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Comments for ZADORNOV Mikhail
Biography ZADORNOV Mikhail
Actually, in our hero's childhood was not anything that would have foreshadowed in him a great man, able to stop time. He grew up in an ordinary Soviet family, studied in an ordinary Soviet school in the beautiful city of Riga. True, his father was a writer, and even the State Prize laureate, but for my classmates to see Misha is not particularly affected. That his father was a school friend Petka was captain of the seagoing - wow!
But it is in school, he really carried away by the theater and even played several roles. The first was the role of Ripki (third class), then Michael was summoned to the dramatic circle on the staging of Ostrovsky's "A Profitable Post" where he played a costumed bear. Without words, of course, but roared Zadornov very artistic.
- I, apparently, so well played that I was invited to stay in the drama circle. The next play Volodya Kachanov played goers to Lenin. Since no makeup, no costumes we had, we twisted inside-out jackets and pants. We thought that since we are more similar to walkers. "Bit of land to us!" - We spoke to the secretary of Lenin, because Lenin himself was not: not allowed to play the leader of nonprofessional actors. A walkers - can! When we came out, the hall was dying with laughter ...
Tearing thunderous applause Riga public, artists Zadornov Jr. did not try. Most of all, by his own admission, he wanted to be ... Khrushchev. "He's very much traveled around the country, was famous for, all handed out orders, and he was all". But, judging sensibly, he decided to enter the Aviation Institute. Fortunately there was a great team handball, but it is a child of this game "sick".

. Mikhail Zadornov sports career ended pretty quickly: at one of the training, he fell and broke meniscus, . and he would have stayed, . By his own admission, . simply "drinking student", . Yes good friends Volodya Cachan and Leonid Filatov, . Shchukin college students, . infected theater,
. To prove that "we also do not slurp soup bast, Zadornov came to the amateur, where he not only successfully began to appear on stage, but also wrote the first stories. Which, however, absolutely refused to print all publications. During eight years with enviable persistence, for instance, wore an engineer Zadornov their stories in the Literary Gazette, and with no less enviable constancy editors sent them to the trash. During this time, Michael graduated from the Aviation Institute, . remained in the same teaching, . receive a stable salary of one hundred twenty-RE and even invented a damn useful thing - a new injector for the secret of the secret aircraft, . who now runs a restaurant Buran in Gorky Park,
. Prototype distilling moonshine in pure alcohol, which came from the nozzle in the form of steam at a speed of sound. Staff enjoyed a resounding success with staff MAI.
Because society at that time not yet ripe for the emergence of Mikhail Zadornov-writer, had to go to the people. Had the opportunity to spend a laborer in expeditions to the Far North and Far East, the head of student theater, to work as a journalist ... After leaving the "Youth" Mikhail Nikolayevich went to serve in the "bodies". "The KGB apparently were aware of my affairs, and when I was left without work, they phoned me and ... invited to a circle of amateur in their club. They explained that my task - creation of a good team. I agreed - after all was a good salary. The guys that worked in our amateur theater, were gifted with a beautiful professional memory. However, there was some specificity. Leading actress could say that tomorrow will not come, because it flies in Afghanistan - it was a parachutist. Or the actor asked for permission to rehearsals not to stand and sit - because he walked the whole day and very tired. Probably not with the girl walked, and walked behind someone. "
And just in show "Around the laughter, he read a story about the ninth car, the whole country roared with laughter, and the author became famous overnight. And then the magazine "Cinema Art" took and published the story of Mikhail Zadornov "Open letter to the Secretary General", which instantly sold throughout the country to photocopy. Since the author did not put the newspaper "New York Times concluded that the Soviet Union really began restructuring.

. By its fiftieth anniversary, occurring in the summer of 1998, Mikhail Zadornov had to do a lot - not only stop time
. For example, to release four volumes of collected works part-time "(on its own definition). And yet he managed to write and put a few pieces to play in a major role in the film on his own scenario, to create a fund for assistance to Russian-speaking population in Baltic countries ... And this despite the fact that his whole life is subject to a rigorous schedule of touring the world, where the writer-satirist still waiting for full houses ...
. With that in all his speeches satirist violently abusing our power, and the president personally, it lives in the capital ..
. with the president in the same house. His neighbors - the leading politicians of the country: Luzhkov, Chernomyrdin, Borodin, Yumashev, Gaidar, Grachev, Shakhrai, Erin ... How did this company a writer? That's what puts it Alexander Korzhakov:

"It turns out that in our house live only public figures. We had to somehow dilute the contingent for the sake of favorable public opinion ...

Our neighbor was a writer-satirist Mikhail Zadornov. His friendship with Yeltsin has ensued in Jurmala, during the rest. Misha was able to cheer Boris Nikolaevich: comically fell on the court, deliberately missed, witty. And so jokingly went into the trust ... After the holidays we have continued to pair tennis meet. Suddenly Zadornov quietly turned to me:

- Sasha, I learned about a new home. And I have a very poor area in the entrance of a drunkard toilet arranged. One floor above, in general, an alcoholic living. Take to yourself.

