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Philip Kirkorov Bedrosovich

( singer, People's Artist of Russia, composer)

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Biography Philip Kirkorov Bedrosovich
Born April 30, 1967 into an artistic family in Bulgaria. Father, Bedros Kirkorov - famous Bulgarian singer of Armenian descent and his mother, Victoria - Leading the concerts of her husband, Russian.

. With 5 years of age, the future King of Pop went on tour with his parents and dreamed about the stage.

. At the age of 7 years with his parents moved to Moscow
. He participated in concerts of his father.

In childhood friends with the daughter of A. B. Pugacheva - Christine Orbakajte. He graduated from the School of Music in piano and guitar. After completing secondary school (with a gold medal) enrolled in the Musical Pedagogical College named. Gnesinyh.

Creative activity begins in 1985. First TV shooting Philip held in November 1985 in the 'Wider range', where he played the song 'Alyosha' in Bulgarian.

. The first invitation to the work of Philip received in 1987 from the 'Leningrad Music Hall' under the leadership of Elijah Rakhlina and immediately went to his overseas tour in Berlin at the world-famous theater show 'Fridrihshtadtpalas'
. But Philip Kirkorov understands that this is not for him, that we must move forward. He leaves. In his creative way of Philip Kirkorov meets Ilya Reznik, who is one of the first professionals that have assisted a young singer. Therefore, his first major debut, the singer finds himself involved in the commemorative gatherings Ilya Reznik "Vernissage" with the song "Sindbad the Sailor."

In April 1988, at the opening day of Ilya Reznik occurred the first meeting of Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov. The meeting was brief, only on stage, but those few minutes of play in the fate of Philip's great role. Already in October 1988, Philip received an invitation from the Primadonna to participate in the first 'Christmas meetings'.

. By this time, Philip Kirkorov finishes college Gnesin with highest honors, . successfully advocated in Yalta in the first contest in my life, . time to write and shoot my first music video for which became later a popular song 'Carmen' and go to Mongolia for free concerts on military units.,

. In preparing the repertoire for the 'Christmas Eve Supper' was the encounter with the poet Leonid Derbeneva, . who subsequently wrote to Philip Kirkorov song, . Donated Philip, his first hour of triumph - is: 'You, . you, . you ', . 'Heaven and earth', . 'Atlantis', . 'Day and night'.,

. On December 1, 1988 at the invitation of a
. B. Pugacheva starts in her theater songs. In 1989, together with a theater tour to Australia and Germany, where Philip first saw emigration as the first solo tour in Perm. In the same year he first reached the final of the Festival 'Song of the Year'.

In 1989, leaves the theater songs, and in 1990 released his first solo album under the name "Philip". The song 'Heaven and Earth' brought victory in the 'Schlager-90'.

. In March 1991, organized the first solo concert at the Theater stage, and in October the same year - for five concerts in the Concert Hall "Russia".

. In 1992, gives ten sold-out concerts at a cinema "October", and six months later it appears as a completely new program of "Atlantis"
. The video for the song 'Atlantis' as the best in 1992.

Concerts in St. Petersburg for 1992 only get 20 banner-headlines in chetyrehtysyachnom Big Concert Hall 'October'. One after the other two went solo programs: first, 'Heaven and earth', then show 'Atlantis', later found to be the best show of the year. In the same years, the first tour in the United States, Canada, Germany and Israel.

In 1993, Philip Kirkorov receives a gold statuette awards' Ovation 'in the category' Best singer of the year 'award and the international competition "Golden Orpheus'. At the same time held a triumphal tour of Australia. Two super-hit, which brought him a runaway success in 1993 - 'Tell me, tell me, Cherry' and 'Marina'.

1994 is important in the personal lives of Philip Kirkorov. He makes a proposal to Alla Pugacheva and obtains the consent. 13 January extravagant couple, talk about which slackened not even after three years, announced their engagement in Moscow. March 15 marriages registered in St. Petersburg mayor Anatoly Sobchak. May 15 in Jerusalem, Mark married the father of Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva.

It creates the program 'I do not Raphael'. The main part of it became hits from the repertoire of Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka and Elvis Presley's eternal. Philip writes the song 'I raise my glass'.

. In the same year in the singer's birthday, April 30, dies, his mother Victoria Kirkorov.

