinii, you were the best ! I listen to all your songs, you shykarny voice ! Thank you, that you have !))))))))
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