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Shirley MacLaine (McLaine, Shirley).

( Actress)

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Biography Shirley MacLaine (McLaine, Shirley).
photo Shirley MacLaine (McLaine, Shirley).
Full Name: Shirley MacLean Beaty. Born 24/4/1934 in Arlington (pc. Virginia). His own sister, actor Warren Beatty. The age of three was admitted to the Washington Ballet School. 'When her legs were too long', she, by her own admission, was forced to forget about the classical ballet. This has been injured for life, as an actress over the years tell the mouth of her heroine in the film 'Turning Point' (1977). However, musical theater gladly accepted a talented dancer, and in the early 50-ies she got a role in the musical 'Oklahoma'. The general public the name MacLean became known in 1954. At the premiere of the Broadway musical 'Games in pajamas', and after three days leading lady Carol Haeni broken ankle. After that, everything happened like in a Hollywood movie. Saving the show, the producers turned to the girl from the corps de ballet. That night she learned the party and successfully replaced the star. A month later, the play went Hollywood producer Hal Wallis and suggested MacLean role in the film A. Hitchcock's 'The Trouble with Harry' (1954). Since that time, the fate of Shirley MacLaine will be closely linked to the cinema. The very appearance of the actress - big blue eyes, upturned nose, broad winning smile, short hair - making it ideal performer of the roles of good, simple girl with an open heart. Congenital artistry and intuition allowed her to quickly get started on the set. Not a day without learning acting skills, Shirley MacLaine literally from the first steps of work in film showed that the ability to play the most difficult dramatic
role ( 'Children's Hour', 1962, 'Two for the seesaw', 1962). Especially great success has fallen to its share in the picture B. Wilder's 'Apartment' (1960), in which she spoke with Jack Lemmon (21 prize at Venice International Film Festival). When shooting a movie, MacLean has used every opportunity to realize their musical talent ( 'Kankan', 1960 'My Geisha', 1961; 'Delicate Irma', 1963). This caused a furore kinomyuzikl 'Sweet Charity' (1968). Placed director and choreographer, Bob Fossey, based on the movie F. Fellini's "Nights of Cabiria,''he revealed the full extent unique in its harmonious talent MacLean - a dramatic actress, singer and dancer.
Particularly challenging for the actress was the second half of the 70-ies. She realized that it must change its Role that role in romantic films will accrue more to young actresses. The problem of age, re-evaluation of life values are at the center of the paintings 'Turning Point' (1977), 'lovers' (1980), 'The Seasons' (1980). However, the heroine MacLean did not lose his presence of mind and make their husbands aware of their attractiveness, although a number of young full of seductive women.
Shirley MacLaine has done with the natural difficulties of the profession. Actress turned 50 years old when her hand hit first statuette 'Oscar', the dreams of American artists. The award was marked by her role in the film 'In the language of tenderness' (1983), where she played the aging widow of Houston, the autumn of life is marked not only a love affair with the neighbor-astronaut (J. Nicholson), but the death of his beloved daughter. Motives of sarcasm and black humor is very enriching creative palette actress and helped to avoid frankly melodramatic intonations. Much deserved praise and work actress in the film 'Madame Suzatska' (1988), received the award 45 International Film Festival in Venice. Its heroine - who lives in London, the music teacher of Russian origin. As clearly demonstrated by the surrounding things - old icons, in rtrety, photos. Madame Suzatska no family, because all mental powers, it will send to their students, often showing tyranny and jealousy. And students leave. Without a gram of sentimentality actress reveals the drama of mentoring, which is almost inevitable when the student surpasses the teacher and no longer needs his custody. Always so easy and elegant, in this movie, Shirley MacLaine seems unusually burdened, and a heavy gait of her heroine's an outstanding person who had lived a difficult life. Two years passed and the tape 'Postcards from the Edge' (1990) showed that the actress herself is in fine form, still beautiful singing and dancing, and her legs are not lost their harmony. She created a magnificent portrait of an aging actress with her cynicism, egocentrism and the reluctance to grow old, reaching a remarkable duet with the star of a new generation of Meryl Streep.
Rarely anyone of the actors can not overcome with such virtuosity reefs actor's case and in adulthood to be as popular as in younger years. And the thing is, apparently, is that Shirley MacLaine has never been concentrated only on their profession. She has written several books, and they all became best sellers. With its involvement of a documentary film 'The other half of the sky: Chinese memories' (1975). She is an active advocacy of the theory of disembodied experiences and reincarnation
. More than thirty years, MacLean was married to Steve Parker, . that did not prevent her Turns numerous romantic novels, . what the actress told austere in his memoirs, 'Do not fall from the mountain' (1970), . 'It does not get there' (1975), . 'The Edge' (1983), . 'Dance in a circle of light' (1985),
. Daughter MacLean - Sasha Parker - also became an actress. Hollywood has always been a media relations Shirley MacLaine with her brother Worker Wren Beatty, more reminiscent of the relationship enemies than close relatives. 'I saw life in black and white colors, and my brother respects mediocrity' - such as the actress told
. Filmography: 'Artists and Artist's Model', . 1955; 'Around the World in 80 Days', . 1956; 'Sheep', . 1956; 'How to Stream, . 1958; 'Career', . 1959; 'hot season', . 1959; 'matchmaker', . 1959; 'Some rushed up running', . 1959; 'Ask any girl', . 1959; 'Ocean Eleven', . 1960; 'all the work for one night', . 1961; 'two loves', . 1961; 'Well, . and the cause! ", . 1964; 'Yellow Rolls-Royce', . 1965; 'Gambit', . 1966; 'Seven times a woman', . 1967; 'Bliss Mrs. Bloosom', . 1968; 'Two Mules for Sister Sara', . 1970; 'Desperate', . 1971; 'Mania Joel Delaney', . 1972; 'Being There', . 1979; 'lovers', . 1980; 'The seasons', . 1980; 'Racing' Cannonball Run II ', . 1984; 'Steel Magnolias', . 1989; 'Used People', . 1991; 'Terms of Endearment II', . 1993,
. She played herself in a television adaptation of his book 'The Edge' (1987).

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    Shirley MacLaine (McLaine, Shirley)., photo, biography
    Shirley MacLaine (McLaine, Shirley)., photo, biography Shirley MacLaine (McLaine, Shirley).  Actress, photo, biography
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