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Michelle Pfeiffer

( Actress)

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Born in 1957 in Santa Ana (pc. California). She attended Golden West College and Whitley College, where for two years to take courses on psychology and the courtroom; acting craft studied the Actors Studio in Hollywood.
. Winning a beauty contest for the title of Miss Orange Country allowed Pfeiffer debut on television, . first in advertising, . then in the famous TV series "Delta House" (1979) in the form of a secondary character and ring, . but it marked quite eloquently: "Sex Bomb",
. First steps and on television, and a little later, in 1980, Mr.. in film ( "having fallen in love again", . "Brilliantine II", etc.) were marked by the monotony of drawing, . dictated by the standardization of roles: Pfeiffer threatened to forever remain one of the hosts of appetitnenkih and glupovatenkih blondinochek, . are forgotten overnight.,
. However, the actress is not possible to get lost, . firstly, . her appearance, . stands out even against the backdrop of American television and kinokrasavits, . no accident that Time magazine called it "snogsshibatelnoneotrazimoy", . and Harper's Bazaar has ranked in the ten most beautiful women of the world; secondly, . rare strength of will: from the film "brilliantine II" (1982) during the year she refuses to appear in klishirovannyh Cast, . not yet received a drug, . "reminiscent of the iceberg", . in the face with a scar "B,
. De Palm (1983). And then again is not removed, this time for two years, so as not to portray similar characters.
. Despite these voluntary downtime, . a decade in the 80-ies, . Pfeiffer has achieved much: she received the status of the stars, . put forward at the Oscar for best a secondary role in the film "Dangerous Liaisons", . was among the highest paid actresses in Hollywood: its fee of $ 2 million, . and the lesser amount she refuses, . as to appear in recent years with limited familiarity with partners,
. No wonder, because among the screen "husbands" and "beloved" Pfeiffer A. Baldwin brothers Bridges, D. Malkovich, K Russell, M Gibson, D. Nicholson, W. Connery, A. Pacino. The husband of the same Pfeiffer in life during the seven years he was an actor and director Peter Horton, with whom she met in acting school, and divorced in 1987
. But despite the apparent vezuchest and ease his film career, Pfeiffer is still unsatisfied uniform positivity of his heroines, from quite good: the medieval princess in a fairy tale R
. Donner "Zhenschinayastreb" (1985), Russian editor Katya Orlova, which finds its destiny in the face of English colleagues, sent to Moscow by American intelligence (screen version of the same novel D. Le Carrц╘ "Russian Front" ', 1990); seduced and abandoned by a respectable lady "of society," Madame de Turvel in Dangerous Liaisons (for W. de Laclos, 1988), carried out with. Frears; to almost good mafia widow, fell in love with an FBI agent in the comedy "Married to the Mob" * (1988), the owner of the restaurant, which also can not be divided between a cop and drug dealer in the adventure strip "Tequila Sunrise" (1988). And even the seemingly bad, but still very nice former prostitute, now a restaurant canary of the "melodrama with music," "Brilliant Baker Brothers" (1989).
. An attempt to overcome the stereotype of the actress made the turn to the role of grotesknokomicheskoy (one of the ladies in "The Witches of Eastwick", 1987), comic book character (Black Cat in "The Return of Batman", 1992)
. But success was waiting for Pfeiffer in another sphere. In 1990. she overcame the fear, lack of experience and training to successfully debuted on stage in the Broadway production of D. Papp's "Twelfth Night" in the ensemble with such masters as Mr.. Hines, D. Goldblum, M. E. Mastrantonio.

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Michelle Pfeiffer, photo, biography
Michelle Pfeiffer, photo, biography Michelle Pfeiffer  Actress, photo, biography
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