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Jankowski Oleg

( Theater and film actor, People's Artist of USSR)

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Biography Jankowski Oleg
photo Jankowski Oleg
Oleg Jankowski was born February 23, 1944 in HJK Kazakh SSR in a noble family. His father, Ivan Pavlovich, a former captain of the Life Guards Semenov regiment, was from Polish nobility. He was acquainted with Tukhachevsky, and paid for it. On trumped-up charges father was arrested, and he disappeared into Stalin's camps. Oleg's mother, Marina, fearing arrest, has burned all the archives of the family. Do not survived any patent of nobility, nor the Cross of St. George Ivan Pavlovich.

Childhood Oleg passed in the Kazakh town of HJK. He drove in football with a broken yard punks and terribly ashamed of his aristocratic grandmother, her elegant hairstyles, eyeglasses, brooches at the shabby blouse ...

The wealthy in the past, the family lived in poverty, undernourished. My mother learned to be an accountant and one support his family: three sons, Rostislav, Nicholas and Oleg and his mother. Together, they huddled in a small room chetyrnadtsatimetrovoy. Children went to the cast-offs:

But all this, Jankowski had a rich library, spoke in foreign languages, read a lot, and in the evening to receive the guests - such as the exiled intellectuals. It is quite natural that in the house, though very cautiously, some said "seditious" things. This could not stock up a little soul Oleg.

Theatrical Debut

Over time, Jankowski moved to Saratov - a city with rich cultural roots, the town theater ... In his youth Marina just raved about ballet, but her parents forbade her to think of a ballet career. But her children, she was able to transmit thrust to the stage.

The eldest of the brothers Oleg - Rostislav - graduated from Saratov Drama School, went to Minsk to play in the Russian theater (where he served until now). 14-year-old Oleg he took to himself, to withdraw from their (the family remained a benefactor - the middle brother, Nick) at least some material concerns. There Jankowski, Jr. made his debut on the stage - it was necessary to replace the ailing singer cameo boy in the play "drummer". However, Oleg did not immediately realize the responsibility - far more worried about the theater of his football, he was asleep and saw a goalkeeper or attacker. One day he just slept your way to play. Angry Rostislav categorically forbidden to take on the gun-shot approach to the football field.

Fateful history

Marina longed for sons who left as soon as an opportunity, Oleg returned home in Saratov. School years came to an end, it was time to decide what to do next.

Oleg decided to enroll in medical school. We had to get a good profession that would eventually make good money, help the mother. But then again if somebody's invisible hand is again directed by Oleg on the theatrical road.

One day he saw an advertisement for admission to Drama School. Oleg recalled his experience in Minsk and decided to try. As he was disappointed when I learned that the exams have long been completed. Oleg decided to go to the director - learn about the conditions of admission. He is not giving the young man to explain the purpose of the visit, looked at what it lists, and said: "You made. In September come to learn. "

Oleg returned home stunned: his fate itself determined. Autumn Oleg just come to class. And only a few months later it became clear what was going. It turns out that my brother Nicholas secretly dreamed of a theater. He worked at the factory steel makers, but the dream of the stage gave him no rest. So he went to do, to anyone about anything without saying - passed all the exams, passed all tours ... And when I learned that Oleg's College took him, he just said nothing. Like, let him study the youngest, but he needs to feed his family - mother and grandmother. And the college has long believed that they were simply confused the name of applicant Jankowski.

To marry once and for all life

Marina taught his sons: "If you decided to marry, then at least for life. In another way, and do not need to start ". All three brothers Jankowski married 21 years - and it is for life.

In the second year the school met Oleg and Lyudmila Zorina, she studied the course over. Lyudmila was very noticeable, beautiful, red and insanely talented. Once a good school both of them a prize trip to Moscow. Oleg recall with pleasure, as they came out when the train, bought at Paveletsky station saechki six cents ... They sat on a bench, eating buns and dreamed about the future. They then think that their future - here in Moscow!

After college Ludmilla Zorin immediately invited to the Saratov Drama Theater. Thanks to her, to the same in 1967, was adopted and Oleg. Soon they were married. Lyudmila has popped up in an instant star, look at her go all Saratov, about Oleg said then: "This is - husband very Zorin. Theater fate Jankowski evolved not so well - only a tiny battered actor role. I do not know how turned to his fate, if not one case ...

