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( Musical Performer)

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Biography Decl
Born July 22, 1983

. Real name: Kiril Tolmatsky

. Nickname "Decl" got a little growth.

. Height - 163 cm Weight - 45 kg.

. Favorite genre of music: rap, reggae.

. Sam finds himself: man of moods

. Dislikes: Zemfira, inveterate swindlers, Hi-fi

. Purpose in life: to create your own record label.

. Decl successfully took up his place uncultivated teenage hero who performs the fashionable hip-hop music, tells of youth issues and most importantly - is a peer of its audience
. One of the most successful producer of the year.

. Kirill - the son of the head of production company, Media-Star Alexander Tolmatskogo, with which from childhood is in show business.

. According to him, the infinite love of turnips he instilled in the son of the President of Zambia, with which the then 12-year-old Decl lived in one room, where he studied in Switzerland
. Since then, the only thing that listens. At age 13 he met with the leader of the group "Bad Balance" Vlad Gross, who saw a kid Talent Executive. Legalize shafts and helped with the text ( "Friday" and "Tears") - and has begun! Recorded his first song, "Friday", Decl decided to shoot her video clip.

. Decl first appeared on screen in the clip command "Legal Biznen $ $" "Pack of cigarettes" - remember the guy in the hat? By the way, hats Kirill twelve pieces
. With this headdress praktichuski he does not leave - even in school.

Why Decl crying? Yes, because life is hard! But this is only a clip. In the life of Cyril had to suffer much less. Although about the diary and twos from the text of the song "Tears" - the absolute truth. She is a student sixteen schoolboy is not very. All the forces takes the music ... A better rap.

. From the words of Cyril:

. - "I want to make myself seen as a normal potsana from the street, who lives a normal life, who has an opinion and wants to make it."

. - "The more real I'll be in the songs, the more the real problems of his generation to speak for the screen, so I will be honest to ourselves and to those who listened to me, I'm even in the clips and on stage dressed as in life: the same pants sneakers. "

. Decl constitutes public integrity of the youth of the hero, a cat on the scene exactly the same as in real life
. He was designated as the idol of a new generation of boys and girls in pants, stretched out sweaters, hats, sneakers strained eyes. So he sings exclusively about the real problems of his generation.

Beginning 2000. noted for Decl rapid ascent to the heights of popularity, including and without participation in the presidential election of the company.

After the speech in March 2000. shares "Beat Battle", held with the support of the channel "MTV Russia", Decl not only got a new concert clip "Who?" You ", but also became the face of a new advertising company Pepsi. It was organized jointly with the company "Mobile Telecom and the program" 20-ca's most-most "(" MTV Russia ").

In his spare time from all their classes Cyril walks with her bulldog named Yasha, whom he loves "as a younger brother". Sometimes, watching movies and playing ... the nerves, because it does not own musical instruments. But he sang, he said, is always good - since childhood!

. She likes extreme sports, have tried everything - from skateboarding and all kinds of extreme winter to water skiing and surfing.

. His education necessarily want to associate with show business
. Therefore already decided to go to New York to study at the College of show business, and if things will work out to devote his life to promotion of a new label.


