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Schufutinsky Michael Z.

( singer)

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Biography Schufutinsky Michael Z.
photo Schufutinsky Michael Z.
"Schufutinsky Michael Z." It is a popular singer, now a U.S. citizen. Attract audiences representative appearance. His work can be called a synthesis of thieves and bard, and the urban romance. Mikhail Shufutinski has its own orchestra, the group of ballet, he performs the song the most famous Russian composers. Born in Moscow in 1948. He graduated from music school in bayan and musical college named Ippolitova - Ivanova specialty Conductor - choir. He has performed with various ensembles in Moscow in the restaurants 'Warsaw' and 'Metropol', accompanied vocally - and the comedy duo Shurova Rykunina, then in 1971. with the musicians: Igor Logachev, Leonid Lobkovsky drummer, saxophonist and singer Valery Katsnelson Nicholas Kasyanov went to Magadan. In Magadan restaurant 'North' M. Z. Schufutinsky became not only play but sing. The repertoire consisted of songs by Alexander Vertinsky, Peter Leshchenko, the most popular in this environment 'thieves' songs: 'Seaman waddled', 'route', 'The Kolyma road:', 'The ships will stand', etc.. After returning from Magadan (1974) worked for some time pianist in the quartet 'Accord', made arrangements for this ensemble. Then M. Z. Schufutinsky became the head of VIA (vocal - instrumental ensemble) 'п?п?п№я?я? song', which is mainly performed songs Vyacheslav Dobrynin. M. Z. Schufutinsky made arrangements, accompaniment, but he did not sing. One of the songs in. Dobrynin - 'White cherries spin:' - with the ensemble recorded Anna Herman. In 1978. VIA 'п?п?п№я?я?, the song' won first place at the All pop song in Sochi. In February 1981, Mr.. M. Z. Schufutinsky with his family emigrated to America. Nearly ten years of playing in various ensembles in the restaurants 'Russian Izba', 'The Pearl', 'Arbat', 'Moscow Nights', became the highest-paid singer of emigration. Served as accompanist for the singer Nina Brody. Produced two solo albums Anatolia Mogilev, who worked previously in the ensemble of 'Gems' in Yuriy Malikov, albums Mikhail Gulko: 'blue sky of Russia' and 'Burning Bridges' (emigrant - Whiteguard themes). M. Z. Schufutinsky created his own show - a group 'Ataman - Band' (as well as the restaurant 'Ataman'), and in 1989. the studio 'Prince Enterprises' was recorded the first album 'Escape'. For the first time since emigrated, M. Z. Schufutinsky arrived in Russia in the summer of 1990. - Played on tour, accompanied by an ensemble of 'Express'. Firm 'Submit' released a record 'Michael Schufutinsky in Moscow', which included such songs as: 'Roman' (A. Rosenbaum), 'The old cafe' (In. Gorbatov), 'Lucy' (P. Berezin). Since 1993, Mr.. M. Z. Schufutinsky constantly coming to Russia on tour, yet their albums he recorded in America. However he now prefers popular songs. Contract with the company 'Russian supplies' to release new album 'Kitty, Kitty'. In the TV program 'Song - 93' sang Vyacheslav Dobrynin 'Two Candles'. Starts cooperation with the firm 'ADR'. Michael Schufutinsky actively collaborating with the composer Igor Krutoy, performs many of his songs: 'How is it in Russia raining sideways', '3 - e September', 'Velvet Season', 'May you dream of Palma de Mallorca', 'Let go'. In 1996 - 1997 the. Schufutinsky tours to Russia, together with Igor Krutoy writes a new song album. The repertoire includes songs of Michael Shufutinski authors such as: Oleg Mityayev ( 'Guest Night'), Alexander Rosenbaum ( 'Hope - stop', 'Kreschatik'), Oleg Gazmanov ( 'Putana') and many others. Videos were filmed for the songs 'Guest Night' (1993, directed by T. Keosayan), 'Marina' (directed by P. Kalvarskaya), 'Fall in Philadelphia'. Since 1996. producing duo 'A Taste of Honey', which stands at concerts Mikhail Shufutinski. One of the soloists - Tatiana Anise - worked in the show - a group of Michael Shufutinski 'Ataman'. The second member of the duet - Alena Ivancova - was shot in the clip 'Rain Man', which was withdrawn shortly before the formation of the group. Family M. Z. Shufutinski lives in Los - Angeles. The eldest son David has been successful in a big TV. Younger son Anton lives in Hawaii, studying for a doctor, took part in the song 'Black gun' (rap). Michael Shufutinskiy received a 'Silver galosh' for his contribution to the show - business. Albums:
. "Escape" (1989)