Film debut

Theater has toured in Lviv. Oleg went to the hotel restaurant, sat down to dinner. And near the table happened to sit with his wife, Vladimir Basov, Valentina Titova, and other members of the crew of the future movie "The Sword and Shield". We discussed where to find the actor for the role of Heinrich Schwarzkopf. Titov, nodding at Oleg, she told her husband: "Look over there sits a young man typical Aryan". Basov agreed that this man came up to him perfectly, but ... "He, of course, any physicist or a philologist. And go and do you find an artist with such an intelligent person ". Thank God, someone from the assistants are not too lazy to go to Yankovsky ...

In the same year, Jankowski played a Red Army soldier Andrei Nekrasov in the drama of Eugene Karelova "served two comrades". Incidentally, in this film the actor had landed a role white officer Brusnetsova. But the director, seeing in the samples Jankowski, exclaimed: "This man Wrangel we will not give up!" Eventually Brusnetsovym was Vladimir Vysotsky.

Oleg recalls the movie "Two Comrades Were Serving": "They do wonderful on the set of the company met. But Bykov I even hard with someone to compare. It was laid something mentoring. He immediately began to patronize me. He was a drinking and addictive personality, led me to a restaurant the WTO and all told, told. And I, as gluttonous sponge, absorbing everything he told me. On the other hand - Vysotsky. He had just then was the beginning of the novel with Marina Vlady. But she told me was not so interesting, as he. Although he so Vysotsky, what we now know, has not yet been. That's been a real university. Not what schools they can not compare.


After the movie "The Sword and Shield" and "served two comrades," Jankowski instantly became famous. This has changed his position in the theater. The young actor noticed. He began to get more serious role as the classical ( "Talents and admirers", "Glass of Water") and modern ( "Man on the part of) the repertoire. Jankowski has achieved the most success in the role of Prince Myshkin (play "The Idiot").

In 1973, Jankowski moved to Moscow Lenin Komsomol Theater. Ludmila sacrificed his career for the sake of Oleg. Abandoning everything she followed her husband to Moscow, his head went into the family - the development of talent that rank, as in Jankowski, called for "strong rear".

The new theater Jankowski quickly became a leading actor. Among his best performances: "Autograd-XXI", "A guy from our city," "Revolutionary Etude", "Dictatorship of Conscience," "optimistic tragedy", "Seagull", "The Barbarian and a heretic," "Hamlet".

Movies. 70's

Have you noticed the talented actors and filmmakers, was showered with offers. After the filming of a movie - "Roadracers" (1972) - he had an accident: the car with him and the operators turned, flew upside down. Operators were thrown onto the road, at Jankowski burnt leather jacket, and he miraculously remained without a scratch.

One of the most important works of Oleg Jankowski mid 70's was the role of the father in the film by Andrei Tarkovsky's "Mirror". And Oleg Ivanovich got into the picture by accident, because of its resemblance to the father of the famous director ...

"My creativity Andrew did not know. Just Larissa Tarkovskaya, then his assistant, and later his wife, saw me by chance in the corridor "Mosfilm". I'm going, I suddenly heard behind the tramp. It was quite a big woman. Then the "Mosfilm" was remarkable for the fact that passing along the corridor, could easily role shlopotat ... And so, therefore, the tramp. - "Can you?" Surname did not even remember. Led me to Andrew. He looked and said - of course, is it (in the sense of father). And then they have acquired and my son - Philip. Family movie turned ".

Later, in 1983, Tarkovsky was again invited Jankowski for his picture - the actor played the writer Gorchakov in the drama "Nostalgia".

In the 70 years Oleg Jankowski many and varied filmed. Actors plasticity allowed him to look in different organically Movie parts: a party functionary ( "Prize", . 1974 "Feedback", . 1978), . Decembrist Kondrati Ryleeva ( "Star of captivating happiness", . 1975), . unsettled, . hedgehog ( "Strange Letters", . 1976, . "Sweet Woman", . 1977) or, . opposite, . spineless, . weak-willed ( "Word to protect", . 1977, . "Turn", . 1979).,

. Films directed by Mark Zakharov

. On the roles played by Oleg Jankowski in the films Mark Zakharov, deserves to be told separately
. Their first collaborative work in the cinema was painting "Ordinary Miracle" (1978) on the play Schwarz. Jankowski is very thin, effervescent played there Magician. The film and still enjoys great popularity among the audience.

This was followed by a film-fable "The very Munchausen" (1979). By the way this role, Jankowski was almost lost. Script Grigory Gorin initially did not see the actor eccentric baron. "He previously played straight, tough, strong-willed people - the characters, issuing its origin, - remembers Grigory Gorin. - I do not believe in his Baron. Work has started, he got into character before our eyes has changed. Grow into the role, and was Munchausen - smart, sarcastic, subtle. What would be a mistake, we take another actor. "

In 1983, Oleg Jankowski starred in the role of Swift's satirical comedy "The House That Swift Built". This picture will be less successful than the previous work by Mark Zakharov. The film was shot in the spirit of "ordinary miracle" and "Munchausen" with the only difference that looked much less interest. As Jankowski, his hero and does a rubber stamp out of already known magician and Munchausen.

