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Jean-Michel Jarre (Jean Michel Jarre)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Jean-Michel Jarre (Jean Michel Jarre)
photo Jean-Michel Jarre (Jean Michel Jarre)
Name: Jean-Michel Andre Jarre
. Date of Birth: August 24, 1948
. Place of birth: Lyon
. Place of residence: Roissy
. Marital status: Married to Charlotte Rampling
. Children: Barnabe Southcombe (from his first marriage, Charlotte Rampling), Emilie Jarre (Jarre from his first marriage), David Jarre (to marriage between Jean-Michel and Charlotte)
. Hobbies: Music, kolletsioniruet Juke Box, sneakers Reebok, Swatch watches and old radios, has owned the old elevator car

. Jean-Michel Jarre was born August 24, 1948, Mr.
. Lyon. From an early age, Jean-Michel bathed in the music world, as his father was none other than the famous composer Maurice Jarre.

In five years, he learns to play the piano. Along with classes in high school, he attended the lessons and games at fugue at the Paris Conservatoire. Under the influence of Anglo-Saxon music 60-ies he begins to play the electric guitar in groups of one-day. With a group of "Mystere IV" Jarre received the first prize of the Festival of streets in Paris.

Receiving a diploma of philological education, he continued to study music. Under the patronage of Pierre Schaffaeffer he enters the "Group of musical research" in 1968. There, he opens solfege, affecting the totality of all the sounds around us.
. Then he begins to create his own recording studio, gets a fortune for electronic musical instruments.
. In 1969, the "Group of musical research" Jarre creates electro-acoustic piece "Hapiness is a sad song", designed to house the city's cultural Reims
. In the same year, Jarre composes "La Cage" and "Erosmachine", two instrumental interval for magnetic album.
. His style and belonging to the electronic music become apparent.
. Career Jarre starts where it ends for most composers
. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new ceiling of the Paris Opera, he headed the ballet, named AOR. Thus he brings electronic music at the Paris Opera. AOR - it's the music of seven parts, corresponding to the colors of the rainbow. Jean-Michel Jarre became the youngest musician ever to act in that prestigious hall.

. In 1971 he released his first album, "Deserted Palace", which is interested in only a few eccentrics.
. Jean-Michel Jarre continues to use all means to express themselves
. He tried himself in film music (Les Grandes Brulees) and in the musical splash screen television.

Jean-Michel is even a song-writer Christophe & Francoise Hardy and at Patrick Juvet. Such beautiful songs like "Les Mots Bleu", or "Senorita" by most musicians and popular with the public.
. Still, Jean-Michel decided to jump headlong into something that he really loves - in electronic music
. He writes "Oxygene" ( "Oxygen"). Is curious that no one publisher is not interested in his tracks. The only one who was touched - this Francis Dreyfus (Francis Dreyfus). The man who brought to France by David Bowie and Pink Floyd, will take him under his wing. He believes in success.

Recording Companies that fail in the publication of "Oxygene", will bite elbows - "Oxygene" will be the world success, many times a gold disc, it will be the first line of world music charts. Jean-Michel Jarre will even elected man of the year in the United States. Music Oxygene will be used as a screen saver in many television programs, this album is the soundtrack to the Australian film "Gallipoli" in 1981.
. For all the time it sold 10 million copies of "Oxygene"!
. His second album, "Equinoxe", will be a success in 35 countries, and will be sold 7 million copies.
. October 7, 1978, he linked his fate with the English actress Charlotte Rampling.
. Jean-Michel Jarre will become the creator of the concept of cities in Concert
. July 14, 1979 Paris paralyzed very first concert Jarre. This evening 1 million curious gathered at the Place de la Concorde, to observe this event. Jarre first time will enter the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest concert in the open air.

"Magnetic Fields" ( "Magnetic Fields"), his 3rd album, released in 1981, will also be a great success. He rises to the top of Top 10 best-selling album in Europe and will be a multiple gold disc.

