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Michael Schumacher (Michael Schumacher)

( racing driver, pilot of Formula 1)

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Biography Michael Schumacher (Michael Schumacher)
photo Michael Schumacher (Michael Schumacher)
Michael was born in Germany, January 3, 1969 in Hyurt-Hermyulhayme. Michael's mother Elizabeth was holding a small snack bar, all worries were on her shoulders, she taught her son to be independent and able to make decisions, and his father helped to choose its own path in life. He was the owner avtotreka for karting, where Michael first got behind the wheel of the car, at the age ... four years. In the five years he has already won the first contest and received a reward for the victory - their first trophy, ugly from the regular plate, but it remained for him the most expensive. Michael said that his father complimented him on that day, and he was in seventh heaven, because he always wanted to gain the approval and respect of his father. Father and now remains for Michael's greatest authority and all its supporters. In karting, he was engaged in childhood judo. Once, years at twelve or thirteen, he had to choose between a kart race and judo tournament. He chose judo, but quickly realized his mistake - he lost. Since then, he always chose the kart.
After years of outstanding talent Shummi manifested in the races in the group "C" team sports cars Mersedes-Benz. Then Michael began to rise rapidly to the top of the racing career. In 1987 he became the champion of Germany and Europe on the kart. The next year, racing F1600, it took 4 th place in the German championship and 2-e in the Euro F1600. In 1989 - 3rd place in the German F3, and the following year became the champion of Germany.
At the scene of the Grand Prix, Michael broke in the late summer of 1991 as part of the team "Jordan", where this event occurred by chance. When his manager Willi Weber has come to Eddie Jordan put in a word for his protege, tight-fisted Irishman asked for money. Practice usual - Pilot debutant, did not show themselves at youth level start-up superstar, is obliged to pay for a place in the team. The trouble was that Jordan asked for too much ...
And too starry future for young men Michael Schumacher is not promised. Even the Germanic Championship Formula 3, he won not once, but the second attempt, the first time after losing his colleagues on the Mercedes junior team Frenttsenu Heinz-Harald and Karl Wendlinger.
. So Jordan's unwillingness to put in your car novice was understandable
. And in whose place to put Schumacher? The first pilot of the Irish team was the most popular (though never won during his career is not a single Grand Prix), Italian Andrea de Cesaris. The second pilot - Belgian Bertrand Gachot, the guy is not without ability. At the Hungarian Grand Prix 1991. Gachot showed the best lap time.
But in the next Grand Prix and was replaced by Schumacher. Gachot was in prison - had a fight with a taxi driver, so even a gas spray used against him. It was then that Eddie Jordan and remembered that there is little opportunity to earn extra money by allowing a modest start to the German youth, for whom so fussed pushy manager.
. Precipitated him at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Michael worked for a chance to "hundred percent"
. In the qualifying race, he got 7th place in the race, right from the start, forgetting all caution, not sparing the motor and the car, he rushed to attack the recognized masters racing tracks. This style of driving is fraught with troubles. Indeed, out of the race the German soon retired. But the desired effect was achieved. In the paddock talking about his sensational debut. These conversations are ably supported by Willi Weber, manager of a team throwing information about the merits of his ward.
Faster than others reacted Benetton team boss Flavio Briatore. Ironically, but in the Belgian race best lap time showed his pilot Roberto Moreno. However, before the next stage Moreno was expelled, and not objective in his place, Michael Schumacher.
Eddie Jordan, who were recently unwilling to put Shummi for his car, now would not let him go. And on this ground firmly quarreled with his friend Briatore. The matter went to trial, where it became clear that Jordan had bothered to conclude a contract with Michael thoughtful. Taking advantage of loopholes in a hastily drafted document, hired Briatore lawyers denounced the treaty.
Once in the Benetton, Michael found what he was looking for - a team ready to make a bet on it. Focusing on a Michael, in turn, not miscalculated, and Benetton, obtaining a driver who is able to be more than justified and trust, and invested in it.
. The uniqueness of the situation was that if not for Michael central figure in the team, it is unlikely he would have ever become a champion
. He could not, staying on the sidelines, to gain experience and at the right time "shot". To develop their abilities to Michael necessarily required that all work on him.
Why? Because he had a unique technique of cornering, not similar to the one that show the other drivers. Gerhard Berger at the time defined the main feature of the pilot, Michael, saying that he loves sverchuvstvitelnoe management and wants to machine behaved as if she did not back ". That is, at the slightest movement of steering responsive instantaneous zanyrivaniem in turn.
