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Mae West

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Biography Mae West

Born in New York on 17/8/1892, died 23/11/1980 in Los Angeles. The first and perhaps the only sexual Clough Ness in the film, a symbol of the emancipation of sex on the American screen, 30-ies.
When in 1933. a short animated Disney 'Who killed the canary RobinaN' appeared blonde-canary Jenny Wren in a huge hat, . close dress, . tight curvy hips, . seemed even more tempting to a provocative posture: hunched, . it relied on a folded umbrella, . - All instantly recognize in this portrait of the famous Mae West,
. About it just at that time everyone said, but in different ways. Enthusiastic sailors called the name of his idol, life preserver, but strict ladies of 'Legion of Decency', if and mentioned it, then pursed his lips with contempt.
The actress used to it since the mid-20's. In 1926 th she wrote the text, financed and delivered in Broadway show 'Sex', after which came in jail for violating moral norms'. The following year, showed its next play, 'burden' - about homosexuality - and immediately barred. Arriving in 1932 in the cinema, West made her debut in the film 'Night after night,' and stole the show, except, perhaps, the operator. Becoming a star, Mason immediately began to film their own compositions and above all which was acclaimed Broadway play "Diamond Lil ': a film called' It caused him harm '(1935). Cash fees were so high that saved the studio from bankruptcy 'Paramount'. Then, one after another went to tape: 'I am - not an angel' (1933), . 'The beauty of the 90' (1934), . 'Going to the People "(1935), . 'You go to the West, . young man '(1936), . 'Anne of the Klondike "(1936), . 'Every day - a holiday' (1938), . 'My chickabiddy' (1940), . appearance of each of which was accompanied by a battle with the Hays Code censors Administration,
Tight-fitting dresses, large hats, blonde hair, cause posture, exciting husky voice, combining all these films with provocative plot situations, softens, however, clearly comedic overtones. M West was the first film in the U.S. who have made it past the no motives: the rejection of hypocrisy, the cult of 'adoration of the body', sexual game, as a way to entice a man, your 'forty-niner-knees' - young girls looking for rich husband. Her heroines - collapsed characters Illusions of men towards women and, conversely, tearing down any and all romantic masks, so loved by Hollywood earlier.
Part of the image of 'Women for All' was the seeming lack of privacy. (True, . in the early 30's there were rumors about a secret marriage, a star with her lawyer, Jim Timoney, . that they both vehemently denied.) In 1937 a sudden outbreak of a noisy scandal: none previously unknown man had declared himself her husband in May and filed a lawsuit on the topic quite large by this time the property actress,
. It turns out that in 1910, a girl of eighteen, she married a vaudeville actor, who soon left for a theatrical career. But the official divorce has not been. She was lucky: the judge, upon learning that undiluted plaintiff remarried, refused. However, the familiar image of 44-year-old sex-bomb was destroyed.
Is this caused or the fact that West is no longer herself to write scripts own paintings, but the film 'full steam ahead' (1943) failed at the box office. Mason returned to the scene and later performed in nightclubs, surrounded by topless 'Hercules' and was featured on TV
. 70-e - the growth of women's liberation movement, . combat sexual minorities for their rights, . flourishing 'Camp' in art, . where West, . through its hypertrophied femininity became the idol of gay and transves-Titov, . prompted renewed interest in and to the very actress and to her work in film,
. 'Myra Breckenridge' (1970) - film adaptation of the same name novel by Gore Vidal - satire on modern sexual mores - ushered in a new appearance on the screen of the traditional heroine confessing sexual freedom of women and their choice of men. Then followed films 'Time Performance' (1976) and 'Sextet' (1978). Given, . that during the filming of the last actress passed vosmidesyatipyatiletny abroad, . a clear satirical subtext of these 'late' images - of course, Salvador Dali wrote a very unusual and therefore memorable portrait of Mae West-style 'camp',
. During the life of the actress were published book, the memoirs 'propriety here were not to blame' (1956) and 'clear my grape' (1975). In 1982, Mr.. was filmed a TV movie 'Mae West' Lee Phillips, where the title role was played by Ann Dzhallian.

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