. Mikhail Shufutinskiy in Moscow "(1991)

. "Kitty - kitty" (1993)

. "Best Song - 1" (1993)

. "Ataman" (1994)

. Island of Love "(1994)

. "Best Song - 2" (1994)

. "Best Song - 3" (1994)

. "White Stork" (1994)

. Stars of the Russian emigration sing songs and
. Resnick (1994)

"Love, like a dream. Creative evening and. Cool "(1994)

"My only" (1994)

"My Life" (1994)

"No problem (1994)

"Moscow Nights" (1994)

Collection of "Speech"? 2. Melodies of the Russian soul "(1994)

. "Thank you, Sasha Rosenbaum!" (1994)

. "And Quiet Flows the Don" (1994)

. "You're my only" (1994)

. "And Quiet Flows the Don" (1994)

. "Gulliver" (1994)

. "Walk the soul" (1994)

. "Russian stars of the New - York" (1995)

. "Good evening, gentlemen" (1996)

. "Best Song - 3" (1996)

. "On Women" (1996)

. "For the lovely ladies!" (1997)

. "Let's help each other relax ..." (1997)

. "Thank you, Sasha Rosenbaum!" (1997)

. "Once in America"

. Moscow Zlatoglavaja - 7 "

. "Ataman - 3" "Escape"

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  • These are my poems and songs. Want me to cooperate? *** Babe, . Let's talk with you. I love the sad glitter in your eyes. You gently embrace me, . Hold me and stay forever. I love your laughter and your sadness, . You for me as a little miracle. I'm waiting for you as the sun in the morning and the wind you will adjourn from the cold. And your little world will leave for you, . That you found shelter in my heart. For me everything just for you: And the stars, . and the sun at dawn. I'll take you and swept across the world, . Forests, . the field, . the steppe. I so want to give you the dawn and the smell of the dawn. *** For all of you thank you: For the light in the soul, . Therefore, . which is again close, . Therefore, . that the sun rises at dawn And the land is shrouded in mist. sun light so far and close, . But I did not warm it warm. For me, its rays were cold and the wind does not sing a song. And the only way and only the expanse of the steppe to return to me in the eyes shine and strength. For only the wall, . walls in towns and light, . that you gave me. Come with me there, . where the steppe in colors, . Where the birds singing and the wind like a song. Where the whole world as if for you, . And you're alone, . just you alone - the princess. For all of you thank you: For the light in the soul, . Therefore, . which is again close, . Therefore, . that the sun rises at dawn And the land is shrouded in mist. *** Where - the night falls on the roofs, . Lighting the lights in the windows. Where - you can hear the cry, . Where - you can hear the call, . Where - that people sing about love. The song and word. Istrochka Song, . Word and verse given to me over the ancestors. The noise outside the window once again subsided flock of birds nestled on the roof. Thoughts were somewhere in the distance, . I'm going to the top of her. The word and line, . guitar and the song will remain in my life. Remain lyrics, . And I will sing of friendship, . love and separation. Will call, . But I will not cry, . I'll go from war and separation.,
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    Schufutinsky Michael Z., photo, biography
    Schufutinsky Michael Z., photo, biography Schufutinsky Michael Z.  singer, photo, biography
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