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Shannon Emery Lee

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 Shannon Emery Lee

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  • Michael P. Mitchell for Shannon Emery Lee
  • Hello Shannon, I have been a huge fan of your father's since 1981 when I first saw a movie with him in it. It was "Chinese Connection." I had thought he was so awesome and had always wanted to learn his style of martial arts. I had a dream about his willingness to teach me his style since I have always wanted to learn martial arts because of him. I had thought he was the BEST martial artist to ever live until I learned about another martial artist who could match him. I later found out that it was Wong Jack Man who fought your father and could have killed him, but didn't. Despite that, I still am a huge Bruce Lee fan. I want to say I am sorry about your brother's and father's deaths. I know how it feels to lose a parent, which is something we both have in common. I have always wanted to meet you in person, now that you are a very big celebrity because of your father! :) I am trying to get everything that Bruce Lee is in. :) I had wished that I had met him in person. If I could pick a father, Bruce Lee would be my second choice after my adoptive father. :)Hehe Your father was a great man and will always be the one of the greatest martial artist to ever have lived if he is not the greatest. :) I will sorely miss him very much, but not as much as you miss him since he was your father. Only family members miss their loved ones more than anyone else does. Just remember that he is always alive in everyone's minds and hearts for eternity! :) By the way, I would like to be in touch with you. You already have my email address so you may email me. :) I hope to hear from you soon. :)
  • Kevin Beckstead for Shannon Emery Lee
  • Hi Shannon, Hope all is well with you. I have been a huge fan of your fathers and also Brandon. He did an amazing job in the Crow wihich happens to be in my top 10 list. I myself got into the Martial Arts and studied for 11 years. I was first attracted to it because of "typical" your dad when i first saw Enter the Dragon. I have read many of his books. I also like to try to apply his "Be like water" Philosphy to every day life, we never know what it will throw at us. I remember a TV show that you I believe produced and also hosted. I think it had to do with Ninja competition. What was the name of that show? How is your Mom doing? When I was younger, I had drawn a portrait of your dad, I still have it and got it laminated. I was wondering if there is anyway that i may have you autograph it? Keep up the great work with the foundation and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, Kevin Beckstead
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