In 1981, Jarre will become the first Western artist to perform in China - it will give 5 concerts in Beijing and Shanghai. This mini-tour will be a huge success, unprecedented in China. Musician succeed a subtle combination of traditional Chinese instruments and synthesizer technology that will be a spectacular clash of two cultures. The album, compiled from this trip to China will be one of the richest in the Jarre discography.

"Zoolook" vydet in 1984 and once again delighted with all the fans Jarre. Musician does not fall into the trap of repetition, and it can not update music. The new album celebrates the human voice as the very first of the tools. New songs are filled with words, language, modified and restructured magical synths musician.

Next stage of life's journey Jarre stated accomplishment of one of its most ambitious projects. NASA orders him to a concert to celebrate its 25 th anniversary and the 150 th anniversary of Texas. Everything was ready for the big holiday. This concert was supposed to be the first concert of a world scale: the music was created and stored in space. Astronaut Ron MacNair had to play the part of the concert on his saxophone on board the space shuttle Challenger. Both musicians rehearsed to the last. Everything was provided, the image of the spacecraft dozhno was projected on a building that has been converted into a giant screen. Unfortunately, Jean-Michel lose his friend in the explosion of the shuttle. The whole world is horrified at this tragedy. Concert in Houston will be accepted throughout America as a tribute to the victims on "Challenger".
. That same year, Jarre will undertake his second dream - playing in front of the Pope in his native city, but a concert in Lyon had almost been canceled due to a wave of terrorism swept France
. But the green light was given, the security services have been strengthened, and Jean-Michel Jarre gave one of his most beautiful concerts.

Jarre always felt anxious world problems. His album "Revolutions" is a cry against the horrors of apartheid. It will focus on Dulcie September, one of the victims of apartheid who was murdered in Paris on March 29, 1988. On the occasion of the release of this album will be a concert in the Docklands, one of the darkest places of London.

In 1990. France notes the bicentennial of the Revolution, and on this occasion Jarre arrange a special concert performance. The venue chosen Parisian quarter of Defense, the scene is set between the arch of Defense and the Arc de Triomphe. The concert will be watching around 2.5 million viewers, which is a new world record. This presentation will coincide with the release of new album, Jarre "En attendant Cousteau" ( "Waiting for Cousteau").

Cousteau Jarre is for one of the most important people in France and worldwide. French musician is one of the famous people who signed the famous petition Cousteau.

In 1993, Mr.. Jean-Michel Jarre was elected as goodwill ambassador of UNESCO. Its purpose will be impl
estvlenie series of concerts in strategic locations identified by the world body.

His new album, "Chronologie" vydet May 23, 1993. The first single, "Chronologie 4" surprise French hit parade, once a loan first.

20 years after the world success of Oxygene, Jean Michel Jarre returns to its roots, recording continued "Oxygene 7-13". Here he mixes the old with the new technology synthesizers. Like its predecessor, Oxygene 7-13 reached the summits of the European charts, his best position was second place in Austria.
. On the occasion of the release of this album, Jarre arranged a new series of concerts, but now they must not take place under the open sky, as before, but in ordinary rooms
. Jean-Michel explained his decision to a desire to play in front of a limited number of viewers that he wants to improve contacts with the audience. "Oxygene Indoor Tour" was held in Europe from May to June. The second part took place in Fragtsii in October.

In 1997. Moscow celebrated its 850 anniversary. Jean-Michel Jarre was invited by the mayor of Russia's capital to participate in this great celebration. The concert turned in front of Moscow State University, building 400 meters in length and 250 in height. The spectacle of consistent event, and the history of Moscow's projected onto the facade of the University. One of the highlights of the concert was in touch with the cosmonauts on Mir station.
. Moscow authorities estimated the number of viewers in 3.5 million, the last time Moscow saw such a crowd of people at the funeral of Stalin in 1953!
. The main event of 1998
. course is the FIFA World Cup in France. Jean-Michel Jarre in his own way to participate in this great celebration. In an excerpt from the Rendez-Vous 98 was remixed, and also, in collaboration with Tetsuya Komuro, a famous Japanese actor, Jarre sochiniyaet anthem next World Cup 2002. in Japan and Korea. This arrangement, known as Together Now, at variance with the traditions of music Jarre, since it is a song in English.

