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LIMONOV Edward Veniaminovich

( Leader of the National Bolshevik Party, a former editor in chief)

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Biography LIMONOV Edward Veniaminovich

Born February 22, 1943 in g. Dzerzhinsk, Gorki oblast, Russian. Real name - Savenko.
He graduated from the 8 classes of secondary schools in g. Kharkov.
In January 1958 robbery and the store continued to engage in such activities to 21 years.
Worked Steelworkers, fitter high-altitude. In 1963 participated in a strike against the reduction of costs.
In 1958 began to write poetry. In 1965, outside the scope of the Kharkov literary bohemians and is engaged in poetry have professionally. Replaced many professions.
In 1966, together with his first wife, Anna Rubinstein came to "win" to Moscow. Some time earning sewing trousers, then returned to Kharkov.
The following year, again came to Moscow. Attended seminar Arseny Tarkovsky, met with the Moscow literary underground of. He has released five samizdat collections of his poems.
In October 1973, was summoned to the KGB, and got an offer to become an informant. According to the most Limonov, after the rejection he was offered a leave Moscow or to emigrate.
. September 30, 1974, flew to Vienna, and from there to Italy and the United States.
. In 1975 - 76 - proofreader at a New York newspaper "New Russian word."
. It is witness against the western world
. In May 1976, picketing building New York Times, demanding the publication.
. For several years, was replaced by 13 professionals and a lot of jobs.
. In 1975 - 76 friends with the American Trotskyists (Socialist Workers Party), attended their meetings.
. In 1976 published a book "It's me - Eddie" which caused a scandal naturalistic description of the homosexual scenes and fierce criticism of America.
. For "Eddie" was followed by a collection of poems "Russian" (1979), "The history of his servants," "Diary of a loser" (1982), "Teenager Savenko (1983)," The young scoundrel "(1986), etc.
. In the early 80's he moved to France.
. In 1987, became a citizen of France.
. Member of the editorial board of the weekly "L'Idiot International"
. Actively published and printed in the extreme right journal Shock du mois.
. In the Soviet Union began to be published in 1989 (the novel "We had a great era, and then reissue the many" little Eddie ").
. In 1990 - 93 - Standing by the newspaper "Soviet Russia".
. Most of his books published by the Moscow magazine "verb".
. Thrice occasionally participated in the war in former Yugoslavia on the side of the Serbs
. In Yugoslavia, as well as in Abkhazia and Transnistria visited as a journalist, but does not hesitate to talk about that everywhere he took up arms.
In October 1991 he returned to Soviet citizenship. Since 1992 he has lived in Russia.
From May to November 1992 - member of the Liberal Democratic Party. He became a declared June 22, 1992 "shadow government" minister of security.
May 1, 1993 was declared the leader of the National Bolshevik Front (NBF). Some time later renamed the group of his supporters in the National Bolshevik Party (NBP).
. In 1993 and 1995, unsuccessfully ran for the State Duma of Russia.
. In November 1994, founded the newspaper "lemon" as the body of the NBP and became its chief editor.
. September 18, 1996 was beaten by unknown
. Received a head injury, multiple fractures of the nose, injury of the eyeball.
Well spoke in English and in French.
Author of the book "Limonov against Zhirinovsky.
Thrice divorced. The first wife, Anna Rubinstein, committed suicide in 1990. Limonov's second wife, Elena Shchapova De Carli, - the heroine of his book "It's me - Eddie", the author of "It's me - Helen". From 1980 to 1995, was married to Natalya Medvedeva Georgiyevna - singer and writer, author of the novels "Mom, I love rogue" and "Hotel California".
. "Legitimate" no children, but there is an illegitimate child.

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LIMONOV Edward Veniaminovich, photo, biography
LIMONOV Edward Veniaminovich, photo, biography LIMONOV Edward Veniaminovich  Leader of the National Bolshevik Party, a former editor in chief, photo, biography
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