We have ... Soon he began to concerts, and he skillfully mocked the President in his humoresque. Only three years later, we finally had a talk - it turns out, Misha would expose much more of Boris Nikolayevich, but spared him because of the good-neighborly relations. "

Intimate life of a writer? This walk whole legends:). Discussing seemingly have been numerous novels, satirical numerous admirers of his talent as. There are rumors that supposedly have Zadornov have family in Moscow, that his children are growing throughout our country, even the grandson of a recently allegedly reappeared. Sam Mikhail has not denied such rumors, but not confirmed. On his relations with women is expressed in misty, but highly respect: "I'm not a monk, of course. True, my whole life luck with women. "
But from reliable sources it became known the following: in March 1971, a graduate of the MAI Michael Zadornov formalized relationship with a graduate of the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University Velta Kalnberzinoy. Incidentally, too rizhankoy and even the daughter of the former first secretary of the Communist Party of Latvia Jan Kalnberzina. However, father-in at that time was retired. Now CIC teaches English at the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University.

But the truly serious and lasting relationship with Mikhail Zadornov from another woman - with ... Backstage. He lives in a furious pace: tours, flights, dozens of concerts each month ... Personal record - eight (!) Performances per day. Another would probably be a week of such a life was in a specialist clinic, and Zadornov believes that he is so ... charged. "I have a room there during a speech contact, like a man and a woman. I love this room, and hall likes me, we got and we can bring each other to a state very similar to an orgasm. This is so cool! "

- If I was drinking in his youth, it was drinking all that was: port wine with beer, vodka and a little cologne on top. And I was involved in sports to fall and knew no sense of proportion - honestly acknowledged hero of the day. - I just have the character of such. Here, let's play tennis, but not an hour, and five o'clock. And chess is the same story: with Arkanov played fifty parties a day! I do not know how to stop! Therefore, by the way, has ceased to play cards. I was a great lover of whist and once lost a lot. Since then gave the oath - not to gamble. I do not drink for the same reason and do not smoke. There is!

His half-century writer met with the scored optimistic: "There is still fifty years ..." And he remembered for some reason on this occasion one scene, seen during a tour in the Far East. "The airport in Yuzhno-Kurilsk. On the wings of an old IL-14, which is lucky for us the island of Iturup creeps mechanic with tools, something privorachivaet. Finally, it jumps to the ground, looking at us and waved his hand: "Ah, well! Fly! Anyway's nothing to fix!"

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  • Site dedicated M. N. Zadornov. Stories Zadornov, a competition of stories, forum, articles about him, links.
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  • Photo M. N. Zadornov at a meeting in the Studio Perspective "Israeli television May 9, 1996.
Portfolio Interviews Publications
  • Mikhail Zadornov continues to be surprised "
    . Article on creative meetings with well-known satirist in g. Samara (Gazeta Samara Review, 29 December 1997).

  • Note about the tour M. N. Zadornov Vladivostok (electronic newspaper "Vladivostok, 24 November 1997).

  • "This North. Russia saves, concert sleeps ". Article in "The province" (13 March 1997) about the tour M. N. Zadornov in g. Petrozavodsk.

Annotations Scandals
  • Note on conflict of M
    . N. Zadornov with the leadership of one of the Dnepropetrovsk restaurants (the Kiev newspaper Segodnya, 24 April 2000).