To indicate such behavior in a car expert practice, there is a special term - oversteer. This, actually, lack, with which designers are struggling ... And for Schumacher is not a fault, but the dignity. Naturally, if put Shummi behind the wheel of car, tuned (in the opinion of any other driver) is normal, then it understeer and steering sensitivity it will seem insufficient German. The trouble is that these characteristics are difficult to change within wide limits by setting the chassis. But you can influence them already at the design stage!
This means that you want a car designed specifically for Schumacher. Benetton had a good, at that time revolutionary chassis created by the genius designer John Barnard. The car that had a lot of aerodynamic of tricks that later became widely used - for example, raised cowl, which makes the flow of incoming air at the bottom of a flat. However, this machine had one drawback - it was not created specifically for Schumacher. Barnard, meanwhile, Benetton left. Why did he do it? This will clear a few years later, when Michael goes to Ferrari. Barnard, by the time the chief designer Scuderia, says that he had never done and is going to have the car under a particular driver. Like, if Schumacher will leave komnady, then on this machine, then nobody else will not be able to ride! So that Benetton, Ferrari and Barnard left for the same reason - because of the unwillingness to work, taking into account the peculiarities of style Schumacher. Barnard can be understood - among the designers he is the same authority as Michael among the racers.
When Barnard left Benetton, his car began to improve Rory Bern and Ross Brown (by the way, now they both work with Michael in the Ferrari). And for a few seasons have created a vehicle that is ideally suited to the needs of the German. But no one else, as correctly observed Barnard, this machine could not go. Schumacher bias due to the fact that he still believes that the skill of the pilot should be based on the experience gained in karts. And from the car in Formula 1, it requires the same behavior, both on the map.
It is easy to see that the point of inhibition Schumacher and his colleagues in the same turn, as a rule, does not coincide. Michael inhibits later and more aggressive. Naturally, after such a car braking at the apex of rotation should be sharply pull the nose, obeying the command driver. And required Michael oversteer at the moment seems quite appropriate! This technique makes it possible to save a split second, which then formed a unique advantage over competitors.
. Incidentally, when Michael talked about his possible move to IndyCar, experts only fun
. It used there "cast-iron brake discs are not as tough as used in Formula 1 (composite). His habit of Michael here would have to break and learn to slow down in advance.
Yes, on a specially prepared car, Michael can go faster than anyone. But in 1994 he became a champion, even having two serious gaps in their skills. It is not very well able to overtake and poorly traveled in the rain. Excellent tactics team Benetton allowed to bypass one of the problems: their rivals Michael circumvention pitstope, successfully choosing the time for check-in boxes.
. Circumstances were such that one after another left the great Formula One drivers: Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost
. Killed Ayrton Senna. After his death, there was not a current world champion (occasional return of Mansell to take into account not worth it). Yes, Schumacher was not the perfect racer, but he was the strongest of the exits while on the road.
Moreover, since a lot of water has flowed. Schumacher rides in a Ferrari. Michael did not accuse of not knowing how to combat acute rival on the track. He learned to overtake, although still trying to win seats at the expense of well-planned pitstopov. On the ability to ride in the rain and say nothing - just in inclement weather Shummi won the most striking victories in his career.
Oh, and "pure" rate for them has remained. Left and one more advantage that Michael has acquired over the years of his career. He paid a lot. Much. It is understood everyone who works with him. The mechanics is difficult to relax and bad tie to the wheel when a pitstop you done a pilot who gets to race a few million dollars. Financial inquiries Michael played a catalytic role for Ferrari. The team that fasting death of its founder Enzo Ferrari always been a kind, gently say, nesosredotochennostyu, finally able to pull themselves together, to unite in order to achieve a common goal - re-make of his world champion racing driver.
. Michael Schumacher did what he could not either Alain Prost, Gerhard Berger nor, nor, Jean Alesi, that hardly could have been somebody else
. He instilled the Italian team (though its staff, rather, be called an international), the famous German thoroughness and responsibility.
Was right Mansell, who called racer arrowhead. If the bow is stretched badly - the arrow will fly to the target does not matter how sharp the tip was not. Michael forces the archer to strain every muscle to bend the bow, a bow ring. This is his fundamental difference from all the other pilots that go with him on the track. This explains a unique position Shummi in modern Formula One.

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Michael Schumacher (Michael Schumacher), photo, biography
Michael Schumacher (Michael Schumacher), photo, biography Michael Schumacher (Michael Schumacher)  racing driver, pilot of Formula 1, photo, biography
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