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Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan)
Bob Dylan is one of the most enigmatic figures in modern rock. His work has influenced virtually every serious rock musicians. Bob Dylan, along with several of the greatest musicians of the mid 60-ies was the creator of rock music. Each new disc musician - an event even for those who reject the concept of Dylan's music.

Looking back at the history of rock 'n' roll, it is impossible to overestimate the role played in its development Bob Dylan. As aptly put it: Bruce Springsteen at a ceremony introducing Dylan to the House of Fame Rock and Roll: "Bob freed the mind, just as Elvis freed the body. He showed us that despite the fact that this music is inherently a dance, she was not anti-intellectual. He has vision and talent, allowing accommodate the whole world in one song. He made the popular music heard in new ways, destroying the established scope and limitations, and forever changed the face rok'n'rola. "

. The grandson of Jewish immigrants from Russia, Bob Dylan, whose real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman was born May 24, 1941 in the town of Duluth, state of Minnesota, where his father, Abe, worked for the Standart Oil
. In 1947 the family moved to another town, Hibbing, where the boy spent his unremarkable childhood, which was not the slightest hint of a future brilliant career. Robert started writing poems when he was about ten years, and about the same time began teaching them the basics of playing the guitar and piano. Coming under the influence of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and other stars Rann rok'n'rola, he started making his first amateur team and in school books for 1959 in the column "Your goal, you can read the inscription:" playing with Little Richard. "

. At the end of 1959 the young Zimmerman left Hibbing and moved to Minneapolis and entered the University of Minnesota
. The life of a big city a few changes its view on the music, and he begins to search for the origins of modern rok'n'rola pioneers in the creation of country, folk and rock music such as Hank Williams, Robert Johnson and Woody Guthrie. Robert's interest in music is so great that he rarely finds time to attend training classes. Instead, he began performing songs in the nightclubs of the city, improving the guitar and harmonica, and developing a "nasal" voice, which eventually would become his calling card in the world of contemporary pop-sound. Around this time, the young actor took his stage name "Bob Dylan", originally in honor of the late Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, although throughout his career, Bob will continue to deny that the origin of nickname.

By the end of 1961 Dylan's fame begins to spread already and outside the narrow circle of folk artists. The critic Robert Shelton, who visited one of the evenings, where Bob played, placing in the New York Times article, which inter alia states that Shelton "was completely captivated by his talent". A month later, the company Columbia Records podpisyaet contract with Dylan, and Bob began to prepare the material for his first self-titled album. Although not yet convinced that the composer's own capabilities, it includes a record only two of his songs, a compilation of traditional folk melodies and songs that were part of the repertoire of blues artists like Blind Lemon and White Bacca. The result is a record that could be attributed to more elderly black blues Maine than 21-year-old Jewish folk artist from Minnesota

. The young singer had a not very good diction and had no idea about the correct formulation of breath, . but Bob Dylan was a very unique performer on harmonica, . beautifully played acoustic guitar, . and the audience warmly accepted his debut album, Bob Dylan (1962), . and two follow-up: The Freewheelin 'Bob Dylan (1963; led the hit parade of the UK) and The Times They Are A-Changin' (1964),
. These plates were in the whole of the period for the traditional musical material, . performance which, . however, . significantly different from the usual; particularly impressive so-called 'recitative blues', . which later included in his repertoire such performers, . as Phil Oka and Tim Paxton,
. Among the most memorable things that are included in these albums, it should be noted Blowing In The Wind (she was hit in the performance of PETER PAUL & MARY), Master Of War and A Pawn In Their Game.

. Dylan was one of the sensations of folk festival in Newport (1963), . but many are too embarrassed Wish lyrics My Back Pages and some other things, . the core of the album Another Side Of Bob Dylan (1964), . where musician, . seemed, . waives its largely naive views on political issues and appeals to the philosophical questions of existence (Ballad In Plain D and Restless Farewell),
. During this period Bob Dylan 'electrify' his music, his apparent bias in rockabilly and relatively rigid interpretation of the classic blues of the 20-ies have outraged so many lovers of music. A special arrangement has caused outrage lyrics Chuck Berry Too Much Monkey Business.

