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Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich

( State Duma deputy, TV presenter, film director)

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Biography Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
photo Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
Born August 3, 1958 in Leningrad, Russian.
Nevzorov's maternal grandfather, George V. Nevzorov, was Cheka, headed in 1946 - 55 Department of the NKVD to combat gang violence in the territory of the Lithuanian SSR. His mother, Galina, a journalist. Father Alexander Nevzorov not know.
. Studied at the Faculty of Philology of Leningrad State University, but did not finish it.
. In 1976, evaded the call to active military service, feigning a mental disorder.
. He worked in the house-museum A
. S. Pushkin, a chorister in the church choir, a loader, a medical orderly in the hospital waiting room, a stunt at the studios, horse-breaker at the farm.
. Since 1985 - the reporter and author of the scripts of documentaries on the Leningrad television.
. Since December 1987 - the hosts of "600 seconds".
. December 12, 1990 at the Ecole under mysterious circumstances, an attempt was made: he was fired from a pistol and slightly wounded a silver bullet.
. January 15, 1991, . after entering the military units and special forces in Vilnius and the Vilnius TV tower assault group "Alpha", . Nevzorov released at the Leningrad two TV programs "The Tower" and "Boleslaw", . united in the report "Our", . which justified the military action of the army and riot police in Lithuania.,
. In 1996, the eve of presidential elections, has promoted its program candidacy of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Albert Makashov.
. In 1992 - 1993 the film crew "STC-600" visited a number of "hot spots" (Transnistria, Yugoslavia).
. In March 1992 Sponsor "STC-600 SW
. Shutov was arrested on charges of robbery (released in six years under house arrest, in 1996, acquitted in February 1999, arrested again).
. From September 1990 to August 1993 - Member of the editorial board of the weekly "spiritual opposition" Day ".
. 12 December 1993 was elected to the State Duma.
. Actively supported the introduction of Russian military units in the territory of the Chechen Republic.
. In April 1995, on Channel ORTV released a new series of programs A
. Nevzorov's "Wild Field. Reports on Russia in the late XX century.
At the beginning of December 1995 Duma deputy Gleb Yakunin, sued the Nevzorov (broadcast TV program "One on One" Nevzorov Yakunin accused in the kidnapping of plastic plates from the buffet Duma). The process ended in victory Yakunin.
. 17 December 1995 was elected to the new State Duma.
. Since March 1996 - Consultant ORTV.
. In July 1997, took a feature film about the Chechen war "Purgatory.
. Since December 1997 - Advisor for Film, Television and Radio Broadcasting of St. Petersburg Governor Vladimir Yakovlev.
. In 1998 - one of the creators of television LLP "Pride".
. From September to December 1999 - expert commentator on Saturday information-analytical program "Time" (ORT).
. From February 1999 - author and presenter of information and journalistic program Nevzorov (ORT).
. March 26, 2000 was elected to the State Duma of the third convocation.
. He is fond of collecting guns and knives.
. He has state awards.
. Is the third marriage
. First wife Nevzorov - Natalia Yakovleva, whom he met in a church choir. Second wife - actress Alexander Yakovlev (later vice-mayor, Mr.. Kaliningrad). Has a daughter Pauline's first marriage.

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  • Mikhail Sergeyevich for Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
  • Dear Alexander Glebovich! Possible to familiarize with a complex of the former stables of the estate gr.Levashovyh, the former manor "aspen grove, which are currently under your. Great-grandson of the niece of the Decembrist Vasily Karlovich (Wilhelm-Sigismund) Tiesenhausen
  • Natalia for Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
  • Alexander Glebovich, you do not want to help the Orthodox Church to free themselves from incompetence and abuse? If you provide your e-mail, tell more. Best regards. Natalia.
  • Nina for Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
  • Comment ganz positiv, as if he did not duril that would assume no weaving, and who would not communicate, even with Berezovsky, who, of course. personality "demonic", but the AG, in my opinion, such a rich choice that mozhtno would do without B.A.B. But again: Who are the judges? And interesting that the horse feels when she respectfully kissed the hoof? Perhaps Alexander Glebovich it openly (?)
  • Paul Nasonov for Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
  • In the part where I served as a horse on which we had secretly made their way to the village magazinu.Ya for alcohol, but he is for dryers. Part was in the woods and ohrapnyalas double ring. Every time the horse he chose the way there and back avoiding all the spark of the road. It was so that he went into the pit and lay flattened his ears and I sat astride him in his arms bent over sheyu.Mimo prehal UAZ with the allocation. After that incident, I was drinking tea without sugar, and bought a chepke cakes for the horse, and never rode on horseback.
  • Irina for Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
  • today (6 February) in the news on NTV showed stud farm in Tambov region: 60 accidents, umuchennyzh breeding horses imported from the USA I became ill from such barbarism, a "fascist" when bullied on the silent, helpless ... This can be equated to a fire in the Komi is really frank "oskotinivanie" people?. Must do something ...
  • Irina for Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
  • Today, 6 February, NTV showed stud farm in Tambov region. , where 60 breeding horses of the second year suffer and slowly die of hunger and cold. I felt bad from such barbarism and "fascism". Such mockery silent and defenseless can be compared to a fire in the Komi. Is is frank "oskotinivanie" people? Help, need to do something !?
  • Marina for Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
  • Today on 1 channel showed a dying horse in the Rostov region, . thought, . that maybe you could organize some sort of assistance, . advantage of your fame and opportunities, . but, . apparently, . not the only place in our poor country not, . where the animals are killed,
    . You all will not be enough. And I can only feed the stray dogs around the house, to the Rostov region. I do not reach
  • Yuri for Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
  • that my life has intersected with such a man, . you.) I do not need anything from you (benefit). Simply, there are moments even his children can be explained through fakty.S uv.Yury. (8-901-304-66-36). I hope to answer,
  • Yuri for Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
  • Why is there porn
  • Sergey for Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich
  • Alexander Glebovich! With all your fame, when searching for a Russian search engine to find the Island, and with the information about you is not so simple, it is obvious that you are strong "someone" interfering ....
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    Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich, photo, biography
    Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich, photo, biography Alexander Nevzorov Glebovich  State Duma deputy, TV presenter, film director, photo, biography
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