. In November 1994, Alla and Philip hold a joint grand concert in Atlantic City, in the biggest casinos of America 'Taj Mahal', and in May, with the triumph of committing a joint tour of the stadiums of the biggest cities in Israel.

. In 1995, Philip Kirkorov receives two gold awards statuettes 'Ovation' - in the nomination "For the best program 'and' Best Singer ', takes off and record video clips of three hits:" Ptashechka', 'Look, a summer' and 'Sweetheart'
. Suddenly, a week before the international Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Philip learns that he is representing Russia at this competition. And it took 17 th place.

In late 1995, the firm 'п?пЎп?п?пЁя€п°п?' goes double-CD "Tell the sun:" Yes! ". Exit album coincides with the premiere of the program 'The best, favorite and only for you' at the State Theater stage in November (performed nine times).

. The triumph of show programs 'best, favorite and only for you' in the country, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, started
. New chic costumes ballet troupe 'Retsital', a professional vocal group 'Vocal-band' and musical 'wall' - group 'Theodore'. Full year 1996 this program is updated, constantly adding new songs, but the hit will be long 'Bunny'.

. 1996 Philip brings 'gold statuette' at the ceremony of the World Music Awards ( 'World music awards') in Monte Carlo for the record copies (2 million sound carriers)
. In Russia, sales of the album "Say to the sun:" Yes! " and for the most sold-out shows in Russia - 'The best, favorite and only for you'.

April 30, 1997 Philip, celebrated 30 years. On the same day his wife Alla Pugacheva performed at Eurovision with the song 'Primadonna'. He has taken the unique step - the world super-tour. Having conquered Russia, the team decides to show the show in America, in the prestigious hall of the world, America and New York 'Madison Square Garden'. In the 'Madison Square Garden' viewers watched in all its glory is the same as that seen spectators in Russia - Vladivostok, Siberia, the Volga, in St. Petersburg, Moscow. The Presidential Orchestra conducted by Pavel Ovsyannikov, introduced in the show a unique flavor, and scenery by Boris Krasnov - conciseness and completeness.

. In 1997-1998, the star of the world carried Kirkorov supertur named 'Best, favorite, and only for you! " 100 cities of Russia, CIS and far abroad.

. Despite the economic and financial crisis, . comprehended Russia in late August 1998, . Philip did not lift or carry a unique project 'Only one month and only for you! " - A series of concerts in the St. Petersburg Chamber 'October' (4000 seats) from October 30 to November 30,
. After thirty (!) Daily concerts in the same city, it was announced two additional. Administration of the hall could easily 'add' a dozen more concerts, but, unfortunately for Philip, the days were already occupied.

. From 15 to 30 January 1999 in Moscow in the concert hall "Russia" Philip shows a completely new program 'Oh, mother, chic ladies!', Where are the leitmotif of temperamental oriental melodies
. Fifteen nights in the world of fairy tales "Thousand and one nights' artist gives people, . warmth of his heart warming their weary dushi.30 January, . during the final concert of fifteen mini-marathon Philip Kirkorov was awarded a certificate and a prize of the Guinness Book for the largest number of concerts in a row in one room.,

. From 1 to April 11, Kirkorov show this show in St. Petersburg.

. May 5, 1999 in Monte Carlo, Philip won World music awards 1998
. Filipp Kirkorov second time was recognized as the best performer - the leader in sales.

Immediately after the Monte Carlo Philip went to the big tour of Germany. From May 7 to June 3, he appeared in the most prestigious halls of the biggest cities in Germany.

In June 1999, at the invitation of Michael Jackson. represented Russia in the charity program 'Michael Jackson and Friends. What more can I give '.

. In November, Philip is sent to the Baltic, . and then in the U.S. and Canada, . which shows the new program 'Diva'. C this program he performed in major halls: a luxurious seven thousandth 'Taj Mahal' in Atlantic City, . in the most prestigious concert hall Toronto - 'Roy Thompson Hall', . which has never played Russia's artists, . the 'star' room 'Em-Gee-Em Grand' in Las Vegas, . where just a few days earlier were concerts Sher, . Ricky Martin and 'Backstrom Boys', . as well as in chetyrehtysyachnom Theater Chicago - one of the most beautiful theaters in America.,

. In 2005 Alla Pugacheva has filed for divorce
. Kirkorov said that they did not split Alloy. He is like a faithful knight Primadonna, so they will remain. According to the singer, divorce has become just a "legal technicality". "There is nothing supernatural in our divorce is not. Just so happened. As they say, is it happens, "- said Kirkorov.

