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Yegor Gaidar

( State Duma deputy, director of the Institute for Economy in Transition, Chairman of the Party)

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Biography Yegor Gaidar

Born March 19, 1956 in Moscow, Russian. Grandson of the famous Soviet writer Arkady Gaidar (Golikov), son of Rear-Admiral, writer Timur Gaidar, on his mother - the grandson of the writer Paul Bazhov.
In 1978 he graduated from the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University. M. V. University. In 1980 he graduated from the post graduate courses under the scientific supervision of Academician Stanislav Shatalina. Doctor of Economic Sciences.
. In 1980 - 85 he worked in the VNII Systems Research USSR, in 1986 - 87 - Senior Researcher, Institute of Economics and Forecasting of scientific and technological progress USSR.
. Since 1990 - editor of the economic policy of the newspaper "Pravda".
. The spring of 1991 became the director created on his initiative, the Economic Policy Institute at the Academy of National Economy of the USSR.
. From November 1991 - Deputy Prime Minister on economic policy, Minister of Economy (until February 1992) and Finance in the Government.
. At the end of November 1991 outlining the priority actions of the Government of Russia to stabilize the economic situation.
. 2 March 1992 was appointed first deputy prime minister.
. 2 April 1992 was dismissed as Minister of Finance of Russia.
. April 13 Gaidar said the resignation of the Government.
. 16 June 1992 and was appointed
. about. Chairman of the Government of Russia.
. In December 1992, VII Congress of People's Deputies Gaidar was not approved as Chairman of the Council of Ministers.
. Since December 1992 - Director of the Institute for Economy in Transition (IET) and the Presidential adviser on economic policy.
. From April 1993 - President of the All-Russia Association of privatized and private enterprises.
. On September 18, 1993 to January 1994 - Minister of Economy and Deputy Chairman of the Government.
. After riots broke out in Moscow on television the night of 3 to 4 October 1993, urging Muscovites to go to Mossoviet to protect democracy.
. 12 December 1993 was elected to the State Duma of the first convocation.
. Member of the Political Council of movement "Russia's Choice
. Chairman of the Party "Democratic Choice of Russia".
In January 1996, came out of the Presidential Council in connection with the events in g. Kizlyar and. Pervomaisk.
. From August 1, 1997 - Member of the Scientific Council of the RF Security Council.
. June 7, 1999 was introduced in the composition of the Expert Council under the RF Government.
. 19 December 1999 was elected to the State Duma of the third convocation.
. In the State Duma in January 2000, registered in the parliamentary faction of the Union of Right Forces
. On January 28, 2000 - Member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes.
. On May 20, 2000 - Co-ATP.
. He is Chairman of the Constituent Council of the International Center for Research of economic reforms.
. In 1990 published a monograph "Economic reform and hierarchical structures.
. Speaks English, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian language.
. Contains the second marriage
. His wife, Maria Strugatskia, - the daughter of renowned science fiction writer Arkady Strugatsky. Son of Peter from his first marriage, Ivan (1978) and Paul (1989) - from the second.

Curriculum Vitae available IPC "Panorama"

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Yegor Gaidar, photo, biography
Yegor Gaidar, photo, biography Yegor Gaidar  State Duma deputy, director of the Institute for Economy in Transition, Chairman of the Party, photo, biography
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