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Biography RYAZANOV Eldar
Born November 18, 1927 in Samara.

Eldar Ryazanov loved to read since childhood, was going to be a writer, dreamed of traveling. After the ten-year, he even sent a letter - a statement in Odessa Nautical School. But the war went on, and the answer he did not wait.

For chance Ryazanov became a student of 1-year student VGIK (workshop Grigory Mikhailovich Kozintsev). By the time Kozintsev was already world famous director, author of such films as "The Overcoat" (1926), "S.V.D." (1928), "New Babylon" (1929), "One" (1931), "Trilogy of Maxim (1934-1939) (all - together with Leonid Zakharovich Trauberg). Among the teachers were great and Sergei Eisenstein, who "singled out" the young Ryazanov and had an enormous influence on him.

In 1950, E. A. Ryazanov graduated VGIK, protection (in conjunction with classmate ZP Fomin) documentary "They learn in Moscow". Young directors have received a diploma with honors. Over 5 years Ryazanov worked in documentary film. He shot footage for newsreels "Pioneer", "Soviet Sport", "News of the Day", several issues have cut the entire. He also made kinoocherki "Road name October" (with L. Derbyshevoy, 1951), "At the World Chess Championship" (1952), "Your book" (with ZP St. Thomas), not far from Krasnodar (both -- 1953), "Sakhalin Island" (with VV Katanyanom, 1954).

In 1955, the Eldar became director of the film studio "Mosfilm" and set (with SN Gurov), the first Soviet wide-screen film-revue "Voices of Spring", which were playing episodes. A year later, the famous Soviet ?????, head of film studio "Mosfilm" Ivan Aleksandrovich Ryazanov Pyr'ev literally forced to take up comedy. We Pyr'ev producer, was a true sense: the film "Carnival Night" (1956) was a huge success. Famous Igor Ilyinsky played one of his best roles - bureaucrat Ogurtsova, and leading lady, the young actress Ludmila Gurchenko became a movie star. Songs composer Lepin sang the whole country! It is hard to believe that the Eldar tried four times to give up production - but to overcome the dense "custody" Pyr'ev, fortunately, he failed.

In the next few years Ryazanov showed how diverse his comic talent. He put a lyrical comedy "The Girl with no Address" (1957), a heroic comedy Hussar Ballad "(1962), domestic comedy" Give a plaintive book "(1964), eccentric comedy" Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia "(1974). And in 1961. made two satirical strip: "It was created Robinson" (by the same name story by I. Ilf and E. Petrov, a comedy short story anthology is quite seriously ") and" Nowhere Man "(1961, rental almost did not go because of the censorship ban). In "Nowhere Man" successfully debuted S. Yursky and AD Papanov. Papanov, already known in the theatrical world, was cast in four roles, thus shattering the myth of his "nekinogenichnosti". In creating the film "Hussar Ballad" great help EA Ryazanov was again IA Pyr'ev which has won permission setting and persuaded to appear in the role of Lieutenant Rzhevsky V. Yakovlev. Himself Eldar worth the huge effort to convince kinonachalstvo that the best candidate for the role of MI Kutuzov - IVIlinski that the film does not distort the Russian history and romanticized it. The play AK Gladkov "A long time ago, served as the basis for the dramatic movie, Ryazanov reduced, while at the same time, he had to finish a few episodes of poetry. This was done so correctly and in the style of the dialogues of the play that did not arouse any objections to the author

. In the 1960's began to take shape creative team of like-minded e-A.Ryazanova: screenwriter EV Braginsky, . composer Andrei Petrov, . operator VD Nakhabtsev, . Actors V. Yakovlev, . AA Mironov, . EA Evstigneev, . VI Talyzina, . later - LM Akhedzhakova, . AV Myagkov, . OV Basilashvili, . VI Gaft ..,

It is fair to say that one of the finest paintings by E. Ryazanov - "Beware of the Car" (1966). Despite the fact that the film was based on the town joke about the noble thief cars, it just registered all of life's conflicts, characters and dialogues. A gallery of versatile, recognizable characters created great actors IM Smoktunovsky, EA Evstigneev, AD Papanov, AA Mironov, Oleg Efremov, OA Aroseva, GB Volchek other. All this and more - great music AP Petrova made the film truly ageless

. Widest audience has always attracted and further the work of E. Ryazanov: "Zigzag of Luck" (1968), . "The old-robbers" (1972), . "Irony of Fate, . or Enjoy Your Bath "(1975, . telefilm), . "Office Romance" (1977), . "Railway Station for Two" (1982), . His comedic talent, . vivacity, . observation and understanding of the interests of the mass audience opened in the genre of "urban fairy tale",

Improbable or estravagantny story producer loads in real household environment. The result is an unusual fusion of conventional and life. The special features the director's handwriting E. Ryazanov include interlocking funny and sad, joyful and sad. His favorite genre of tragi-comedy. Almost all his films are made to drink of music and poetry.

Certain features in the works of Ryazanov's films have brought "Garage" (1979) and "poor hussar Put in the word" (1980, TV movie), both sharply critical of the fact that time.

In 80-90-ies Ryazanov worked as intensely as before. He made the film "Cruel Romance" (1984, . based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky "Bride"), . provoked a strong debate in the press, . and "Forgotten Melody for Flute" (1987), . "An expensive Helen Sergeyevna" (1988), . "Heaven is the promised" (1991), . "Prediction" (1993), . "Hello, . fool! "(1997), . "Old horse", . "Quiet whirlpools (both - 2000),

Eldar has created its own cinema, gave the "free pass" to many young actors, a new open-known actors. With it like working filmmakers, audiences adore him. It was held also as a writer and as a playwright. E. A. Ryazanov was co-writer of many of his films, written several plays. Published his book "a sad face comedy" (1977), "Zigzag of Luck" (1969, with EV Bragin), "These frivolous, frivolous films" (1977), "Funny sad stories. Comedy for Film and Television "(1979, with EV Bragin)," Nepodvedennye outcomes "(1983, the book ran through several editions), a collection of poems" Nostalgia ", a number of other.

In 1979-1985 years Eldar became famous as a leading TV program "Cinema". In addition they have created more than two hundred television programs copyright. The most popular are television cycles Eight duvok, one I, "" Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, "" Conversations in the fresh air "and" Paris secrets Eldar Ryazanov ". He taught at the University course directors and screenwriters (among his students, directors YB Mamin, IV Dykhovichniy, E. Tsymbal, I. Friedberg). In 1984, Eldar was awarded the title People's Artist of the USSR, he twice became the laureate of State Prize - the USSR (1977. - For the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!") And the RSFSR behalf brothers Vassiliev (1979. - For the film "Office Romance"), was awarded two Orders of Red Banner of Labor, the Order of Friendship "For services to First Name", and the French Order of Fine Arts and Literature ". He - winner of the International film festival in Madrid, New Delhi, Brussels and others.

Lives and works in Moscow.

  • Bio E. A. Ryazanov portal "Culture of Russia".

  • Photo E. A. Ryazanov at the premiere of "old horse".

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  • Page E. A. Ryazanov in the "Encyclopedia of Film" on the server "Cyril and Methodius". Great article, photos, shots from movies, annotations and output to 21 film producer.

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RYAZANOV Eldar, photo, biography
RYAZANOV Eldar, photo, biography RYAZANOV Eldar  filmmaker, photo, biography
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