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( Director General of the Effective Policy Foundation, the chief editor of the XX Century and Peace)

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Biography PAVLOVSKY Gleb

Born March 5, 1951 in g. Odessa in the family of an engineer.
In 1973 he graduated from the Faculty of History of Odessa State University.
Until 1976 worked as a teacher in schools, Mr.. Odessa.
From 1976 to 1982 he worked as a carpenter, construction worker.
Since 1972, engaged in the dissemination and publication of "samizdat".
From 1978 to 1980 - Member of the editorial board of "Search". During the investigation of the "Search" gave evidence used against his accomplices in the "Search", the court rejected the testimony of these. From 1982 to 1985 was in exile (for "search"). He worked as a fireman and a painter in the Komi Republic.
Since 1987 - deputy chief editor of the XX Century and Peace.
From 1988 to September 1993 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Information Agency "Postfactum. September 27, 1993 resigned in protest against the actions of B. N. Yeltsin's pressure on media policy after the fact and the infringement of freedom of speech, however, remained the owner and founder of the agency.
. His works were published in the newspaper Kommersant, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, "The new daily newspaper," General newspaper.
. From 1993 to 1994 - Member of the Editorial Board of the "General newspaper.
. Since December 1993 - Chief editor of an updated journal of XX Century and the world.
. Since 1995 - co-editor of the international journalistic overview "Wednesday".
. The summer of 1995 was one of the founders and director general of "Foundation for Effective Policy (FEP).
. Since 1997 - Adviser to the Head of the Presidential Administration.
. Speaks English.
. Married with five children.

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  • Alexander Volkov for PAVLOVSKY Gleb
  • Hello, Dear Gleb. I am, Alexander Volkov, 1952 g.r. Higher education, technical (MAI: 1974-1980). Information about: books on p.56-3. I have written and published (at his own expense, tir.50ekz. each) 3rd books under the general rubric of "Steps of life". Now (in the intervals from work) working on a book-4. Subject: Bk.-1: provides general concepts for the successful assimilation of the subsequent material. While starting work on Bk.-1 I did not expect that there will Bk.-2 and -3. Bk.-2: Deciphering my text "Revelation" CB. St. John. Opening up new unexpected facts, previously unknown ... Bk.-3: It is proposed to discuss the Concept (the wording and explanation) Religions Results - Interreligii. In this regard WANG said: "All religions fall. Will only one thing: "The doctrine of the Great Brotherhood" - Teaching Living Ethics ". As a white flower (!) It will cover the earth and because of this people will be saved. "But this should happen, according to Vanga, in 2040-ies! Now in the process of globalization. But the union is taking place, as pointed out by D. L. Andreev in his book "The Rose of Peace", led by puppets of the "dark forces", in our case, the U.S., NATO, EU, etc.. It is seen that the alternative to this "unification" can and should become Russia's position. This position must be based on the desire for the revival of spirituality! That this will be the role of Russia as the leading world power. The basis for the formulation of such a position may, in my opinion, can serve as an analysis of the materials contained in the offer to your attention books. (Total E. version = 16 Mb.). Out of the Presidential Administration that the material was sent for analysis in the RAS, . where apparently "went under the carpet" materialistic paradigm, . For analysis of its (material) is impossible with existing nowadays "scientific" methods! I'm trying to solve many issues on the symbiosis of scientific and religious approaches to the structure and evolution of the Universe,
    . Are clear and are explained in accessible language, meaning and purpose of human life. Place and role of mankind in the Universe. Become clear the true causes of global warming, which is not in the "human factor" in the sense in which we understand it now. Explained by the nature of "dark matter" and "dark energy", "black holes", SN explosions, etc.. Identifies ways to overcome the current impasse of mankind on the basis of recovery (due to KAK) SPIRITUALITY. I have seen that I have no right to conceal such, "discovering" me information! If you are interested in this topic, please indicate the address to which I could send you this material. Sincerely, Alexander.
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    PAVLOVSKY Gleb, photo, biography
    PAVLOVSKY Gleb, photo, biography PAVLOVSKY Gleb  Director General of the Effective Policy Foundation, the chief editor of the XX Century and Peace, photo, biography
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