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Jack Nicholson

( Actor, director, producer.)

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Biography Jack Nicholson
photo Jack Nicholson
actor, director, producer. Born 22.4.1937 in r. Neptune (pc. New Jersey). His Father did not know my grandmother was brought up by adulthood believed mother. After high school, went to Los Angeles where he worked in the animation studio, MGM, while attending various training courses for actors.
. During these years, Nicholson emerged as an artist, . having absorbed the characteristic of the young generation of 50 60-s sense of inner freedom, . not allowing fit in predestined scheme of conduct, . as well as a sense of humor, . opens unnaturalness mindless repetition of these schemes,
. Even the very first episode, with whom he associated the birth of Nicholson in itself an actor, was a manifestation of protest. The case was still in school, in the fourth grade, recalled Jack, a teacher for kakuyuto fault put him in a corner next to the board, and here, his face smeared with chalk, he became a clown. "So I stayed for all school age classroom clown". Thus he appears in one of his latest movie "Batman, the Joker, sinister joker from the underworld with white clownish litsommaskoy.
During the ten years since the first appearance on the screen in 1958. to the first major success in 1969, Nicholson took part in the creation of almost two dozen low-budget pictures (as an actor, screenwriter or producer) who were on the periphery of "mainstream" cinema. Man, . opened his way to the movies, . became director Roger H. Cormen, . whose excellence in the development of traditional kinozhanrov (horror movies, . thrillers, . gangster films) helped to learn skills and to put forward a large number of famous film-makers later, . such, . As a director, Coppola, . Spielberg, . Bogdanovich, . Lucas, . Actors Robert De Niro, . Hopper, . Peter Fonda.,
. In the film, Hopper and P Funds (respectively the director and producer) "Bringing Up Baby" (1969) Nicholson played his first role, which brought him fame
. This is episode, . but it is very important for understanding the film, . in opposition geroevhippi (Hopper and the Fund), . crossing America on motorcycles in search of elusive drug freedom (in this respect, the authors also have no illusions), . and all those, . that the deviation from social norms sees the attack on the foundations of their own lives,
. Jack plays a young advokatayuzhanina throwing the boredom of everyday life for the sake of freedom "Easy Rider" and thus on the verge of two ways of life. It also determined the nature of the actor's performance, . emphasizing the coexistence in one person two contradictory principles: on the one hand external lazy plasticity, . fits easily in any circumstances, . the other internal emotional freedom, . expressed in the liveliness of sight and generally humorous mood.,
. This paint will subsequently one of the main actor in the arsenal
. Most of the characters played by Nicholson, in varying degrees, combine external adaptation to reality with a constant internal repulsion from her. In full, this approach manifested itself in the first starring actor, was cast in the B. Refelsona "Five Easy Pieces" (1970). Here is his "oproschayuschiysya" intellectual equally can not accept any vulgar and crude "low" life, not sterile, retaining only the external decorum culture. A concrete expression of these traits is different directions buffoonery.
. However, imposing buffoonery and cheerful cynicism heroes Nicholson slips their internal integrity, rendering hurt every time the validity of unpredictable, surpassing even the worst expectations
. Thus, a private investigator Gittes from "Chinatown" (1974) R. Polyansky, unsentimental and gruff (in the best traditions of X. Bogart and the "black film") more and more comes in wonder at the devil's evil power, which opens him as an investigation into land speculation and plans for their irrigation.
. That role eventually led Nicholson in the front ranks of American actors
. He tries his hand at European film at the M. Antonioni ( "Profession: Reporter" ', 1975). Its reporter John Locke, whom hateful own life, seemingly forever walking around a little chegoto impermeable, makes an attempt with other documents to live the life of someone else. But the choice of destiny calls and provided that the fate of death. Antonioni, who rented a philosophical drama, stripped of any Nicholson's character is so familiar to the actor's character traits. But in the movie other Europeans M. Forman Nicholson fully connected depth design with a richly colored detail. In "Ktoto flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" (in our hire "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", 1975) the actor has made his greatest artistic achievement, and it was noted that the "Oscar" for best male role. His hero MacMurfee making in a psychiatric clinic where he gets on the examination of the prison, the spirit of anxiety and freedom. With sly smile from ear to ear, mocking grimaces and grins, he recalled the clown, who with his antics profaned the very reality in which both would be fully engaged. And his clown problem he sees is to regain a taste for the life of those who were forced from the life of isolated. Nicholson-MacMurfee became a kind of living monument to revolt against the heartless individual systems, the completion of emotional complex associated with the notion of "rebellious 60-e". Simultaneously with this point and began a creative crisis actor who has survived during his most emotional match the spirit of the time. As usual, the creative and personal crisis in line with: alcohol, drugs. His role as an alcoholic eksastronavta ( "In the language of tenderness", 1983, np. "Oscar") and delete tramps ( "Ironweed", 1987) in kakoyto have grown out of the emotional experience of those years.
In the 80 years, reflecting the general trend of cinema, actor increases stylization, game component of his gift. Nicholson is awash with comic possibilities of their roles, . as simple-minded gangster Charlie Parthan in "Prizzi's Honor" (1985), . hypostasis Satan Darryl Van Horne, . seducer ambitious young provincialok of "The Witches of Eastwick" (1987), . infernal joker Joker from "Batman" (1989), . transferred to the screen the famous comic,
. All kinds of faces, almost circus komikovanie or ginolnye exaggeration various attributes of villainy, all colors of the clown's arsenal, including (from the Joker), a fixed white mask with a smile from ear to ear.
. Since 1968, . When Nicholson was divorced from actress Sandra Knight (daughter of this marriage, Jennifer Knight, Nicholson has recently embarked on an acting path), . He officially married, . Although more than 17 years with breaks his name was mentioned in the chronicle of Hollywood's next to the name of Angelica Huston, . daughter of the famous,
. director and partner in the film "Prizzi's Honor."

. About me: 'My treatment has always bylasekse
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Jack Nicholson, photo, biography
Jack Nicholson, photo, biography Jack Nicholson  Actor, director, producer., photo, biography
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