Jarre also take part in the closing of the World Cup, to give a concert at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. But this view is not similar to previous. It was a great evening, techno, La Nuit Electronique (E night), where he was accompanied by the representatives of the major electronic scene: Apollo 440, DJ Cam, Tetsuya Komuro, Claude Monnet, Resistence D, Trigga, KDD. Each artist offered his remixes of songs of the French musician, that was a kind of "living" a continuation of remix album "Odyssey Through O2". Despite the presence of 600,000 people, Electronic night has not had full success. The audience even started to leave the Champ de Mars after 1-2 hours of the concert. Jean-Michel Jarre understands that the public considered this idea "confusing", but he explains his view that he felt the desire to do something else.
. Jean-Michel Jarre on the right is one of the most famous French composers: to date, has sold 55 million of his albums.

. Ranks:
. Patron of the Youth club rugby in Roissy
. An envoy of UNESCO Goodwill

. Awards:
. 1976 - Grand Prix Charles Cros Academy for the album "Oxygene"
. Man of the Year in the U.S. (PEOPLE MAGAZINE)

. 1979 - Included in the Guinness Book of Records for the concert at the Place de la Concorde in Paris (1 million viewers)

. 1981 - Honorary member of the Conservatory in Beijing

. 1983 - D & AD Silver Award for best promotion of sound recordings

. 1984 - Grand Prix du Disque Francais for the album "Zoolook"
. Falls into the Guinness Book of Records (sale of "Musique pour Supermarche" ( "Music for the supermarket"))

. 1985 - Victoires de La Musique for the album "Zoolook"

. 1986 - The second time is included in the Guinness Book for a concert in Houston (1.3 million viewers)
. Victoires de La Musique for the "Rendez-vous"
. Victoires de La Musique in concert in Hostone
. Honorary Citizen of Houston

. 1987 - Honorary Citizen of the city of Lyon

. 1991 - The third time is included in the Guinness book for the concert in Paris La Defense (2,5 million viewers)
. Video Award for all concerts

. 1992 - Golden Europa Award for all concerts

. 1993 - Victoires de la Musique for the tour "Europe en Concert"
. Proposed at the Victoires de la Musique for the album "Chronologie"

. 1994 - Commander of the Legion of Honor

. 1995 - proposed at the Victoires de la Musique

. 1998 - IFPI Platinum Europe Award for all the work

. Discography:
. Oxygene (PLD 1977)
. Equinoxe (PLD 1978)
. Magnetic Fields (PLD 1981)
. The Concert In China (PLD in 1982)
. Zoolook (PLD 1984)
. Rendez-Vous (PLD 1986)
. En Concert Lyon / Houston (PLD 1987)
. Revolutions (Dreyfus 1988)
. Live (Dreyfus 1989)
. Waiting for Cousteau (Dreyfus 1990)
. Concerts in China, Vol
. 2 (1992)
. Hong Kong (Live, 1995)
. Oxygene 7-13 (1997)
. Cities in Concert (Live, 1998)
. China Concert (1999)
. Oxygene 1976 (reprint, 2000)
. Metamorphoses (2000)
. Collections:
. The Essential 1976-86 (Pacific 1986)
. Chronologue (PLD 1993) Oxygene: The Magic of Jean-Michel Jarre (1996)

. Official site Unofficial page

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    Jean-Michel Jarre (Jean Michel Jarre), photo, biography
    Jean-Michel Jarre (Jean Michel Jarre), photo, biography Jean-Michel Jarre (Jean Michel Jarre)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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