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DE NIRO, Robert (Robert De Niro)

( Film actor)

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Biography DE NIRO, Robert (Robert De Niro)
Born on 17.8.1943 in New York. Ibid graduated from the Actors Studio Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg.
One of the leading actors of the American cinema 70 - 80-ies. Uninhibited, is plastic, fast in the words and movements. For his extraordinary, attracting the eye appearance hiding the nature, strength, determination, a dangerous unpredictability and sexual magnetism. Artistry, passion for the game, the desire to appear in various guises, most likely, he - congenital (father and mother - both artists). Already in his childhood, Bob decided to become an artist. Upon reaching adulthood, and obtain a passport, he went to France, where in 1965, first came on the screen in the film by Marcel Carne "Three Rooms in Manhattan". Considering himself a movie star, . young man returning home immediately went to Hollywood, . but he had to appear in eight episodes of paintings, . Before his share fell the same "lucky break", . which has always played such an important role in the actor's fate.,
. At one of the techniques novice actor provided no one knows Scorsese
. Young people immediately recognized each other, because grew up in the same Italian quarter of New York. However, then they had a nodding acquaintance, but now it quickly grew into a close friendship and pragmatic cooperation in six films. It began in 1973, when the director began work on the "evil streets" and invited De Niro for the role of Johnny-boy, funny, talkative guy who makes a display of shirts screaming tone and checkered jackets.
. Organic naturalness, impulsiveness, spontaneity, play immediately noticed Robert Francis Ford Coppola
. For the second series of the acclaimed "Godfather" he needed a singer who was able to play Vito Corleone in his youth. And so, to become like a young Marlon Brando. This difficult task was on the shoulder only slightly. A serious, unsmiling, collected Corleone, played by De Niro, was the complete opposite of what a bunch of nervous energy and narcissism, which appeared on the screen Johnny Boy. After the film's critics immediately dubbed the new celebrity "Brando 70-x". And indeed, they look like, not outwardly, but inwardly, because the main thing in their game - not the team skills, and an instinctive understanding of the essence of the characters and the ability to fully reincarnate them. The similarity is especially noticeable when these masters are removed from the same directors: Elia Kazan, Francis Ford Coppola, Bernardo Bertolucci. Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Robert has become a well-deserved award. By the end of the 70's, when De Niro has successfully performed more than a dozen roles, outlined the terms most familiar to it images. Despite the difference in professions of his characters: a gangster ( "Mean Streets", . Godfather II ", . 1974), . driver ( "Taxi Driver", . 1976, . Award of the New York critics), . working, . become a soldier ( "The Deer Hunter", . 1978), . musician ( "New York, . New York ", . 1977) - these characters, . usually, . ordinary people, . not burdened by education and reflection,
. They are as follows, even when he plays the rich: Hollywood producer in "The Last Tycoon" (1976) or the landlord in the "XX Century" (1976). That - people without identity, without a moral core, without a clear understanding of what is happening around them.
Most clearly shown in the image of the boxer Jake La Motta in "an angry bull M. Martin Scorsese (1980). Here also revealed a surprising integrity of the actor in the work on the role of. In the bloated fat fat second half of the movie can not get lean, smart champion. Actor it does not go to any make-up suits and tricks, really adding to almost 30 kg, which immediately allowed him to organically enter into a new shape. Oscar for the leading role and the prize of the New York critics crowned with the victory.
. 80-ies enriched the study of De Niro's completely outcast from the type of spirituality that has become a prisoner of his aggressiveness and his emotions, new stylistic nuances and above all - irony
. In "King of Comedy" (1982), Martin Scorsese, he played a Salesman Rupert's Daddy - the type with bleary eyes and an expression of stupid self-satisfaction on his face, paraded around in a red tie and white shoes are not in season, became a television star. And in "Brazil" (1985) Terry Gilliam in the same ironic way played a small but very important role to plan terrorist Tuttle - dressed in black leather man lost his revolver.
. Best is the role of De Niro's eighth decade was played in 1984, the year in the American film of Italian director Sergio Leone Once Upon a Time in America ", and familiar to our viewers
. Almost without changing appearance - just turn gray whiskey yes gruzneet gait, the actor shows the evolution of his character, a gangster for nearly half a century. Only his eyes, at first living, sparkling, sparkling joy of life, by the end of becoming tired and detached, like a man who has nothing of the fate of not waiting. In this picture, many of the previous role of the artist formed as pieces of the puzzle in a single fresco of the tragedy of human life than that brought on the altar of gangsterism.
. Six years later, Martin Scorsese movie "GoodFellas" as it continued to screen the story of Italian-Jewish mafia in the United States, showing it in 70-80-ies
. However, the hero of Robert De Niro - James Conway - is no longer the victim and the executioner, one who stands at the head of a criminal group, people cynical, cruel, indifferent to the fate of their subordinates. However, its true essence is not immediately evident: glued to face an eternal smile, gentle tone in his voice, external care cheat. But this seemingly good-natured, and the Company's rights - the soul of a cold and calculating killer. This is also the hero of "Cape Fear" (1991) of the same Scorsese - maniac and rapist, skillfully playing on human weaknesses, apogee of criminal types, played an actor.
. Approaching the fiftieth milestone, De Niro was surprised the Americans yet another transformation
. He made a seemingly impossible for his character - not only became more and producer, but also successful businessman: the producer, owner of the New York Film Center, where filmmaking. Since 1976, Mr.. married to actress Diane Abbott.

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DE NIRO, Robert (Robert De Niro), photo, biography
DE NIRO, Robert (Robert De Niro), photo, biography DE NIRO, Robert (Robert De Niro)  Film actor, photo, biography
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