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Demi Moore

( Actress)

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Biography Demi Moore
Demi Moore (Moore, Demi). Real name: Demetrius Guinness. Born November 1, 1962, Mr.. in Rosvele (New Mexico).
Father left the family long before the birth of his daughter, who received the name of his stepfather, Danny Gines.
The actress does not like to remember about his childhood. His mother and stepfather often drunk, staged drunken fights, end up in jail, permanently changed residence. To get out from under the tutelage hysterical mother, 17-year-old Demi married rock musician Freddie Moore. The marriage proved to be fleeting, but Demi preferred to keep her husband's name.
On the movie set Demi has her mother, who had connections to television and helped his daughter get her first role in the television series 'General Hospital'. Incidentally, at this time Demi is addicted to cocaine. Three years of her life was spent in the heat of the Hollywood party, where sex and drug abuse. In 1985, Mr.. Director J. Schumacher suggested Demi role of Julia in the film 'Lights Saint Elmo', but demanded that she tied with drug. Demi underwent a course of treatment, and argues that so far 'is pure'. A year later she appeared in the film 'Uyzdom', where she played the gangster's girlfriend, imagining themselves to the new Robin Hood.
In 1987. Demi married actor Bruce Willis, and in 1988. was born on their first daughter. The actress Demi Moore to have forgotten. But it was not going to be satisfied with the role of a happy mother and wife. In 1990. the screens out one of the highest-grossing films the early 90's - the 'Ghost'. Demi plays the sculptor Molly. Although the script it was relegated to a secondary role cygy6o through successfully found outward appearance Mr. accurately placed melodramatic accents name Demi Moore remembered many viewers. But really it has become famous thanks to the photographs in the magazine 'Vanity Fair', which posed quite naked, his hands clutching a huge belly (the seventh month of pregnancy!). In 1992 g.ona repeated this trick, she appeared half-naked, but in a man's jacket and hat. Photograph was taken is extremely ambiguous.
Epatage became the favorite form of communication with the public actress. In the movie 'Indecent nrsdlozhenie' (1993) she played a young wife, with the consent of her husband for a million dollars desired to sleep with her billionaire Cage. Equally provocative was vystuilenie Demi Moore in the film Razoblacheiie (1994), where she performed the role tehnokratki, assimilated not only business acumen, but also a cynical morality of the ruling caste. The film shows the ugly underside of life career women. And, as usual, Demi Moore is not afraid nystunnt in such an unpleasant role.
In 1995. actress co-starred in the film adaptation of the novel H. Hawthorne's 'Scarlet bukna', playing a young woman seduced priest and convicted because his life to wear a dress scarlet letter a symbol of sin and shame. Although, . that the authors have shown utter disregard for the creative classics, . crowning act inapplicable heppiendom, . its role as Demi Moore sang with great feeling, . creating a memorable image of women, . able to overcome the wall of human hate and stand up for herself and her daughter.,
. Although the creative biography of the actress is no great achievements, she herself appreciates a very high
. As evidenced by its requirement to pay for participation in the movie 'Striptease' (1996) 12 million. This fee is not received, no actress. Before filming Demi Moore has committed itself to surgery, during which excess fat has been removed from the back, abdomen and thighs, and change shape breast. Actress herself has not made any secret. On the contrary, was launched loud advertising campaign, during which touted its new look.
. According to the authors of its heroine Irene Grant was supposed to appear on the screen is not only a seductive, sexual dancer, but also smart, strong woman, able to stand up for themselves
. However, all attempts Demi Moore to convince others in their sexual irresistibility proved futile. Her dancing reminds morning gymnastics housewives who decided to experiment a bit with her naughty body. No wonder that for the 'Striptease' Moore was awarded the title 'The worst actress 1996'. In the heat of controversy to be adjusted to the critics 'Striptease' good picture 'Prisyazhnaya', in the center of which stands the image of a woman torn between duty to the U.S. law, and love for his daughter became a weapon of blackmail by the brazen criminals. What was not quite fair.
However, these setbacks have not affected the fate of actresses. It is still great demand, especially in those movies where you want to create an image of women who are able to stand up for themselves. Demi Moore became the banner of feminism, the real embodiment of those traits that help modern women compete with men. The huge success of the movie 'GI Jane', Bge her heroine, along with men stoically overcome all the difficulties of life in spetsvoyskah, another proof. However, despite the sacrificial stoicism actress, whose face and body eventually turned into a solid bruise, the film soon convinces us that women have nothing to do in these parts.
. Feminist spirit clearly felt in those films, where Demi Moore is not only as an actress, and producer
. As one of the richest women in Hollywood, in 1991. She organized his own production company 'Moving Pictures'. One of her first producer of experiments was the film 'Today and above', the story of four friends, gradually becoming older ladies. Demi Moore has played a very smart, independent, Samantha, who cherishes his childhood memories, drawing force in them for adult life. With its financial support was also filmed 'If walls could talk'. It Demy created quite unusual for himself the image of women who die because society is deprived of its right to abortion.
Demi Moore may be cropped haircut, posing naked in front of photographers, but it has no effect on her career. It seems that these experimented with his looks and change Role as time and help her maintain interest in self. On his reputation, she may not worry. Until 1998. Actor Bruce Willis and three children were the most reliable guarantors of its success.

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Demi Moore, photo, biography
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