British and American pop group willingly performed his songs. THE ANIMALS fame with dilanovskoy Baby Let Me Follow You Down (they renamed it Baby Let Me Take You Home) and its author's version of the famous House Of The Rising Sun ( 'House of the Rising Sun') from the album Bob Dylan; THEM successfully sang It's All Over Now Baby Blue; THE BYRDS - the best interpreters of songs of Mr,
. Tambourine Man. Bob Dylan wrote many songs for these groups, never including them in their albums. He constantly worked with Manfred Mennom Englishman and his team, which, according to Dylan's best arranged his works (in particular, English has become a hit dilanovskaya If You Gotta Go, Go Now).

In 1965 Bob Dylan appeared at the festival in Newport, with the notch 'Stratocaster' tool, which only played 'real rockers' of those years, and was made in the blues-rock group THE PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND. In the same year, toured the UK with a Canadian rock band THE HAWKS (later become famous as THE BAND). Later musicians THE BAND, as well as keyboardist Al Kooper often participated in recording albums Dylan (Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde). Not all the songs Dylan was taken by the general public as well, such as Desolation Row, Like A Rolling Stone, and Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 have appreciated only rock musicians, and above all - English. Bob Dylan laid the foundations for the concept of fate, the first echoes of which can be heard in the Beatles' I'm A Loser. THE BEATLES were among the first learned how to 'solve' Dylan's poetry and often used his poetic method, . while other British rock band THE KINKS and YARDBIRDS, . simply inserted into Dylan's songs in their concert programs (for 'dilanovskomu way' has been moved and ROLLING STONES, . writing Get Off My Cloud, . but then chose a different model of his work),
. Songs of Bob Dylan readily included in the repertoire and the American star - Cher, Elvis Presley, 'Duke' Ellington, THE POUR SEASONS, and many others. In June 1966 Bob Dylan got on his motorcycle in an accident which resulted in multiple rib fractures and neck, partial paralysis and amnesia. Only at the end of the year the musician began to climb out of bed

. The incredible popularity of 'minstrel disillusioned generation "led to the mass replication of pirated albums, . one of the most famous specimens butlegerskoy industry has become a double-disc Great White Wonder, . which is considered 'gold'.,

. Closed to the world (even in the mid 60-ies Dylan refused to press conferences and interviews), . except relatives and friends, he continues to collaborate with a group THE BAND - musicians recorded a joint album Basement Tapes, . which was released only in 1975.,

. In 1968, after a long absence, Bob Dylan appeared in front of an audience at a concert memory of Woody Guthrie
. This was preceded by release pop-psychedelic album John Wesley Harding (1967), who led the hit parade of Great Britain and did not have lasted only until the first row seats in the U.S.. Not less successful was the album Nashville Skyline (1969 in England, won the first place, and in the U.S. - the third), which contains a duet Dylan and Johnny Cash. In general, the album can be described as 'cultured-end country-western', even though one of the things is the art-rock group THE NICE.

In 1969, on a pop festival on the Isle of Wight took one of the biggest concerts Dylan to the group THE BAND, solo performance which lasted more than an hour. Double live album, Self-Portrait (1970), released after the event, took the charts Britain the first place, and in the United States was third.

1970 album New Morning was the first in the UK charts and seventh in the U.S.. This album became popular only after it was released the single If Not For You, which made a hit at the beginning Olivia Newton-John, and then a friend and co-author of Dylan, George Harrison

. In 1971, Bob Dylan published novel 'Tarantula', . participated in the organization and preparation of George Harrison's concert for the people of Bangladesh, . and also tried his hand as an actor, . starring in the film Sam Peknipa 'Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid', . to which the central theme and wrote a song - Knocking On Heaven's Door,
. During this period, Dylan almost does not work in the studio, although the double-live album Before The Flood (1974) critics unanimously declared 'better living work of the decade'.