Much more interesting was released the next hero Jankowski - Dragon in the movie, the parable of "Kill the Dragon" (1989). Although the film received a revelation of expediency, it did not detract from the wonderful game actor

. Kirill Razlogov: "The winner of this sort of acting" competition ", . certainly, . goes Oleg Jankowski, . which, . perhaps, . second time after the "Kiss" by Roman Balayan shows, . some unseen potential lies in its talent, . as soon as it goes beyond the familiar role,
. Metamorphoses of its Dragon, . bizarre mixture of vocal, . sarcasm from sucking up, . internal self-irony and Noncanonical combination of genius, . villainy and powerlessness - all passed actor brilliantly self-sufficient effect, . a kind of art for art's sake.,

. 80 s

. 80-s were a real flowering of creativity as an actor Oleg Jankowski
. In addition to the films of Mark Zakharov, . noteworthy brilliant role in the film by Roman Balayan's "Flights in dream and reality" (1983, . USSR State Prize for 1987), . "Kiss" (1983), . "Keep me, . my talisman "(1987), . "Detective" (1988), . as well as socio-eccentric drama Tatyana Lioznova "We, . undersigned "(1981) and Sergei Mikaelian melodrama" in love on their own "(1982).,

. In the last picture of Oleg Jankowski hit by Eugenia Glushenko, who played in that film the other major role - Faith
. It was she who persuaded director Sergei Mikaelian, advising him to stop the endless quest of the hero and invite Jankowski: "Who you are looking for? Clearly, at that Oleg can play only a gentleman, even descended. He's a real aristocrat! "

90 s

In the early 90's Oleg Jankowski played bright and very different role in the tragicomedy George Danelia "Passport" (1990) and historical and psychological drama by Karen Shakhnazarov "Regicide". And then ...

Oleg Ivanovich recalled: "During the production of films were taken all those who wanted. Since thought is not about creativity, and money laundering, very soon the number of pictures produced increased to four a year - in the early 90's riveting films in Russia than in India. When these new "filmmakers" finally all occupied by pushing real professionals in the side, I basically stopped removed. Understood: it is not so control their destiny. Decorative presence on the screen I was never interested. Play - a game! I poisoned a good movie, so the stuff could not accept.

At the invitation of Claude Rц?gis six months, I went to Paris, participated in the international theater project, worked very hard. Incidentally, the last echo of collapsing Soviet Union has come to France. In Paris, I learned that signed the decree on conferring the title of my people's artist of USSR. This happened a week before, as a country with such a name ordered to live long. The first popular in the 20 years he has become Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky, and I was the last ... By the way, at an evening dedicated to the centenary of the Moscow Art Theater, I even ventured a joke about this topic: "From the beginning comrades and anyone who graduated!" Hall appreciated the humor, laughed for a long time ".

In the following years, Oleg Jankowski appeared in films rarely. Were interesting roles in the films "The Fatal Eggs" (1995), "First Love" (1995), "Inspector General" (1996). But Oleg himself recognizes that "there is no satisfaction from any of the recent works.

. Since 1993, Jankowski became President of the Open Russia Film Festival in Sochi (Kinotaur).

. Recent work

. In 2000, Oleg Jankowski directed his first film, which played a major role, - "Come See Me"
. Despite the quite predictable plot, this good Christmas tale was well accepted by the audience, largely thanks to the game acting ensemble: Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Irina Kupchenko and Oleg Jankowski.

. Two years later, Jankowski starred in the film Valery Todorovsky "Lover"
. This is one of the best works of the actor in recent years. Oleg Ivanovich himself admitted that this picture is dear to him. "Lover" - is the return of psychological Russian cinema ", - he said.


Oleg Ivanovich was a supporter of family values. He, whom fate smiled so much time, thought that the family - the biggest success in his life.

The closest people to Jankowski was - his wife Lyudmila, son Philip, daughter Oksana Fandera and, of course, grandchildren. They had had two - Vanya Lizonka. Oleg admitted: "Actually, I am a bad teacher. But I am madly in love grandchildren. And the free time that I have, I try to give them. We have all the children's theater repertoire revised. Soon quietly move on to the ballet and serious drama performances. And with our grandchildren can be found at rollerdrome or "World of Pizza" on the Garden. And computer games we love to play with Ivan. I myself - who is a savage and I do not know what the parties come to the computer. A grandson of this savvy. And in English, Ivan deftly expresses itself, not what I did. "

How is Oleg Ivanovich admitted that if he had to choose between family and creativity, he does not hesitate to sacrifice career. Thank God that he did not have to choose ...

