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Bilibin, Ivan Yakovlevich

( Artist)

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Biography Bilibin, Ivan Yakovlevich
Born in 1876, with. Tarhovka, near St. Petersburg 1942.

Son of military - naval doctor, a descendant of an ancient race, and. YA. Bilibin was supposed to become a lawyer and graduated from the Faculty of Law, St. Petersburg University (1896 - 1900). But at the same time engaged in the Drawing School 'at OPKh, in the workshop A. Ashbe in Munich, school M. K. Tenisheva y and. E. Repin. For performing the first work for the magazine (1899) and the following year became a member of the association ' "World of Art", he continued his studies in the workshop and a volunteer. E. Repin Academy of Arts. Bilibin's illustrations have brought fame to the Russian folk tales published for children: "The Princess - Frog" (1901), "Vasilisa the Beautiful" (1902), "Mary Morevna" (1903). Was followed by illustrations of the other CK. I:) Kam, bylinas, as well as tales L. C '. Pushkin, among which are illustrations of the "Volga" (1904) and "Tale of the Golden Cockerel" (1910). Russian fairy tale about the artist devoted his entire creativity, serious to prepare: traveled to Russia, especially in the North, studying with interest the Russian folk and decorative art.

. Bilibin soon developed his own graphical style, based on carefully traced, and detailed contour drawings of patterned, colored watercolor.

. This style was called "Bilibinskii", became popular and spawned many imitations
. The artist himself suffered from his illustrations to fairy tales in the magazine and industrial graphics (postcards, posters, calendars, etc.), as well as political cartoons, which dealt with during the first Russian revolution. Its the same he used in his theatrical works, the more so Bilibin preferred book sets for plays based on Russian fairy tales or Russian past. True, his first work in the theater had been set for a medieval Miracle "Actions of Theophile" (1907). He then designed the opera The Golden Cockerel (1909) and "Sadko" (1914) H. A. Rome - Skog - Korsakov's "Ruslan and Lyudmila M. I. Glinka (1913) and became a renowned theater artist.

In the midst of revolutionary events, the fall of 1917, Bilibin left Petrograd in the Crimea, where he owned a plot of land, and in early 1920,. he managed to get to Egypt. He lived first in Cairo, then in Alexandria - designed the ballet productions for the company of Anna Pavlova, made sketches of murals for the Orthodox Church. In 1925, Mr.. moved to Paris, where he worked intensively - designed the 10 performances, among which the most prominent purchased opera "The Tale of Tsar Saltan (1929) and" Tale of the City of Kitezh and Loewe Fevronia (1934) H. A. Rimsky - Korsakov, "Prince Igor" A. P. Borodin's "Boris Godunov" M. P. Mussorgsky (both 1930), as well as illustrated folk tales, including the French. In 1936, Mr.. Bilibin returned home and was well received. He received a professorship graphics studio IZHSA in Leningrad in 1939. He received his Doctor of Art. At the same artist designed the performances of "The Tale of Tsar Saltan (1937) and" commander Suvorov "(1939), completed the illustrations for the novel A. N. Tolstoy "Peter I" (1937) and the "Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov" M. YU. Lermontov (1939). In the very first winter of the siege of Leningrad Bilibin died of starvation.

Biographies Portfolio
  • 30 papers and
    . YA. Bilibin can be found in the section "Russian Art" on a private page, George Mitrevski (Auburn University, USA).

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    Bilibin, Ivan Yakovlevich, photo, biography
    Bilibin, Ivan Yakovlevich, photo, biography Bilibin, Ivan Yakovlevich  Artist, photo, biography
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