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photo Buzova Olga

Buzova Olga

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 Buzova Olga

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  • Anonymous for Buzova Olga
  • Anonymous for Buzova Olga
  • garbage
  • Maxim for Buzova Olga
  • Buzov YOU BUDISH build relationships or how.
  • Nadia for Buzova Olga
  • Buzova able to combine beauty and intelligence, objectively thinking, which makes it one of the main objects of envy
  • Liechka for Buzova Olga
  • Olga Buzova very cool, it is just super. People do not have it called him, this you will only morally destroying themselves. Man called him an unworthy act -
  • Leo for Buzova Olga
  • I love you Olga!
  • l for Buzova Olga
  • utterly false and calculating
  • Lena for Buzova Olga
  • contrary to everything we do, and the voice besyavy ...
  • Alexei for Buzova Olga
  • Olga, I love you.
  • Ira for Buzova Olga
  • Buzova super.
  • Anonymous for Buzova Olga
  • Olenka you super !:):)
  • Vasya for Buzova Olga
  • d you Buzova ......! VILLAGE
  • ANNA for Buzova Olga
  • Katrina for Buzova Olga
  • Olya you are registered in touch and in my world.
  • Paul for Buzova Olga
  • Buzova, I'm from you mad!
  • Olga for Buzova Olga
  • Hi Olya you the most good
  • Olga for Buzova Olga
  • Yes Olya You have 20 birthday and I'm 16
  • Anonymous for Buzova Olga
  • Julia for Buzova Olga
  • Olga Buzova best in the house 2 it is beautiful and smart blonde! Who does not like to close their mouths and keep their opinions to themselves! Olya you best, blondes rule the world ! ! 1
  • Vlad for Buzova Olga
  • Hi Olya Buzova how are things in the house 2
  • Jan for Buzova Olga
  • you are super girl !:)))))))))
  • jen for Buzova Olga
  • babe you super ! take me to the project:)) ))))))))))))) 89273416299 :))))!
  • Angie for Buzova Olga
  • Buzova what a fool, with the Russian language is not in trouble, as the lead just disgusting, Buzova go away from the screen, you can not on television, you are awful
  • Anonymous for Buzova Olga
  • toad
  • Eleanor for Buzova Olga
  • Ol you the best and beautiful, intelligent, educated lady! remained so what you are !=)))
  • Ludmila for Buzova Olga
  • Leading house 2 stupid, like a cork! So many mistakes in speaking ....! Refers to the project participants arrogant! Nose strongly zadarala do not fall girl ....
  • Natalia for Buzova Olga
  • Olenka! Sun умничка you! i love you so much! you are beautiful and is brilliant! watch House 2 only in order to see you. you are beautiful do not listen to anyone leading to the house 2, they are just fools, and envious of you! Keep it up!
  • Kristinochka for Buzova Olga
  • Olga did not hear no anyone, you do a super, but it happens and missteps! As if you saints themselves should see!
  • KLIMENKO ALINA for Buzova Olga
  • OLICHKA YOU SUPER! I LOVE YOU! YOU sweetheart! ОБОЖАЮ HOUSE 2! Kisses to all Participants HOUSE 2 !)))))))))
  • fandor for Buzova Olga
  • In his youth, the beauty of working at the girl, the girl at the beauty!
  • Rhein for Buzova Olga
  • Here's how to rightly spoke highly educated Olya Buzova)))) Pearls Buzov Olenka Wednesday, June 17, 2009, Mr.. 20:09 (link) quoted 2 times + in + quotations or community to put a link Podarok_Nebes all entries by the author 1. I'm so good cook, and he was turning his nose ... 2. I am against the wall pea 3. Grandpa said he did not die until I give birth to a son 4. Dude of the jury (on the thesis committee) 5. Nadia Skorokhodova under threat 6. You choooo, vascheeee? The roof with the head off! 7. I am with you normally talk 8. Vaaasche, super, guys 9. Alex, you antisexual 10. Key open, I said 11. You fly out of here right now, like ping-pong ... 12. That's right, my apartment, and пипец ... 13. I have not slept with him in a disco with no panties 14. There is in me psihokorretirovat? 15. Saaashaaa, I'm not from the interior of. I'm from St. Petersburg. We towel is not applied to the genitals. 16. Julia, from which he will I return to 17. Unrealistic 18. Easy accessibility - it is not me. 19. Let's drink to that you would no longer be tugoumnym 20. He enrolled himself as a narcissist turkey .... 21. Q - Cuban leader. Answer - Scooby Doo. At the competition "The most intelligent" 22. Question - the surname of her husband Krupskaya. Answer - Krupski. At the competition "The most intelligent" 23. You have no yesterday was the birthday of 24. As a woman, you're at it never paid any attention (about haryu) 25. Knocks Alex, knock, knock, stronger, louder: 26. You do not even get out beautifully bolts 27. The greatest of the greatest (about yourself) 28. Either with the institute, either: 29. This is a wine of us? 30. He poseksimvolney you will. "31. I would like to live in MANCHESTER ... "32. Your bespontovye Ponty ... 33. As a woman, you're at it never paid any attention? 34. Not cry .. 