"The Master and Margarita"

In autumn 2005, the screens comes a new film by Vladimir Bortko "The Master and Margarita". Oleg Yankovsky director initially proposed to play in his picture Woland, but the actor refused to. "I do not know how it (role) play. In a suit he dolzhet be? Although the book describes in detail his robe, but it's - Literature. And when on the screen: why is he, and not the other? And, strangely enough, is a weak role. All is not Woland, and around him, but simply become swollen eyes so convincingly that it turned out, I do not want. And the main reason is: I believe that the devil, like God, can not play. Jesus Christ - may be, he was a real person ", - explained Oleg Ivanovich.

But the role of Pontius Pilate Jankowski agreed: "In my opinion, it is interesting. There is fate, history, moral and psychological stress. The tired man, he has many concerns. He just walked away ... "


Health problems from Oleg Ivanovich began in late 2008. In the capital's elite clinic where turned actor, doctors had diagnosed the organism, but other than coronary heart disease did not find anything. Jankowski took a course of therapy in the emergency department of cardiology, after which he was discharged home. However, after several months illness again to haunt.

Jankowski felt constant pain in the stomach, nausea, aversion to greasy foods. The actor once had to go to doctors. Accurate diagnosis of the doctors to call for a long time refused, but said that the disease is diagnosed in late stage. It turned out that Oleg Ivanovich pancreatic cancer.

Hearing the terrible diagnosis, Oleg went to the diagnostics in Germany. German professors have confirmed the verdict of Russian colleagues. 65-year-old actor for a long time could not decide who to entrust the fight for their health - capital or foreign doctors.

In the end, he gave himself in the hands of the brilliant German oncologist. During his life fighting the famous Professor Martin Schuler, known world experts on the therapeutic methods of cancer treatment. Jankowski underwent the most powerful therapy. But, without waiting for relief, Oleg returned to Moscow.

His doctor advised leading CDB and Cancer Center on Kashirskoye Highway. The luminaries of the capital looking for the latest medical techniques that could help a great actor to overcome disease. In a specialized center for Kashirskoye Highway Oleg Yankovsky told about the latest development of French scientists. Medicine even helped, and Oleg Ivanovich returned to the stage 'Lenkoma', full of life and energy to play in the play 'Marriage'. 'Swan song' a great artist once dubbed a farewell, collecting performance sold out.

The last time Oleg Jankowski hospitalized directly from the scene. Happened in late April 2009. Then the doctors took the audience favorite at the hospital and strictly forbade him to go on stage. Nevertheless, the audience until the last days, the actor looked at the posters, call the theater, asking whether today's scene Oleg Ivanovich.

. Oleg Jankowski died on the morning of May 20, 2009 in a Moscow clinic.

. Creativity

. Roles in Theater:

. Saratov Drama Theater

. - 'Honor thy father' (in
. Lavrentiev) - Seva Kichigin
. - 'The Convent' - abandoned by her husband
. - 'The Trial news' - Vadim Babichev
. - 'Joker' Viktor Rozov - Edward
. - 'Favorite fate' Yuri Myachina - Dmitri
. - 'A Glass of Water' by Eugene Scribe - mesh
. - 'The Idiot' Dostoevsky - Prince Myshkin

. Lenkom

. 1973 - 'Autograd XXI', the play Yu
. Vizbora and M. Zakharova
. 1975 - 'The lists do not mean' Yuri Vizbora on the novel by Boris Vasilyev
. - 'Clairvoyant' Lion Feuchtwanger
. 1978 - 'Revolutionary Etude' ( 'Blue horses on a red grass'), the play by Mikhail Shatrova - Lenin
. - 'The dictatorship of conscience' Michael Shatrova - Stranger
. 1983 - 'optimistic tragedy' of
. Vishnevsky - Behring
- 'Pocket Theater' Jean Cocteau
1986 - 'Hamlet' by Shakespeare. Directed by: Gleb Panfilov - Hamlet
- 'Seagull' A. P. Chekhov
- 'The Barbarian and a heretic' (based on the novel 'The Player' F. M. Dostoevsky)
- 'Jester Balakirev' Grigory Gorin
- 'Marriage' H. V. Gogol. Director: Mark Zakharov - Zhevakin