"We will not be friends because we are relatives to each other people. And stay family! In our relations nothing has changed ", - he added. Kirkorov also stated that she would never marry.

Despite the personal Drammen, Kirkorov wrote songs for the Eurovision representatives from neighboring countries. In 2007, wrote the song 'Work your magic' for Dmitry Koldun from Belarus. In 2008, Kirkorov song 'Shady Lady' performed by Ani Lorak from Ukraine won second place at Eurovision.

. May 30, 2008 Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko awarded the title People's Artist of Small Towns of Ukraine 'for the great personal contribution to the development of cultural and artistic relations of Ukraine and Russia, . high skill and many years of fruitful creative activity '.,

. Acted in films: "Beauty" (2000), "Love in the City" (2009), as well as the musicals "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka", "Priklyuchniya Verka Serduchka", "Crazy Day" ...

. Currently, the singer continues to tour and perform live, which differ remarkably broad scope.

. Two-time winner of the World Music Awards (Monte Carlo) in the nomination "Best Artist of Russia".

. Four-time winner of Russia's National Prize "Ovation".

. In 1999, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for a series of concerts 'Only one month and only for you'.

. Awards and titles

. 2001 Honored Artist of Russia
. 2006 People's Artist of Chechnya
. 2006 People's Artist of Ingushetia
. 2008 People's Artist of Russia
. 2008 People's Artist of Ukraine
. 2008 Man of the Year in Ukraine

. Discography

. Albums:

. 1989 Philippe (vinyl)
. 1990 Sinbad the Sailor
. 1991 You, you, you
. 1991 Heaven and Earth
. 1992 Moscow - Toronto
. 1992 Such-and-so
. 1994 I Rafael
. 1995 Tell the sun: "Yes!" (2 CD)
. 1998 With love to the only
. 1998 Oh, Mama, chic ladies! (remake)
. 1998 Best, Favorite, and only for you!
. 2000 Fire and Water (remake)
. 2000 CheloFiliya
. 2001 Magico Amor (Spanish)
. 2001 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and ...
. 2002 and madly in love lonely
. 2003 Stranger
. 2003 Best Songs
. 2004 Duets
. 2007 For You

. Singles:

. 1999 Mouse
. 2000 Kilimanjaro
. 2001 Mary
. 2001 I'll die for you (remake)
. 2001 Would you believe?
. 2001 Diva (remake)
. 2003 Violent love

. Participation in the Eurovision Song Contest

. Philip Kirkorov participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995 for Russia, taking only 17 place
. Then he decided to become a producer and composer of songs for the Eurovision song contest participants from other CIS states. The first experience as a producer was not too successful: Singer Agurbash in Eurovision Song Contest 2005 took only 13 place in the semi. At Eurovision 2007 Kirkorov wrote a song for Dmitry Koldun to represent Belarus, and has been preparing his speech at the competition. Wizard the first time in history took place in the finals and won 6 th place. In 2008, Kirkorov wrote the song Shady Lady for Ukraine's representative Ani Lorak, which eventually won 2 nd place. In 2009, Kirkorov could become the leading Eurovision, which will be held in Moscow.

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  • Philip Kirkorov Bedrosovich
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  • Philip Kirkorov Bedrosovich

Photos of Philip Kirkorov Bedrosovich
Philip Kirkorov BedrosovichPhilip Kirkorov BedrosovichPhilip Kirkorov BedrosovichPhilip Kirkorov Bedrosovich

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  • Fabulous, in every respect! In New Zealand the name Phillip Kirkorov is not known, but I know it! I get his news in my newsfeed, and I post his music on my facebook wall to all my worldwide friends, that they too will know this highly talented man! I would love some day to see him perform live, and to meet him! One day I will come to Russia, (my great-grandfather was born in Lativa). The incredible voice, most attractive eyes, and so staturesque! Most of all I love that he is, who he is :) Be who you are Phillip, you are phenomenal!
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