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  • Tikhonov Sergey Fedorovich for ZADORNOV Mikhail
  • Rouam for ZADORNOV Mikhail
  • Hello, Mikhail Nikolayevich Appeal to you first. First, I can not help but notice that you were iNetObyavleniyu "satarikom" (All-Union known). Secondly, I have a book "The Far Country". Thirdly, until the sailors will be miles instead of kilometers, until in the shops the size of the screen in inches, although in advertising (!) In centimeters? How tired feet and barrels: in fact the metric system adopted throughout the world. And much use of the word "public relations" in the sense of the MNLF (build required of public opinion) - in general there is a complete monstrosity: well you could, instead of "PR" use "of the MNLF," instead of "PR man" - "fnomschik" etc.. Furthermore, . example, . I can easily prove, . that "mental" (ie, . that the mental) is 100% Nye tracing the word "mentality" (ie, . that mental): for mental = mental, . and the Latin suffix "itet" and Russian "beard" are identical to those, . example, . words, . as "news" (that, . the new) (Portuguese "novedad"), . property (ie, . that your own),
    . For example, our mental "is equivalent to the words" our mentality ". "Mental" = "umstvennostny". Who better than you will remove from our language, word-freaks, from which you want to spit? No. Fourthly, I do have something even more interesting to you than what I wrote now. Dosvidanya.
  • Boris Bolotin for ZADORNOV Mikhail
  • Beautiful name Titi COCOA. About the frailty of life said it. I'm in this business already eaten the dog, and assure our life - shit. Happiness is not for sale at the bazaar. Disappeared somewhere paradise. Not too sweet, even in the Sahara. Moreover, there is a sand. Now I see it all as God's day, somewhere in the city have such PHNOM PENH. But where to look for it, I do not know. I hunted on the map even in the afternoon with fire. I beg you: no swearing, dear, Though before you I look like a stump-stump. Russia can only be proud of. In Orel live, of course, eagles. And the Norwegians who live in the capital? Do not know? It is clear that donkeys. And the way the Finns make things hot for the Turks, what they seek in Helsinki now? Give even the Finnish city of Turku. Do not avoid the loss of Finland! Known at home helps Wall. We will announce the drug battle to the death. And there, they have injections foolishness in Vienna, is able to do, it seems, any. Europe enchants us with its style. In ancient castles that neither the pond, the treasure. Shallow, only seven feet under the keel. There is always a rich treasure hunter. We are building for centuries, for generations. House foundation - a solid monolith. But they have Paris stands on the Seine. I'm amazed myself, how else is. East - a riddle: the cobra and gazelles. He surprises us every year. But where are the capital Delhi, the Indian guest, alas, will not crow. Where India and where the Indians live? "Turkeys are not suitable to marry them. A pro Loin know whether the Koreans? Our great language is incomprehensible!
  • Boris Bolotin for ZADORNOV Mikhail
  • Dear Mikhail Nikolayevich! Knowing your interest in the Russian language, I would like to inform you about the origin and meaning of certain words. But first, a more important. Can not make a fetish Russian language: they say, he is the oldest, the most important. Everyone is clear that the Ukrainian language - the father of Russian. A forefather of the Ukrainian and Russian languages are the languages of the South Slavs. Under the influence of the languages of other peoples (Greek, Germanic, Turkic) changed and improved Russian and Ukrainian languages. The least changed the Belarusian language, tk. closed impenetrable forests and marshes, the country has undergone the least influence. The word 'white' indicates that. White - is a noble. White mushroom, white king, etc.. Russian principalities were at the intersection of trade routes. Along with the goods to Russia and came to their names. By the way, 'product' - the Turkic word. From it happened and the word 'comrade' - partner merchant, his friend and assistant. (Remember, in Russian before the revolution was widely used phrase 'Assistant Minister'). I have deeply shocked your interpretation of the word 'hero'. The word is of Mongolian origin, and sounds like 'Bogaturov'. The root of 'God' in Russian means not bright, but strong. Cognate words are: rich, hero, god. Yes, God - is something strong and powerful and it appeared in the Russian language much earlier than Christianity in Russia. Now the names of certain body organs. Do not ascribe to the ancient Slavic hunters and pastoralists great knowledge of medicine. The names given by the external signs: lungs are so called because, . not sink in water, . liver - because, . that because of his color seemed to be baked, . spleen - thanks to his motley color (hence the name duck), . heart - because, . that it is in the middle,
    . But as we have seen the word 'brain'? Mind is absolutely nothing to do with. There are, after all, and bone marrow. Thank God, in the Russian language has preserved expression 'wet weather', ie. wet, very wet weather. In kinship Russian, Latvian 'mozgatis' means 'wash'. The word 'brain' of our ancestors to signify something watery. So called and the river, on which much later came the current capital of Russia, 'Mozgva': 'brain' - the swampy, 'va' - in Finno-Ugric - the river (cf. Neva Protva). Incidentally, in Lithuania there is a river 'Mozgava', and in Poland - the river 'Mockava'. I am sending you one of my poems on the theme of language:
  • Svetlana for ZADORNOV Mikhail
  • Chehovskaya Svetlana for Zadornov Mikhail Nikolayevich. Hello, dear Mikhail Nikolayevich. Thank you very much for your titanic work. I have for many years and I remember how in the library on the outskirts of Kiev in the post-war was the turn of the books your father. For my brother it was the opening of the East. Now these works in the library can not find, and buy these books have no place in Kiev. My granddaughter, fortunately, managed to find them and read. I would like to have your "thinking aloud", which are rejected by serious scholars, were available in the reading not only in Moscow. Russia is large, but in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and in the Baltic States there are millions of people, Russian soul, who dream of leaving his grandchildren proud of Russian. Not the Russians, and Russian - Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Jews, Latvians, Lithuanians ..... Russian. Your thoughts, clothed in words, it is necessary to print large editions, and sell in all cities and towns of the former USSR. Thank you for your attention.
  • larcev for ZADORNOV Mikhail
  • For Zadornov: Vladimir Larcev killed L.Filatov paranormaly. His v.86
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