35. Yesterday I was lying on the floor 36. Buzova-Alex, where he was going to sleep: "Maybe Gobozova, which is friendly to you .." 37. I also have to project ANTIsimpatii 38. I do not like people who throw the word in the wind 39. I had to defend both of you (about the fight) 40. I have tears flowed. 41. Porridge God instead of "manna from heaven" 42. Buzova as a guide: "We are here laid brick by brick, put the patch ... oh! Penoplastyr" 43. Materazzi Buzov: You touch me Buzova? But you do not let me go 44. I have more education 45. I'll teach you how education (Alex) 46. Sits eats (Alex) 47. My family has taken on a table with the legs to sit. 48. You do not eat, and zhresh like a pig (about Alex) 49. The rib is broken? Just broke? 50. Buzova: "Well, I did a bit of a different city and not so little mannered!" 51. I'm used to that man as you did, so did he. 52. At Calvary. 53. Alex grows in the eyes of our viewers "54. I just cut the 55. Not proved to me 56. Alex you are zeroing out their words 57. I like a queen going to his house 58. In Russia, I do not know where is possible to relax the moral 59. How many are you met the new guys ... 60. Nynavizhu kada girls mustache, I am sick, I do not have mustaches - and they have 61. Do this very slowly and carefully, because if we do very quickly dust and dirt will rise up (about cleaning the pool filled with water). 62. I'm such a girl that I do not Akunat if I want, I'll jump in the pool, baring her a stunning figure .. 63. I do not have to paw: ponyayayayayatno (hysterically a few times). 64. We'll keep our fingers for you! 65. Well, let him today you save and protect (Buzova brand new Juno) 66. You're in college you learn? HA! Buzova brand new (Boxer) 67. You are loafer .. 68. You're a real sachkoman. 69. You're a butterfly net, butterfly net (ie. Work butterfly net) 70. Let's go (with the frontal), and communicate 71. I said that I have a feeling that she moron and freak ... I did it is not knowledge
  • Victoria for Buzova Olga
  • Olga is the best in svete.A who speaks badly about her, she just jealous!
  • Nastasia for Buzova Olga
  • Olga молодчинка you, but behind your back, some participants say about you "bad."
  • Nastasia for Buzova Olga
  • ol, . now say the house is such member which I did not even know how to call, . Though watching the house, . What are they doing? walk and discuss? not even know ... let Lenca Bushina though they put a bone into brain, . She девченка fellow, . and Natasha, . and RIMCO, . and Nadia have their wings cut off a little, . Gleb screaming for less, . Mowgli did not understand what he was doing there? a Kalganov - is of course ..,
    . his swinish attitude to most participants, let sobirutsya and voting turnut it.
  • Victoria for Buzova Olga
  • Olga if you just маладец Chesnokov I would be hatela takoyzhe like you, every day I look дом2, and there was no such Stoob I missed the show, all the guys hello.
  • dashulka for Buzova Olga
  • Olichka ..... you are perfection itself ... you admire, you are discussing, you are interested ... you chic .... girls aspiring to be like you ... you're a bright personality .... I look at houses 2 just to see you there ...)))) you better know it ! I love you very ))))))))))
  • Anonymous for Buzova Olga
  • fucking stupid, currently Second Hand!
  • Anonymous for Buzova Olga
  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu .....
  • Anonymous for Buzova Olga
  • If she sings it is n. .........
  • Marina for Buzova Olga
  • Olga. You are the most beautiful, beautiful, smart. Of course I would like to you poobschatsya, but I think it vryatli .. I wish you happiness, love, and whatever you are surrounded only good lyudi.S YB. Marina
  • Dasha for Buzova Olga
  • Stupid envious, not in the world more beautiful and decent Olgi.Horoshee upbringing, education, chic appearance, cheerful and friendly! "She will be all right, but you only zavidavt.Ha!
  • Alex for Buzova Olga
  • Oily so we'll keep the love very much.
  • Anonymous for Buzova Olga
  • Buzova dull poblyadushka watch protino пиздец
  • veramosiagina for Buzova Olga
  • Greater than sludge Buzova on TV is not what a wealthy family's daughter will disgrace to the whole country dullard. Broken ignorance and tongue-tied just kill you skobariha Booz neither crazy nor the talent of one cheap PONT Will you there chief editor of Pig And that's your place to.ne potyanesh disgrace PETER CHUVYRLA
  • Denis for Buzova Olga
  • Oily look at you, at your pictures and udevlyayus your not a real beauty. I like you very nravishsya, your eyes, your smile, your nose, your horakter. Trying to find your number for some reason, I do not telefonchika údolie? Am going into your territory and I would love to meet with you.
  • Ilkham for Buzova Olga
  • YOU are so beautiful, I like YOU. I want YOU, but You are so far from me.
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