Unlike the previous album, Dylan's Blood On The Tracks (1975) is very melodious, his compositions are more difficult to arrange, the album is made with great taste and with unusual accuracy Dylan band's sound. The success of this album contributed to the triumph, which was a concert tour Rolling Thunder Tour ( 'The tour under the rumble of thunder'), was attended by Joan Baez and Roger McGinn. Then, a charity concert, charges of which went to the assistance fund imprisoned boxer Ruben Carter (he is devoted to Hurricane song from the album Desire (1976), recorded with a group of ROLLING THUNDER BAND). At the same time Dylan Hard Rain produces television series and produces the same name plate as well as sponsoring the film 'Renaldo and Clara'. In November 1976 participated in the farewell concert of THE LAST WALTZ in San Francisco, where he heard his hits Baby Let Me Follow You Down, I Dont Believe You.

Especially for a world tour in 1978 most of the works of Dylan's 60-ies has been reworked by electro-rock band and female chorus. Bob Dylan used the version of Jimi Hendrix, which he did for dilanovskoy п?ll Along The Watchtower from the album John Wesley Harding and the arrangement for Bryan Ferry A Hard Rain's Gonna Pall from a disc The Freewheelin 'Bob Dylan. Bo during this tour was a new studio album, Street Legal, a single Baby Stop Crying 'entered the UK Top 20

. The general public was not buying Grammy Award winning single Gotta Serve Somebody from the album 'Christian rock' Slow Train Coming (1979), . and 'Jewish' Drive Saved (1980), . which was caused, . apparently, . throwing Dylan between Christianity and Judaism,
. But a success Shot Of Life (1981), dedicated to the late comedian Penny Bruce.

. In 1983 came the disc Infidels, who, along with the next Empire Burlesque (with a group of TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS) confirmed Dylan's reputation as a 'living classic rock'
. Fans of Bob Dylan's enthusiasm took a selection of 'Biograph' - 53-song compilation with 18 tracks, never before in the albums were not members. In 1985 a joint tour with Tom Petty, Dylan brilliantly performed songs of the sixties, including the famous Here Comes The Sun.

Album with Dave Stewart Knocked Out Loaded (not instrumental) came out in 1986 and was a great success. According to critics of the plate ahead of its time. Double live album, recorded with the GRATEFUL DEAD, Dylan & the Dead (1988), sold half a vyalo.Plohie feedback received and the film starring Dylan Hearts Of Fire. The situation slightly adjusted the disc Down In The Groove (1988), which were only four new tracks (two of which Dylan co-wrote with Robert Hunter of the GRATEFUL DEAD). Participation in the project Dylan The Traveling Wilburys politicize the music of this group. In the disc recording Under The Red Sky (1990) part rock star of the first magnitude.

In the studio the past decade, sometimes slip flashes of genius, but Oh Mercy, perhaps, can claim to stand alongside the best album, the band.

In early 1997, however, the numerous admirers, who lived in anticipation of the next revival of Bob Dylan, have a good reason for optimism. Known musician Jim Dickinson told a Memphis newspaper that listened to several recordings by Bob made them during a forced confinement at her home in Minnesota, caused by heavy snowfalls. From the words of Dickinson, one of the tracks, the length of seventeen minutes, was so good that he "can not imagine that it would soon not be a hit."

. This semnadtsatiminutnaya topic indeed soon become a "Highlands", a song from a released in September 1997
. album "Time Out of Mind", seduced critics and became the first gold album of Dylan over the last decade

. The success of the album was truly impressive, . but in 1997 did not become a musician for cloudless: in May, . during the European tour, Bob literally "knocked at the door of paradise" - he was hospitalized with a diagnosis of "histoplasmosis", . deadly infectious heart disease,
. Fortunately, this time everything worked out, and Dylan, in August was even able to continue touring, which stretched for the rest of the year.

In September, at the request of Pope John Paul II, made by Bob in Rome, and in December, Dylan was one of five people, earned the highest distinction mark, which is awarded in the United States for performing the work - the Kennedy Center Awards

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Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan), photo, biography
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