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Salvador DALI (Salvador Dali)

( Artist)

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Biography Salvador DALI (Salvador Dali)
photo Salvador DALI (Salvador Dali)
Dali was born May 11, 1904 in Figueres, near Barcelona. As he himself says in his autobiography, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, written by himself (1942), his childhood was marked vivid emotional experiences, many of which predate his later ideas and visions. In 1921-1926 he studied at the Madrid Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, where technical virtuosity achieved by copying the works of the great masters of the past.

In 1925-1928 Dali for some time carried away by his countrymen the art of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, and then turned to the long interested him the Italian 'metaphysical school' of painting. In the works of this school, . especially Giorgio de Chirico and Carlo Carra, . interest in the ability of characters to produce in the minds of certain images became the basis of studies of dreams and hallucinations, . to which the artists came up with the positions of Freud's theory,
. Technical skills Dali is perfect for recreating the atmosphere on a canvas of sleep and hallucinations.

In 1929 he moved to Paris and joined the surrealist. Being engaged in the study of the manifestations of the subconscious, Dali tried in his works convey a vision man obsessed paranoid ideas. Playing the familiar things in an absurd situation and the most bizarre and unusual combinations, . He called his paintings 'handmade pictures', . established in accordance with the 'paranoid-critical method', . which he defines as' spontaneous method of irrational knowledge, . based on the introspective-critical association of images delirium ',
. He often used the replication method of the same images and the metamorphosis of animate beings and inanimate objects

. Daly participated in the creation of two best-known surrealist films - Un Chien Andalou (1929) and The Golden Age (1931), . set director L. Bunuel, on arrival in the U.S. in 1940, the artist created the scenery for several ballets and performances, and several series of illustrations,
. Among more recent works by Dali - paintings on religious subjects, such as The Last Supper (1955, Washington, National Gallery). In his autobiography, he wrote the book Invisible Woman (1930), Conquest of the Irrational (1935), Hidden person (1944), Fifty secrets of magic Crafts (1948) and Dali on modern art (1956).

In 1982, King Juan Carlos of Spain bestowed the artist the title of Marquis de Pubol. In the same year in St. Petersburg (pc. Florida) opened the Salvador Dali Museum, which houses the world's largest collection of his works and a library of works about him and surrealism (about 2500 volumes). Dali died in Figueres January 23, 1989 and is buried in the rotunda of his Theater-Museum.

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  • Akterkin for Salvador DALI (Salvador Dali)
  • 2004 UNESCO declared the year of Salvador Dali's 100 th anniversary of the great surrealist devoted ... ACTION 'Dreams of Salvador Dali' or 'O SALVADOR than to die? "Where St. Petersburg DK im.1 th Five-Year Plan St.,
    . 34 Dekabristov. Sign in with Kryukov Canal. Entrance 3, . 3 floor when 4, . 6, . June 8 beginning at 19.00 his paintings - THE MYSTERY OF HIS LIFE - HIS DEATH SCANDAL - DREAM THEATER 'DIKLON' experience of artistic LONING 4 June 19.00-play 'ORANGE DREAM Salvador Dali', . Press Conference on June 6 19.00 - spektakl'SINY CPA Salvador Dali '8 June 19.00 - spektakl'KRASNY CPA Salvador Dali' in the framework of the action EXHIBITION - Yu Creteil, . A. Batukhtin: 'Death' (graphics) Reflection of death in the signs and symbols of the subconscious. Admission to the exhibition only to members of the action: from 18.00 to 22.00 ENTRANCE PER SHARE - 200 rubles,
    . A DAY FOR STUDENTS SELLING discount tickets per day spectacle of 18.00 to the cashier for theater and theatrical box office of St. Petersburg. Ticket booking and information call: 8-921-983-06-65, (812) 114-20-27 www.diclon.spb.ru
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    Salvador DALI (Salvador Dali), photo, biography
    Salvador DALI (Salvador Dali), photo, biography Salvador DALI (Salvador Dali)  Artist, photo, biography
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