. Movie roles

. 1968 Sword and Shield
. 1968 Two Comrades Were Serving
. 1969 Wait for me, Anna
. 1969 I, Francis Skaryna
. 1970 About Love
. 1970 Payment
. 1970 to preserve the fire
. 1970 Operation 'Holtsauge'
. 1972 Roadracers
. 1974 Anger
. 1974 Mirror
. 1974 Under the stone sky
. 1974 Prize
. 1974 Police Sergeant
. 1975 Trust
. 1975 Star of captivating happiness
. 1975 My House - Theater
. 1975 Colonel retired
. 1975 Strange letters
. 1976 Seventy-two degrees below zero
. 1976 A long, long case
. 1976 sentimental novel
. 1976 Sweet woman
. Word 1976 for the protection
. 1977 Contact
. 1978 My Tender and gentle animal
. 1978 Ordinary Miracle
. 1978 Rotation
. 1979 The same Munchausen
. 1979 Open Book
. 1980 We, the undersigned
. 1981 Belkin
. Shot
. 1981 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Hound of the Baskervilles
. 1981 Hat
. 1982 Nostalgia
. 1982 Kiss
. 1982 in love on their own
. 1982 Flying in dreams and reality
. 1983 The House That Swift Built
. 1984 Two Hussars
. 1986 Keep me, my talisman
. 1987 Kreutzer Sonata
. 1987 detective
. 1988 My twentieth century
. 1990 Mado, poste restante
. 1990 Passport
. 1991 Regicide
. 1992 Dreams of Russia
. 1992 Darkness
. 1993 I - Ivan, you - Abram
. 1994 Mute Witness
. 1995 First Love
. 1995 The Fatal Eggs
. 1995 Terra Incognita
. 1996 Auditor
. 1997 Alice
. 1998 Paradise apple
. 1999 Chinese tableware
. 2000 Bremen Town Musicians
. 2000 Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
. 2000 Come to See Me
. 2000 The Man Who Cried
. 2000 Procrustean bed
. 2001 Pollyanna
. 2001 Metaphysics of Love
. 2002 Lover
. 2002 Jester Balakirev
. 2003 Poor, Poor Pavel
. 2006 Doctor Zhivago
. 2007 Anna Karenina
. 2008 Birds of Paradise
. 2008 dudes
. 2009 Ivan the Terrible and Metropolitan Philip

. Film Director

. 2000 Come to See Me

. Recognition and Awards

. - Best Actor 1984 (for the film 'in love by choice') on a poll of the journal 'Soviet screen'

. - Winner of USSR State Prize (1987, for participation in the film 'Flying in dreams and reality')

. - Winner of the All-Union Film Festival in the category 'Awards for best actor's work' for 1983

. - Prize 'Nika' in the category 'Actor' for 1991

. - Winner of the RSFSR State Prize named after the brothers Vassiliev (1989, for participation in the film 'The Kreutzer Sonata')

. - People's Artist of the USSR in 1991 - the last of the men who received the title

. - Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'IV degree (28 December 1995) - for services to the state, many years of fruitful work in the field of culture and art

. - Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'III degree (11 August 2007) - for his great contribution to the development of theatrical art and many years of fruitful work

. - Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'II degree (23 February 2009) - for outstanding contribution to the development of domestic theatrical and cinematic arts

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  • Oleg Jankowski and Lyudmila Zorina
  • Oleg Jankowski and Lyudmila Zorina
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  • Oleg Jankowski and Lyudmila Zorina
  • Oleg Jankowski and Lyudmila Zorina
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  • spectator for Jankowski Oleg
  • So suddenly sounded the news of the resignation surprisingly talented Oleg Yankovsky. Course he's a talented actor. So much sincerity and talent he had,. In the prime of life ... but terrible disease snatched it from us. Very mourn. Such actors and they're gone now or in the movies or in the theater ... Oleg was and remains for visitors for centuries ... ц?ц?цєд?цўцёцў talent great artist. Very sad for him. Few have lived ...
  • Yuri for Jankowski Oleg
  • These dates, . these dates, . these dates ... Before me were built, . soldiers. This is - the date of despair, this is - the date of commencement of silence! These dates - a living reproach, this is - the date of a past life!, . This - the date of the end of time! Dates, . date around the person ... At the plate cut out the date, . Under the slab are soldiers. The dates we prohibit refunds. How did the dates we are rich! ".. And now another date from the cinema and theater soldier .... Eternal Memory Oleg.,
  • Alex for Jankowski Oleg
  • On this picture Oleg is with Irina Kupchenko! Not with Lyudmila Zorina.
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