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DOUGLAS, Michael (Douglas Michael)

( Film actor)

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Biography DOUGLAS, Michael (Douglas Michael)
Born on 25.9.1944 in New Brunswick (pc. New Jersey). He studied at the University of California in the Department of Dramatic Art.
. Son of famous actor Kirk Douglas, Michael does not apply to those lucky ones who loving parents bring to the cinema by the hand, ensuring that her children and a warm welcome, and winning the role of
. Before you withdraw, Michael Douglas, at the insistence of senior tried a lot of lessons: carried the coffee in the theater, worked as an assistant director, assistant editor and t. d. He made his debut on television, . taking part in the TV series "On the streets of San Francisco", . knowing, . that the role of brave police officer gave him little in terms of experience, . but injected into the circle of Film Producers, . who could not pay attention to this beautiful, . slim guy, . so like his father in his younger years ..,
. But most Michael Douglas, and the elder least like to see on the screen appeared a pale copy of Kirk. Fortunately, Michael's talent and serious approach to the proposed roles have helped to avert the threat, and after the first film critic spoke of the appearance of the horizon of American cinema is an interesting and promising actor. Can not say, . that participation in the paintings of Michael "Hello, . hero! "(1969), . "Coma" (1972), . "Napoleon and Samantha" (1972) was a revelation, . but it was quite neat and professional work, . all, . who saw these tapes, . could not but pay tribute to the actor,
. By this time the apparent ability of Michael and the other: just reading the script, he accurately predict the fate of the film, and once they agree to become a producer of a tape, it was possible to be sure: this picture will succeed. So what happened to the famous movie M. Forman "Ktoto flew over the Cuckoo's Nest '(1975), ribbons," The China Syndrome' (1979), "Romancing the Stone" '(1984), "Treasure of the Nile" (1985), etc.
Yet the main business of his life, Douglas finds himself involved in films as an actor. However, its "high point" he had to wait quite a long time. The real fame came to the actor in 30 years the role of ironic and decisive "savior" in a mischievous and elegant ribbon R. Zemeckis' Romancing the Stone ", where the duo TernerDuglas became the main and indisputable success film. A clever parody of the sentimental strip about the adventures of inexperienced and charming girl, . to which the aid is always ready to come "Knights without fear and reproach" in the masterful performance by Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas was so elegant and perfect, . that immediately won the sympathy of the audience,
. But while its sequel "The Treasure of the Nile" was made in the same vein, but, as often happens, the second series and was bored, and "pale" of the original. Fortunately, . Michael, . which could well be satisfied with the roles Krasavchikov (good looks he is allowed), . in 1987 simultaneously appears on the screen in the tape "Fatal Attraction" and "Wall Street" ', . convincingly and criticism, . and spectators, . that the creativity of its range is very wide,
. So, . in "Fatal Attraction", he presents a typical representative of "middle class" a successful publisher, . whose life is conveniently undeveloped and painted for many years to come: a loving wife, . daughter, . own house, . well-paid job, . but, . maybe, . is from this "sverhustroennosti" and was drawn to the hero's romantic adventures, . not only became a threat to the existence of undisturbed, . but nearly destroyed his life,
. "Thriller with morality" or serious warning to all wishing to change their wives as perceived by the film and the role of Douglas, it is the role of "passive masculinity" because the activity comes in the picture only from the representatives of the "weak sex". In "Wall Street" same actor played a diametrically opposite character speculators Gordon Gekko, whose current prosperity is obliged only to himself, his ambition, intelligence, a denial of the principles and morals. Oscar earned the actor for this role, convincing evidence of how recognizable and interesting to have the image of Gekko on the screen.
. Another important actor Douglas luck involved in the film Denis de Vito "War of the Roses" (1989), where he has demonstrated and outstanding comedic talent
. History of the collapse of marriage, . when a respectable sheath wealthy spouse suddenly opened new, . unknown side characters, . forcing husband and wife with amazing resourcefulness and cunning to do shit to each other, . on the screen looks not only ridiculous, . but sometimes scary,
. For Douglas, as the film was another stepping stone for self-assertion. While appreciating his father, Michael, as it were ever proved and Douglas Sr. and myself that he has value in itself as an actor. Once, when my father asked about the nature of his son, he replied without hesitation: "I do not believe that Michael such a pleasant and charming, as they say. No, he's a tough guy. Under the soft shell hides a steel rod ". Recent as Michael Douglas' convincing in this.

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DOUGLAS, Michael (Douglas Michael), photo, biography
DOUGLAS, Michael (Douglas Michael), photo, biography DOUGLAS, Michael (Douglas Michael)  Film actor, photo, biography
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