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  • igori5000@yandex.ru for Decl
  • privet.kogda will arrive in Kishinev.
  • igori5000@yandex.ru for Decl
  • hi
  • Artemchik for Decl
  • Hello Detsl.kak case, when did you come to Chisinau.
  • Artemchik for Decl
  • Hello Detsl.kak case, when did you come to Chisinau.
  • Less than Decl for Decl
  • Kiril! Wonder why everyone is talking about you bad? For example: a German came out of the fog took pager from Corman, . Pager make a sound, . Decl zdoh why that goof Decl. And you really do not even dupe you have a lot of COOL songs. Esliv-that tells me my phone: 558386 ask Maxima,
  • Kseniya for Decl
  • Privet, zaec! Ha! Ja iz Icelandii! A ti gde!
  • Kseniya for Decl
  • Zvoni iz Rossii v Islandiju po tel: 5654749 Ja neznaju kod goroda no ti mozhesh uznat.See you !
  • Calypso for Decl
  • unite! 123181 Moscow PO Box 26! Decl official fan club!
  • LOL for Decl
  • blyalol
  • Decl for Decl
  • Cyril I mad about tebya.No I do not take anyone seriously, but I became very Decl call =)
  • SANNIBAL for Decl
  • My life is like yours without your songs, I could not live school zakalibala I already sick of it all Thank listened to my thoughts If smozhish podzvoni! (80931802554)
  • max for Decl
  • Decl come to Izhevsk, I like you rapping on the move
  • Tatiana for Decl
  • In my opinion, you fellow, a good man)) just you and your loved ones the best))
  • Timur for Decl
  • Decl or Le trick you cooler than Jay-Z DMX recorded new Olbia and show you kakaokoy respektovany
  • Sasha for Decl
  • Decl you super I'll пЎп?п°пІп°я? you so much like my molchika I love you
  • Anonymous for Decl
  • Decl you're super!
  • Lera for Decl
  • HELLO )))))))))))))))))( I really appreciate your work!, I know practically everything about you! After I listen to your rap is years 9 ! ! YOU ARE MY IDOL !
  • Galinka for Decl
  • We Uzbekistan adore you ! We listen to only you! Appear for more! We live Decl you ! THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE!
  • 969 for Decl
  • where to get cream for dreadlocks ?!
  • Just Stasia for Decl
  • Hi Cyril, You have your world ...... Joints want to chat)))
  • Jackass for Decl
  • Let's have a smoke together!
  • schshzsch for Decl
  • lodld
  • aleksei for Decl
  • Yes Decl excellent Poch I listen to the first song the one who is against condom
  • Decl Loch for Decl
  • vosche when compared with the Decl gufom or spider then Decl lohhhh
  • MC_K @ $ PER for Decl
  • I listened to all your tracks total я?я?п?я?п° ! A normal song Legalize ! п?п?п?п? Normal text NOT WATU ! Call me 87055307671 !
  • NayWard for Decl
  • Rasta rap besp olyubomu detsel Respect you more delaesh real thing, I was rastamanom only after your own tracks write Rasta rap so thank you and more Respect
  • Marie for Decl
  • Cyril cool guy and his songs I like, and give his fans a lot. But I do not understand why he your Kishinev? He was in New York will go. So guys be realistic)))
  • Dimon for Decl
  • Hi
  • Dimon for Decl
  • Decl thanks for the song "Potabachim" your real theme)))
  • Dimon for Decl
  • Compared detsela Gufan and it is possible to compare how цёц?ц?цґцў chocolate and of course I am for detsela))))
  • Dimarik for Decl
  • Kiria you cool
  • ANTIrep for Decl
  • you little fag uebichny
  • ANTIrep for Decl
  • your text is raving minor debila, without the pope you nothing and nobody, I despise you
  • Zaibis songs) for Decl
  • Your songs Pts я?я?п©п?я€я?п?п?п?! and nobody did not listen! all is well! Pts want with you something to talk about! 6146558
  • Amidamaru for Decl
  • Kiril, Hammer on what others say, live, read the rap and sent to all .... who do not like your songs! I have long been listening to your songs, I saw your clips - you rulish ! My friends do not understand what Decl it's cool!
  • mara for Decl
  • n you vasche gonesh that threw the couple! good songs there! let nachenay again write new albums ! negruzisya chief !
  • Natasha) for Decl
  • Cyril, . you unparalleled songs, . Keep up the spirit, . I'm listening to you since 6 years, . when my uncle showed me your songs, . I am delighted with you and your songs, . not think, . I'm not a fan, . a fan! If you have [V] Contact, . then be kind, . Add me,
    . vkontakte.ru/id22467128. I would be glad to talk with you, as a person, and certainly with a star
  • Katya Low =) I for Decl
  • I remember from 6 years ... it klipchiki ... then I did not understand that it creates ... Then I realized ...? something cool ... I want to say thanks Cyril ... for all that t? did ... THANK YOU!
  • Dimon for Decl
  • He Elaeagnus pedal
  • Mr. Black Star for Decl
  • I have described what Decl at Sokol subway station near the fountain OTPIZDILI! п°я?п°я?п°я?п° where he had lived in podezde he had written that he asshole and piss))), I know that all this is done Timati))
  • Anonymous for Decl
  • Decl Ey! We love thee, vasche!
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